Boogie Bikes: Affordable Cruiser-Style Electric Bike for Adults

There’s nothing like riding a cruiser-style electric bike that takes you back to when you were a kid. That shiny red rocket that you raced down the street with your friends. Or taking a Sunday evening leisure ride on your blue bomber with your best girl to get ice cream. Boogie Bikes brings back those fun memories; combining vintage nostalgia with state-of-the-art technology!

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Why we switched to Boogie Bikes

We already had electric bikes that we carried with us throughout our nomadic RV lifestyle and travels. Ebikes are perfect for exploring, staying in shape and getting around where motor vehicles aren’t permitted. Our modern bicycles are also an alternative mode of travel. However, we were met with some frustrating issues with our first set. They were folding ebikes. They’re meant to fold in half to stow and store. 

However, when folded and stowed, our folding electric bikes took up the entire back portion of our 2-door Jeep. In fact, we had to remove the back seat for them to even fit. Once they were in there, we barely could fit anything else; not even a case of water. Further, we had to rig up straps to keep them from rocking or shifting while we driving.

Then, thanks to years of bouncing around on search and rescue boats and a ship out at sea, I have lower degenerative back issues. No matter how much I tried to adjust the seat and handlebars, my folding ebike never gave me a comfortable ride because my arms are a little shorter. It sat me in an awkward forward-reaching position that left me reaching for the bourbon and acetametaphen after our bike rides.

Also, our folding ebikes were so incredibly awkward and heavy to load and unload into our Jeep. Trying to finagle them into the rear cargo area of our Jeep was a back-breaking chore for Dan. And because of my back issues, there’s no way I could even lift them in or out of our Jeep; let alone twist and turn to position them correctly inside. That left me to rely on Dan to get my bike out, even if he didn’t feel like riding his own. Which then, I’d feel bad to even ask.

And, let’s not even mention the difficulty of trying to insert or remove the battery. The weird setup required us to fold the bike in half. After which, we’d have to lift it to disassemble the battery from the bicycle housing. Again, forcing us in awkward positions that left us wondering if we even bought the right ebike for us.

Because of those reasons, we didn’t use our folding ebikes as much as we wanted. They were more of a pain that they were worth. We tried to make them work but they ended up sitting in the Jeep more than riding. The fun factor of riding a bike again had disappeared. However, we still wanted to ride. Just not those ebikes. Our only answer was to dump those folding bikes and get something more practical, comfortable and easier to transport.

Ironically, at the same time this was all happening, the owner of Boogie Bikes reached out to us. He asked if we’d like to try out their brand of electric bikes. They are a full-size cruiser-style electric bike rather than a robotic looking, toolbox ebike.

We did explain the one important logistical issue of how we would transport non-folding electric bicycles. It would mean we would have to spend a bit of money for a special bicycle rack designed for our Jeep that has a rear spare tire. But, on the other hand, it would free up that much needed space in the back of our Jeep for cargo. And, it would enable us to load and unload the bikes easier with less effort.

So, with a little research on Dan’s end finding a good quality bike rack and my research on the Boogie Bikes brand, it didn’t take but of couple days to hop on board joining the Boogie Nation.

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Now, over 200 miles later of riding our Boogie Bikes on city streets, roads and bike trails, I’m no longer begging to go home early. I’m actually enjoying riding again, just as I did when I was a kid. And Dan is having a blast either leading our small entourage or watching my six. We’re incredibly happy with our decision to give these cruiser style ebikes a go! Let’s see why you should too!

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Boogie Bikes: Affordable Cruiser Electric Bikes Built in the USA

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About Boogie Bikes

Boogie Bikes come from ‘small town America’. The company reigns from the Wisconsin town of Hingham; about 40 miles north of Milwaukee. They started the company by providing a limited market of cruiser ebikes; the Boogie Cruiser. And now, a few years later, they’re popping up in all 50 states!

Boogie Bikes electric bicycles are considered to be a Class 2 ebike. The electric motor, with the help of the thumb throttle, will help you accelerate up to 20 mph.

A Boogie Bike weighs just under 60 pounds with the battery installed; 50 pounds without the battery. Each Boogie Cruiser comes equipped with two 26″ premium whitewall tires, leather-like padded seat and cork handgrips to give them that nostalgic and vintage appearance. Those white-wall tires are 2.125″ wide; making the cruiser bike perfect for various riding surfaces; from smooth pavement to dirt roads and bike trails.

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Battery Power

Each Boogie Bike comes with a single, long-lasting 48 volt lithium battery made with premium Samsung cells. The lithium battery access is literally plug-n-play. The 9 pound battery brick slides easily into the battery connection right under the luggage rack.

The battery also comes with a key to lock it in place and to keep someone from stealing it.  And, the battery has an on/off switch to preserve battery life when not using the pedal assist or storing. You can charge the battery while plugged into your bike. Or, you can remove the battery and charge it away from the ebike by using its’ battery charging pack and cable.

The Boogie Bike’s battery range is about 50 miles; depending on certain conditions (i.e. how much throttle you use and how long, hill riding, etc.) This is BIG because most other ebikes’ battery range is considerably less.

One of the major attractions to the Boogies is the battery can be concealed by installing pannier bags or a bicycle tail trunk.

Electric Motor

Boogie Bikes come with a 750 watt direct drive hub motor. That means your ride will be quiet, long-lasting and virtually effortless. Boogie riders can operate them three different ways; manual pedal without pedal assist or throttle, with their 5-speed pedal assist and total thumb throttle.

Environmentally-friendly Boogie Bikes have zero admissions which means there’s no gagging toxic fumes or carbon footprint. And there’s no loud motors to classify them as motorcycles.

Shimano 7 Speed

Want to use your electric bike like a regular bicycles without pedal assist? Simply switch off the throttle and the pedal assist set to zero level. At least get a Shimano 7 speed bike in case you are facing some small slope here and there, it is easy to ride through with the help of gear ratio. 

Braking Capability

Brake responsiveness and being able to stop safely is important when riding your Boogie ebike. Boogie Bikes come equipped with dual mechanical disc brakes that have 750 watts of stopping power. 

Electric Usage Monitor

Boogie Bikes come with a multi-function backlit LCD monitor screen that is attached center on your handlebars. The display monitor will keep track of your miles, battery usage and range, trip meter, and… You can program its’ visibility for day riding or night riding.

Bicycle Seat

Anyone who’s bought a new bicycle knows that almost immediately, you’re buying a more comfortable seat. So, not the case with Boogie! Their metro-vintage premium bicycle seat is not only comfortable but completes the nostalgic look of that red flyer bike you owned as a kid. Even the Boogie Bikes logo is proudly embroidered to the back of the seat.


No need to feel overwhelmed thinking you have to put your ebike together with millions of parts. Boogie Bikes come completely tuned and ready to ride other than a few simple installs (pedals and handlebars).

Size Matters (or does it?)

Boogie Bikes realizes not everyone is 20 years old and in the best shape of their lives. Unlike other ebike brands that have lower weight limits, Boogie Bikes can support up to a 300 pounds. Be aware, this includes your bicycle gear and accessories. And, the best part is Boogie Bikes can accommodate riders from 5′ tall on up to 6’6″ tall!

Boogie Bikes can be custom fit to your size and stature simply  by adjusting your handlebars and seat height.

Boy Bike vs. Girl Bike

Another cool thing is Boogie Bikes are gender neutral. They can be for men or women and can be interchangeable.  That means if you order their step-through style cruiser ebikes for you and your significant other of opposite sex, it doesn’t matter who rides which. Have fun and take turns on each other’s bikes! 

Color Availability

They come in 5 colors; Glossy Red, Matte Blue, White, Black and now Lavender.

Always On Liberty - Boogie Bikes Closeup
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Speaking of accessories, Boogie Bikes has bicycle accessories already picked out to fit their ebikes. They even stock extra lithium batteries in case you’re a frequent rider or need it for a long distance bike trip.

My favorite is their Pet Carrier Kit! This multi-functional carrier enables us to take our cats for rides. Or, we can use the basket alone to carry packages, parcels or our sightseeing bag during our rides.

And Dan loves the Boogie Roll Top Bags. Their waterproof pannier bags clip onto his Boogie’s luggage rack. He can easily remove them to carry around town using the removable shoulder strap.

They also carry everything from bike carrier racks for your vehicle, mirrors, water bottle holder, cellphone holder and even bicycle maintenance kits. Now, you can personalize your bike with other bicycle accessories like we did also.

Check out these cool bicycle accessories to make  your manual pedal bicycle or electric bike your own:   Budget Friendly Bicycle Accessories *Bike Gear  Recommendations*

Built in the U.S.A.

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We realize most components and supply production is mostly outsourced to foreign manufacturers. However, we do what we can to support local small businesses and keeping Americans employed so they can put food on their tables for their families. 

And, while Boogie Bikes’ electric bicycle parts and components are globally sourced, their ebikes are assembled in house. This way they’re assuring that every bike is going to be complete with quality components. They inspect every component and part before it’s put on any bike; unlike most other ebike companies who’s products are haphazardly mass-produced overseas. Boogie Bikes builds each ebike with individual care and attention.

From gears, chains, cables, brakes to the seats down to the pedals, Boogie builder’s fingerprints are their signature of assurance. But don’t worry, they’re shiny and showroom ready before shipping out. They don’t rush the bike build process. That means the world to us.

Tested and Proven

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This is another reason to trust Boogie Bikes over other ebike brands. Because when you, the buyer, spend your hard-earned money on an ebike, you want to literally take it out of the box and take it for a spin. Once each Boogie Bike is assembled, it’s then tested to ensure all components are working properly before it ships out to the new Boogienowner.


Always On Liberty - Unboxing Boogie Bikes
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Considering that we’re nomadic RVers living on the road full-time, shipping is extremely important to our lifestyle. We rarely are stationed in one place longer than a week or two. So, when we order a product, we expect it to be at our destination before or when we arrive. When ordering something of this magnitude in cost, size and importance, we need to know exact shipping times.

Case in point; when we ordered our original set of folding ebikes, we were extremely frustrated with broken promises from the company. We were given teaser emails that were closing in our ship date. We became stressed because we couldn’t plan our destinations.

However, because Boogie Bikes are assembled in the United States (Wisconsin), they don’t have to rely on ships getting lost at sea. When they told us they ship from Wisconsin within 48 hours, imagine our surprise from our friends who said both bikes were already waiting for us at their house by the third day of ordering!

As well, we didn’t have to wait long for our Boogie accessories. They literally arrived the day after. So, when we arrived at our friends house, everything was ready for us to unbox and get riding!

Oh, and did I mention that Boogie Bikes picks up the tab on shipping the bike to the customer!? Considering how much money it is to ship big items today, this is a big point of satisfaction.

Unboxing our Boogie Bikes

Always On Liberty - Unboxing Boogie Bike
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I can’t tell how extremely impressed with the care Boogie Bikes takes in packing their products. Upon opening each of the large boxes, we noticed each of our electric bikes were padded with pool noodles and tons of cushioning and bubble wrap to protect every inch of the bike.

Guess what? The beauty in Boogie Bikes is literally, they are pretty much plug-n-pedal. The only thing we had to do once taking them out of the box is attach the pedals, insert and tighten the already-assembled handlebars and off we go! We didn’t have to put the wheels on, tune the brakes or mess with the derailluer. Seriously, it can’t get any simpler than that!

15 Day Trial Period


Honestly, I couldn’t believe that an ebike company would allow customers a 15-day trial period to test their product. And if it didn’t meet their expectations, they could send it back.

That said, there are a couple caveats. The company does require customers to keep the original shipping box and all packing material during that trial period (and even after if you can). In case the electric bike needs to be sent back, by their direction, all you have to do is pack and ship it back. Once Boogie Bikes receives the bike back, they will ensure it’s not been damaged and that it’s in sale-able condition before issuing a refund. Just be aware, shipping fees to return the bike are responsibility of the customer.

So, my advice is to keep the shipping box along with all shipping material until you are satisfied with your Boogie during the trial period.

Warranty and Customer Service

Here’s the ultimate best part about owning a Boogie Bike. If you have a problem with or need to talk to them about anything related to your Boogie, you’re going to get top notch support from a well-informed team member. You’ll actually be talking to someone in house at their Wisconsin place of business.

And lastly, Boogie Bikes warranties for 2 years against any manufacturers’ defects. However, it is upgradeable to 5 years. You can read about Boogie’s full warranty  here.

Payment Plans?

Quality electric bikes like Boogie Bikes can be  a little pricy for some on a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo getting a Boogie of your own. This is why they set up a payment plan where you can split your purchase into 4 interest-free installments every two weeks. This makes it a bit easier than throwing a big huge chunk on your credit card all at once.

Always On Liberty - Boogie Bikes - Dan Park Bench
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Rundown of Boogie Bikes specs:

      • 18″ Welded Aluminum Alloy Frame
      • Premium Tig Welded, Special E-bike Geometry Structure
      • 750 Watt Direct Drive Hub Motor
      • Samsung 48 Volt 13.6Ah Lithium Battery
      • Multi-Function Backlit LCD Screen
      • Up to 20 mph Max Speed
      • 5 Level Pedal Assist
      • Variable Acceleration Thumb Throttle
      • 7-Speed Shimano Shift
      • Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes
      • Brake Lever with Safety Motor Cutoff Switch
      • Ultra Premium J Style Spokes
      • 26″ x  2.125″ Wide White-Wall Tires
      • Premium Zoom Adjustable Seat Stem
      • Vintage Inspired Simulated Leather Seat
      • Premium Cork-Style Rubber Grips
      • Mechanical Disc Brakes
      • Rear carrier – 25kg Battery and Controller Housing
      • High Visibility LED Headlight
      • Red Safety Taillight
      • Bikes Weight – 59 Ibs.
      • Rider and Gear Total Load Capacity – 300 Ibs.
      • Rider Height Accommodation – 5’0″ to 6’6″.

Final thoughts on why Boogie Bikes should be your electric bike of choice

Always On Liberty - Dan and Lisa with Boogies
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Having test ridden several different brand electric bikes, our Boogie Bikes, are an exceptional bike build at an affordable price. Knowing they’re assembled by hand in the United States is extremely important to our decision to get them. With our Boogie Bikes, we can enjoy the outdoors longer (and so will you!).

And, we get no judgement from friends or even people we don’t know. Because, when they see us enjoying the ride on our cruiser bikes, they want them too! Because part of it is about that all-in-one nostalgic vintage style with state-of-the-art technology.

As a matter of fact, while we were out with our Boogies in Key West, several people ordered them simply after showing them off. We even let them take our Boogies for a short test ride.

Their affordability, great riding style, comfort, quality customer service and backing of Boogie Bikes’ 2-year warranty is all the more reason why these should be your electric bike of choice too! 

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