Bunk Bed Ideas for RVs – Creative Kid’s Bedrooms for RV Toy Haulers

Many nomadic families are opting for RV toy haulers because the garage can easily convert to a kid’s bedroom. However, unless you have the tools, availability of building supplies and a place to make your own custom bunk beds you will need to look elsewhere. Also making your own sounds easier that it is. So, appreciating supply issues and time restraints, we’ve put together a collection of fun bunk bed ideas for RVs that you can adapt to your toy hauler garage instead of building your own.

There are lots of newer RV bunkhouse models on the market today. However, they’re typically tiny, in the middle of the RV living space or are only designed for one or two small children. But what if you have a larger family, bigger kids or teens? Suppose you want the kid’s room to be separate from the living area or away from Mom and Dad’s room?

Through research, I’ve found the perfect bunk bed ideas for RVs; especially for those with toy hauler garages where you can create an awesome bedroom that’s in it’s own space. So, let’s take a look at what we’ve found that will make great sleeping arrangements while enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Bunk Bed Ideas for RVs – Creative Kid’s Bedrooms for RV Toy Haulers

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Before choosing bunk beds for your RV or camper

If you’re in the market for a bunk or loft bed for your RV, especially for toy hauler garages, there’s a few important things to consider before buying.

Types of bunk bed designs

Bunk Over Futon Bed - Bunk Bed Ideas for RVs

Older style bunk beds just included one bunk stacked onto another bunk. The bunk bed frames were very basic. However, today, bunk bed designs have stepped up to fit the needs of individuals. Now, you can find a plethora of different styles of bunk beds which will easily adapt to fit in your RV:

    • Bunk beds for one, two or even three bunks
    • Twin bunk over futon bed
    • Double bunk over full-size bed
    • Single twin bunk over workstation desk, play area or even dining area
    • Double stack bunk beds with trundle bed or trundle drawer
    • Low loft bed systems for low ceiling clearances
    • Single twin bunk over full size bed
    • And MORE

Bunk Bed Measurements

Bunk Bed Measurements

It’s very important to start with measuring your toy hauler garage space and the location where you want to install your bunk bed or loft bed system. Make certain you take into account the ceiling height.

It’s advised that you don’t block emergency access doors or windows. Also, if you are installing a bunk on the either side (east or west) of your toy hauler garage, you’ll want to place something of equal weight on the opposite side to counter balance the weight. Otherwise, you’ll could potentially put strain on the leveling system and suspension on that one side of your RV.

Weight of the bunk bed system

One major consideration is the weight of the bed itself. This includes everything; from the bed frame, attachments, mattress and even bedding. Remember to stay within your RV’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). And, let’s not forget the added weight of the person or persons who will be occupying the space on the bunk bed.

Bunk bed weight restrictions

All bunk beds come with a weight restriction. Some have a 200 pound limit while others may be higher or even lower. So, if you have teens or adults that will be sleeping on these bunks, take into consideration the bunk bed weight specifications.

Location of the bunk ladder or stairs

If you’re going to be fitting your bunk bed into a tight corner or small space, take into consideration where the stairs or bunk ladder is located. Realize if you place the bunk bed or loft system in a corner, an end ladder may not be accessible. However, stairs being part of the design may offer you more flexibility of where you orient the bed.

Bunk Bed Ideas for RVs - How Bunk Beds are Constructed

Mattress not included

Because mattresses are more of a personal preference and fit, bunk beds or loft bed systems typically do not come with a mattress. So, you’ll either have to order a mattress online or go to a brick and mortar store to test the comfort before buying.

One important note though, you don’t want your bunk bed mattresses to lay firm against the solid bed platform. Otherwise, your mattress(es) may incur mold and mildew because of condensation and excess moisture which is common in RVs. Therefore, I highly recommend adding an already-constructed slatted bunk board that allows ventilation between the mattress and the bunk platform the mattress sets on.

Mattress size

Most bunk bed manufacturers determine which mattress depth is recommended. This is for safety and expected comfort. Remember, if you exceed the manufacturer’s restrictions, your child or other person could run the risk of injury or death.

First, you’ll need to know what size mattress your bunk bed system requires. Not all bunks take a regular twin size mattress. And, especially for top bunks, you don’t want a thicker mattress that may impede the safety rails that prevent the sleeper from rolling out. 

And lastly, you’ll need to consider the weight of your mattress as well per manufacturer and keeping within your RV’s GVWR (even when parked).

Assembly required

All bunk bed and loft beds require assembly. Also, you  may need to alter some of the construction to make it adapt to the space you’re installing it in your RV. That said, make double certain that you don’t impede the safety features such as top bunk rails, ladder placements, weight distribution, etc. Remember, it’s better to over build rather than under build your bunk bed setup.

So, it’s important to have the right tools if they’re not included. Also, you may need a helping hand to help read the directions, fetch parts, hold pieces together, etc. You’ll also need adult help to place the finished bed into the space properly and secure it. 

Securing your bunk beds in your toy hauler garage (and other furniture)

You can’t just set up a bunk bed system and call it a day. The rear garage in a toy hauler is going to experience a lot of bounce. Therefore, you need to find ways to secure your bunk bed to the floor or bulkheads. In other words, once your bunks are built, they need to be secured so they don’t bounce, slide, move or topple over.

You may need to secure L brackets to the bottoms of the bed legs and secure the brackets to the floor. And for extra safety, you may want to install furniture wall anchors to help prevent tipping. But, it’s imperative that wherever you secure them to the wall or floor that you get a good bite into the part you’re securing the brackets to.

However, I caution you to make certain you don’t drill into wires, cables, tanks, etc. It would be beneficial to obtain a schematic of your particular RV model to help with your construction and placement of your bunk beds.

So, now that we know the specifics of what to look for in bunk beds for RVs, let’s take a look at some of our favorites! We’re going to highlight a few loft beds and bunk beds that can sleep one, two or three kids or even some adults.

Single Loft Bed and Bunk Bed Ideas for RVs

Dorel Living Harlan Twin Bunk Bed Over Desk

Dorel Living Harlan Twin Bunk Bed Over DeskThis twin bunk over desk design is the perfect compact footprint and beloved by teens for the fun factor, the Loft Bed with Desk offers a complete solution to a RV toy hauler garage bedroom makeover. This loft bed is built with a comfortable sleeping space with a spacious and useful workstation underneath.

Donco Loft Bed with Drawers and Shelves

Donco Loft Bed with Drawers and ShelvesThis kid’s loft bed comes complete with everything your child needs and it makes a small room fun, with large under bed area for storage or play. The louvered design is timeless and can make a room easy to decorate and give it a warm inviting look. The 3-drawer chest adds storage under the louvered low loft bed. The large and small bookcases add additional storage space while being neatly tucked away. This bunk also comes in antique gray as well. There’s a similar model, the Kids Low Study Loft Bed with slide-in desk that comes in dark cappuccino wood tone.

Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase

Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and BookcaseThis space saving studio loft bunk bed over desk and bookcase offers functionality. Its’ built-in study area with multiple shelves on each side for storage is perfect for any kid or teen’s toy hauler garage room! It comes with safety rails and multiple metal slats for safety, support and durability. The bed accommodates a twin size mattress (sold separately).

SOFTSEA High Loft Bed with Long Desk

While this space-saving high loft bed with long desk underneath accommodates sleeping for one, it does create a cozy, elevated sleeping area that leaves plenty of room underneath for a variety of options. It’s ideal for storage, desk work station, a play area, a gaming center or extra space for a visiting guest. This creative design could save your space and provide you with more flexible usage in your toy hauler garage.

Meritline Convertible Loft Bunk Bed with Desk and Storage Drawers

Meritline Convertible Loft Bunk Bed with Desk and Storage DrawersThis convertible loft bunk bed with desk is an attractive solution to your small toy hauler bedroom that provides a practical sleeping space. It can be turned into a table for homework, eating, play a game or put together a favorite puzzle. The upper bunk is equipped with secured wood slats that provide ample support with full-length guardrails for ultimate safety. The bottom bunk can be turned into a table by manipulating the cushions (included). 

Walker Edison Elodie Urban Industrial Twin Bunk Over Futon Bed

Walker Edison Elodie Urban Industrial Twin Over Futon Bunk BedMake your kid’s bedroom or guest room more practical with this twin bunk over futon bunk bed. It provides plenty of sleeping space for either the kids or when guests need a place to rest, by having a futon that easily converts into a full-size sleeper. Then, in the daytime, the futon can be repositioned to be used as a spot to sit comfortably and chat together. Designed with functionality in mind, this contemporary bunk bed is made of sturdy metal and includes support slats.

Double Loft Bed or Bunk Bed Ideas for RVs

Max & Lily Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed with Staircase

Max & Lily Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed with StaircaseLooking for a comfortable and safe way for your children to get to the top bunk? This twin over twin low bunk bed comes with a actual staircase entry. The sturdy staircase comes with a bannister with handrail for extra safe climbing. Each step is designed with anti-slip grooves, and built-in roomy shelves create extra storage space underneath the staircase. The timeless slatted design easily matches any décor. It comes in Gray, White and Clay wood tones.

Max & Lily Twin Over Twin Low Bunk Bed

Plenty of room for sleep and play? Now that’s a win-win! This twin over twin low bunk bed is the perfect combination of functional and fun that both kids and parents love. Only 50 inches high, this space-saving low bunk design is perfect for RVs with low ceilings. The bottom bunk sits two inches off the floor, making it the perfect sleep option for little ones. Top bunk features tall guardrails, so the bed safely fits standard mattress sizes. And the angled ladder with rounded edges offers comfortable, easy climbing. The ladder is also reversible and removable. So it is flexible to work with in RVs. This bunk bed system comes in 5 colors; white, gray, natural, clay and dark blue.

Harper & Bright Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers

Harper & Bright Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Storage DrawersThis budget friendly twin over twin bunk bed with storage offers the perfect sleeping solution for small spaces like RV garages. Its’ safety features include a fixed stepladder for easy access up and down and high guardrails on the upper bunk to prevent any falls. And, as versatile as it is functional, this twin bunk bed frame comes with Two built-In storage drawers can store your staff or kids’ toys. Drawers are equipped with wheels and handles which make it easy to roll in and roll out.

Triple Loft System Bunk Bed Ideas for RVs

If you’ve got a big tribe traveling with you in your RV, you may have to stack your kid’s sleeping arrangements just like on ships! But, make certain you measure floor to ceiling correctly to ensure these taller bunk bed options will fit into your toy hauler garage.

kupet Triple Bunk Bed

kupet Triple Bunk BedIf your’e RVing with several kids, you’ll want to look into bunk beds that accommodates more than double bed features. This fun triple bunk bed offers two twin size on the top two tiers and full size for bigger kids on the bottom. Kids can use the ladder or climb up and down from the ends of the bunk bed set.

Merax Metal L-Shaped Triple Bunk Bed Loft System

Merax Metal L-Shaped Triple Bunk Bed Loft SystemDepending on how large your RV toy hauler garage is will dictate how big of a bunk bed setup you can install in there. This L-shaped bunk bed loft system can accommodate 3 persons. It can accommodate two twin size mattresses on the top and a full-size mattress on the bottom bunk. This bunk bed system with under-bed desk provides space-saving storage space to store your child’s toys and bedding. And, its’ strong metal frame includes two integrated ladder, a full-length guardrails, secured metal slats to ensure security and stability.

Wiilayok Solid Wood Bunk Bed with Trundle

Wiilayok Solid Wood Bunk Bed with TrundleThis solid wood bunk bed with trundle is designed for small spaces, which is ideal for families who RV. The bunk bed comes with a trundle bed that rolls under the bottom bunk which creates an extra bed for when your kid’s guests go with you on your RV adventure. You can use the trundle (without mattress) as a large storage compartment to store kid’s clothes, toys or other items.

Hillsdale Alexis Triple Bunk Beds

Hillsdale Alexis Triple Bunk BedsThis modern design triple bunk beds allows for ultimate flexibility. You can stack them as triple bunk beds or twin over twin bunk beds with a separate twin bed. Or, you can also cover them into three separate twin beds. The lower bunk sits directly on the floor while 2 guardrails are included for the middle and top bunks, made for older kids. The two fixed ladders keeps the footprint compact, while the contemporary shiplap design creates a classic, clean look. It comes in either white or gray.

Final thoughts on these cool bunk bed ideas for RVs

RV Bunk Beds - Bunk Bed Ideas for RVs
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As you see, there’s lots of different bunk bed ideas for RVs on the market. Your RV toy hauler garage can be turned into a cool kids bedroom by selecting the right bunk setup that can easily adapt to your family’s needs. Once you finish your toy hauler kid’s bunk room makeover, your family will enjoy privacy in their own space while you all enjoy the RV lifestyle.

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