Boogie Bikes – Cruiser Ebike for Adults Built in America

Are you looking for a good quality ebike with competitive pricing that combines vintage nostalgia with state-of-the-art technology while allowing you confidence in handling an electric bike? Look no further than Boogie Bikes by Small Town Bike Co.! Their nostalgic cruiser style Boogie Bike will bring back fun memories you made while riding the cool red rocket or blue bomber of your youth! The best part is they don’t actually look like an ebike yet give you the power of one!

Boogie Bikes by Small Town Bike Co - Always On Liberty

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Boogie Bikes by Small Town Bike Company

Nostalgic Looking Cruiser Ebike for Adults built in the U.S.A.

Our introduction to the cruiser style Boogie Bikes

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Boogie Bikes (rebranded to Small Town Bike Company in early 2023) reached out to us to see if we were interested in trying out their full-size cruiser-style electric bikes.

Considering we were already on the search for a different style of ebike than the folding ebikes we were selling, we jumped on the idea of working with this Veteran-led ebike company.

But, we were met one important logistical issue. How would we transport their cruiser style electric bicycles?

Getting a different style of ebikes (non-folding) would mean we would have to spend a bit of money to accommodate this different style of ebike.

First, we’d need to get a 2″ trailer hitch receiver installed on the back of our 2011 Jeep. Then, we needed a swing-away bike rack to work in conjunction with our Jeep’s back hatch spare tire mount and allow us to access the hatch door.

And we also familiarized ourselves with the Boogie Bikes built by Small Town Bike Company.

But, afar from the logistic issue, there would be two positive points for changing to a more comfortable style of ebike.

First, it frees up much needed cargo space inside our Jeep to accommodate our kayaking and hiking gear.

Second, it enables us to load and unload the bikes easier with much less effort. Even I could put our Boogie Bikes onto the rack which I couldn’t do with our folding ebikes.

It didn’t take but of couple days to take Small Town Bike Co. on their offer.

So, let’s see why we said yes!

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About Small Town Bike Company Boogie Bikes

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Small Town Bike Company (Boogie Bikes) reigns from “small town America’ in Hingham, Wisconsin; just 40 miles north of Milwaukee.

The owners started the company by providing a limited market of cruiser ebikes; the Boogie Cruiser. Since, they have been popping up on bike trails, town roads and city streets in all 50 states!

Boogie Bikes electric bicycles are considered to be a Class 2 ebike. The electric motor with the help of the thumb throttle allows the rider to accelerate up to 20 mph.

The Boogie Cruiser ebike weighs just under 60 pounds with the battery installed; 50 pounds without the battery.

Each Small Town Bike Co. Boogie ebike comes equipped with two 26″ premium whitewall tires, a leather-like padded seat and cork handgrips to give them that nostalgic, vintage appearance.

The white-wall tires are 2.125″ wide; making the cruiser bike perfect for various riding surfaces; from smooth pavement to dirt roads and bike trails.

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Let’s learn about all the specs and features of the Boogie Bike:

Battery Power

Each Small Town Bike Co. Boogie Bike comes with a single, long-lasting 48 volt lithium battery made with premium Samsung cells. The lithium battery access is literally plug-n-play.

The 9 pound battery brick slides easily into the battery connection right under the luggage rack. It  comes with a key to lock it in place and to keep someone from stealing it.

And, the battery has an on/off switch to preserve battery life when not using the pedal assist or storing.

You can charge the battery while plugged into your bike. Or, you can remove the battery and charge it away from the ebike by using its’ battery charging pack and cable.

The Small Town Bike Co. Boogie Bike battery range is about 50 miles; depending on certain conditions (i.e. throttle use, hills and ride length, etc.) This is huge! Because most ebike competitors battery range is considerably less.

Also, one of the major attractions to the Boogie Bikes is the battery can be concealed by installing pannier bags or a bicycle tail trunk.

Electric Motor

Boogie Bikes come equipped with a powerful 750 watt direct drive hub electric motor. That means your ride will be quiet, long-lasting and virtually effortless.

Boogie Bike riders can operate them three different ways; manual pedal without pedal assist or throttle, with their 5-speed pedal assist and total thumb throttle.

Environmentally-friendly Boogie Bikes have zero emissions which means there’s no gagging toxic fumes or carbon footprint. And there’s no loud motors to classify them as motorcycles or even scooters.

Speed Control

Want to use your electric bike like a regular bicycles without pedal assist? Simply switch off the throttle and the pedal assist set to zero level.

With the Shimano 7-speed bike, when you are facing some small slopes and hills, it is easy to ride through with the help of gear ratio. 

Braking Capability

Brake responsiveness and being able to stop safely is important when riding any bike. And your Boogie ebike is no exception.

Boogie Bikes come equipped with dual mechanical disc brakes that have 750 watts of stopping power. 

Electric Usage Monitor

Boogie Bikes come with a multi-function backlit LCD monitor screen that is attached center on your handlebars.

The display monitor will keep track of your miles, battery usage and range, trip meter. You can program the monitor visibility for day riding or night riding.

Bicycle Seat

Anyone who’s bought a new bicycle knows that almost immediately, right off the bat you need to buy a more comfortable seat.

So, not the case with Small Town Co. Boogie Bikes!

Their metro-vintage premium bicycle seat is not only comfortable but completes the nostalgic look similar to your red flyer bike you owned as a kid.

Even the Boogie Bikes logo is proudly embroidered to the back of the seat.

Boogie Bike Installation

Installation is super easy. In fact, there’s very little to do to your Boogie eBike once it arrives.

There’s no intense installation guide; nor is there millions of parts to put together. Other than installing your pedals and handlebars, Boogie Bikes come completely tuned and ready to ride!

Size Matters (or does it?)

Boogie Bikes realizes not everyone is 20 years old and in the best shape of their lives. 

Unlike other ebike brands that have lower weight carrying capacity, Boogie Bikes can support up to a 300 pounds. There’s just one caveat to that. That 300 pound payload includes your bicycle gear and accessories.

One of the best things about the Boogie Bikes is they can accommodate riders from 5′ tall on up to 6’6″ tall! Most ebikes are typically sized for shorter riders.

They come in two sizes to accommodate short and tall riders. The small/medium is suited for riders under 5′ 5″ and the medium/large Boogie Bike is for riders over 5′ 4″ tall.

Both size cruiser ebikes can be custom fit to individual size and stature simply by adjusting the handlebars and seat height.

In other words, Boogie Bikes truly are truly a one-size-fits-all electric bike.

Gender Neutral Style

Another cool thing is Boogie Bikes are gender-neutral. That means if you order their step-through style cruiser ebikes for you and your riding partner of opposite sex, it doesn’t matter who rides which ebike.

Color Availability

Small Town Bike Co. Boogie Bikes come in several different colors. Red, blue, white, black are suitable for any rider; even those who may love the lavender.

All of the colors are in a matte finish with the exception of the red which has that nostalgic shiny gloss finish.

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Boogie Bike Accessories

Boogie Bikes offers a great selection of bicycle accessories that fit their ebikes.

They also stock extra lithium batteries in case you’re a frequent rider or need it for a long distance bike trip.

My favorite is their Pet Carrier Kit! This multi-functional carrier enables us to take our cats for rides. Or, we can use the basket alone to carry packages, parcels or our sightseeing bag during our rides.

Their Boogie roll top pannier bags are waterproof. They clip easily onto the luggage rack and are as easy to remove as they are to install. The great thing about them is they come with a shoulder strap so you can carry your gear around town.

They also carry everything from bike carrier racks for your vehicle, mirrors, water bottle holder, cellphone holder and even bicycle maintenance kits. Now, you can personalize your bike with other bicycle accessories like we did also.

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Built in the U.S.A.

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While Small Town Bike Company Boogie Bike parts and components are globally sourced, their ebikes are assembled in house in a small town in eastern Wisconsin. 

This way, Small Town Bike Co. assures that every ebike is going to be complete and working, literally right out of the box.

Small Town Bike Company is unlike most other ebike companies who’s products are haphazardly mass-produced, slapped together overseas and shipped over on some big freighter.

Boogie Bike builders inspect every component and part before it’s installed on their bikes. Each bike is assembled with individual care and attention as if they are building their own bike. 

From gears, chains, cables, brakes to the seats down to the pedals, Boogie builder’s fingerprints are their signature of quality and assurance. But don’t worry, their bikes are meticulously wiped clean and are showroom ready before shipping out.

Road tested, road worthy and road safe!

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Another reason to trust Small Town Bike Company over other ebike brands is after building each bike, they take it for a spin to ensure every component works properly before shipping to their new owner.

Boogie Bikes shipping and warranty

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Considering that we’re full-time RVers living on the road, shipping times are extremely important to our lifestyle. Because we’re rarely parked in one place longer than a few days at a time.  

So, anytime we order a product, we expect it to be at our destination before or when we arrive. When ordering something of this magnitude (size and cost), we need to know exact shipping times.

When they told us they ship from Wisconsin within 48 hours, imagine our surprise from our friends who said both bikes were already waiting for us at their house 3 days later! 

In other words, because Small Town Bike Company Boogie Bikes are assembled in the United States (Wisconsin), customers won’t have to wait endlessly for their shipment to arrive.

Further, Small Town Bike Co. picks up the tab on shipping the bike to the customer!? Considering how costly it is to ship big items today, this is a big selling point.

We also didn’t have to wait long for their branded ebike accessories to arrive either. Everything was waiting for us at our friends’ house before we even arrived!

Unboxing our Boogie Bikes

“Boogie Bikes are literally plug-n-pedal!” -Always On Liberty

Always On Liberty - Unboxing Boogie Bike
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We’ve found that Small Town Bike Co. takes great care in packing their products.

Upon opening each box, we instantly noticed each electric bike was padded with pool noodles and lots of bubble wrap to cushion and protect every inch of the bike.

Once unboxed, the only thing we had to do was attach the pedals, and insert and tighten the already-assembled handlebars! We didn’t have to assemble the wheels, tune brakes, mess with any of the mechanics or oil anything.

This meant we could ride them within just a few minutes after unboxing them.

Small Town Bike Company Trial Period

Per their website policy, Small Town Bike Company allows each customer to utilize their 15-day trial period to ensure their Boogie Bike is the perfect fit.

And if it doesn’t meet the rider’s expectations, they could send it back per Small Town Bike Company’s instruction.

This is why it’s important to keep the original shipping box and all packing material until the trial period is over (and even after if you can).

In case your Boogie electric bike needs to be sent back, all the customer has to do is pack it just as it was received and arrange to ship it back. Just one caveat. The return shipping fees are customer’s responsibility.

Once Boogie Bikes receives the ebike back, they will inspect it for damage and wear; making sure it’s in perfect sale-able condition. After which, they will issue your refund.

Small Town Bike Co. Warranty and Customer Service

Here’s the ultimate best part about owning a Boogie Bike from Small Town Bike Co.

If you have a problem with or need to talk to the staff or troubleshoot your Boogie Bike, expect to get top notch support from their well-informed team members. Even better is you’ll actually talk to someone in house in Wisconsin.

And lastly, Boogie Bikes warranties for 2 years against any manufacturers’ defects (upgradeable to 5 years).

Does Small Town Bike Company offer payment plans on their Boogie Bikes?

Quality electric bikes can be a little pricy, especially for those on a shoestring budget. But that doesn’t mean you should have to forgo owning a good quality ebike like a Boogie.

Small Town Bike Company can set up a payment plan. This makes it a bit easier than throwing a big huge chunk on your credit card all at once.

Small Town Bike Co. Boogie Bikes eBike Specs and Features:

Always On Liberty - Boogie Bikes - Dan Park Bench
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      • 18″ Welded Aluminum Alloy Frame
      • Premium Tig Welded, Special E-bike Geometry Structure
      • 750 Watt Direct Drive Hub Motor
      • Samsung 48 Volt 13.6Ah Lithium Battery
      • Multi-Function Backlit LCD Screen
      • Up to 20 mph Max Speed
      • 5 Level Pedal Assist
      • Variable Acceleration Thumb Throttle
      • 7-Speed Shimano Shift
      • Dual Mechanical Disc Brakes
      • Brake Lever with Safety Motor Cutoff Switch
      • Ultra Premium J Style Spokes
      • 26″ x  2.125″ Wide White-Wall Tires
      • Premium Zoom Adjustable Seat Stem
      • Vintage Inspired Simulated Leather Seat
      • Premium Cork-Style Rubber Grips
      • Mechanical Disc Brakes
      • Rear carrier – 25kg Battery and Controller Housing
      • High Visibility LED Headlight
      • Red Safety Taillight
      • Bikes Weight – 59 pounds
      • Rider and Gear Total Load Capacity – 300 pounds
      • Rider Height Accommodation – 5’0″ to 6’6″.

Check out our video review of Small Town Bike Co. Boogie Cruiser E-bike:

Wrapping up

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“Boogie Bikes have the all-in-one nostalgic vintage style with state-of-the-art technology.”

Having test ridden several different electric bikes, Boogie ebikes by Small Town Bike Co. are an exceptional ebike at a competitive price.

Just knowing Small Town Bike Company assembles their ebikes by hand in the United States is extremely important in our decision to get them. Equally important, should we need to contact them, we are relieved to know we will be talking to someone in Wisconsin.

So, when others see our Boogie Bikes rolling passed them, they’re not really seeing a robotic-looking ebike.

Instead, they see a nostalgic cruiser style electric bike that reminds them of their old bicycle of their youth.

For more info on Small Town Bike Company’s Boogie Bike, check out our ad link below.

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4 Replies to “Boogie Bikes – Cruiser Ebike for Adults Built in America”

  1. No question Boogies are better looking eBikes. Would love one. We got Lectric eBikes (sounds like that is what you had before). Yes, they are awkward to fold and store, but you could have purchased the same Rocky Mount bike rack for those Lectrics…because that is precisely what I did. Works great.
    The issue I have with Lectrics is putting the key into the slot. It is in an awfully awkward position; you cannot see what you are doing. But I like the thick tires as they will go anywhere and they cushion the ride nicely. Otherwise the two brands are very similar: same speed, same gearing, same braking. Pretty similar bikes…except for the price. I got mine for $800. That is a lot of eBike for that price point (I think they’re $900 now).

    1. Thank you Jonathan, We found our former Lectric brand ebikes very uncomfortable to ride (reaching for the handlebars). 5 miles and I personally, couldn’t wait to get off of it. Also, we wanted a more stylish ebike that didn’t ‘look’ like an electric bike; comfort and style is most important. While folding ebikes have their place, they did not work well for us. They were awkward to fold and lift to even remove or insert the battery. And like you mentioned, the awkward placement of the key. And, there IS a big difference in battery range and some of the mechanics. Yes, while other brands may be cheaper however, you DO get what you pay for. The Boogie Bikes are a big step up that offers fit, function and fashion. But also, Boogie Bikes top notch customer care and service ‘in’ the United States. While globally sourced, Boogie Bikes are actually assembled individually in the U.S. Which means, those hands that built it are going to be the same hands should you need customer service. Not a foreign country where other competitors are mass produced by cheap, inattentive labor. But again, we all have our favorites and we’re happy you found an ebike that fits you and your style. Ride safe!

  2. I am located in Pasadena Md. My question is there any bike shop near me that would repair this bike if needed in future after I make the purchase? Also is there any person who lives near our area, who owns a Boogie Bike and would they consider allowing me to see the bike to inquire if they like their bike?
    Thank you, looking for your reply.

    1. Hi Rose, most any reputable bike shop that is certified to repair or do maintenance on ebikes can repair a Boogie Bike. But, do you your diligence in reading reviews, read their website and ask questions. Might I recommend contacting Boogie Bikes that has been recently rebranded to Small Town Bike Co. to see if there are any bike owners in the area that you’re looking. We are not employees of Boogie Bikes or Small Town Bike Company. We are their Ambassadors who help promote their product. We hope that helps. Hope you find the perfect bike for yourself. Ride safe! Have fun!

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