30+ Command Strip Products for RVs, Campers & Boats

If you own an RV or boat, you know that hanging picture frames, hooks, home decor items and organization containers can be a challenge. However, we’ve learned that Command  Strip products are an RV or boat owners friend! You don’t need tools to install them and they don’t put holes in your walls or doors. 

From self adhesive Command Strips, Command Velcro, Command hooks, organizers and storage solutions, Command products helps to keep tables, desks, countertops and floors free of clutter. Command brand has become a familiar household name for RVs, boats and homes of every size.

Get Organized with Command Strip Products for RVs & Boats

Always On Liberty - Command Strip Products

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Why Command Strip Products are perfect for RVs, Campers and Boats

I admit, I’ve never used a single Command Strip in our residential home. In fact, I never even knew what they were. However, when we bought our RV, I quickly learned that these 3M adhesive products are just the ticket in keeping our RV clutter-free and picked up.

We’ve tried suction cup hooks and holders. And, those cheaper brand adhesives simply don’t have enough sticking power to withstand an RVs constant motion and rolling over those crappy roads that made them fall off and break.

But, after learning how they adhere to different surfaces, I soon became a Command Brand junkie. We use them to mount picture frames and small flower sconces on the walls. And, we use those two-sided adhesive strips to mount our corkboard pin map of the United States! We even use some Command Hooks outside our RV also to hang holiday decorations and string lights. 

But, when it comes time to remove them to change them out or relocate them, you can’t imagine my elation seeing that they don’t damage the mounting surfaces! Now if I need to relocate different decor items or hooks that aren’t exactly in the right place, I don’t sweat it! No need to worry about exposed holes in the walls or cabinet doors.

How Command  Strips Work

So, say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls! Command Strips by 3M are easy to install and use. They require no tools! So, you can hang picture frames, wall art, mirrors, wall clocks, signs, dry erase boards, holiday decorations, acoustic foam boards, and other home decor where you want without nails or screws. Command Strips hold strongly on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

However, you need the appropriate Command Strips for different products and applications. You’ll noticed further down this article, clear plastic hooks will require clear Command Strips, while others may require regular Command Strips. Take note though, since bathrooms endure high humidity or condensation, you’ll need to adhere specific Command water-resistant adhesive strips.

And finally, you must consider the weight of the item you want to hang and onto what kind of surface. Pay particular attention to the weight limits listed on each Command product. Otherwise, you run risk of damaging, not only the mounting surface and whatever you attach to them, but also the product and contents themselves.

How to Install Command Strips

You do not need any tools to install Command products. Command Brand uses a specialized two-sided high-bond adhesive that sticks on clean and smooth surfaces.

When adhering Command Strips products, you need to take a few things into consideration such as the surface you wish to mount your Command products to:

      • Painted walls
      • Varnished wood
      • Painted wood
      • Metal
      • Glass
      • Smooth fiberglass
      • Tile
      • Some painted cinder block and concrete surfaces

Also, there’s specific instructions for installing and using Command Strips and their associated products:

      • Wait 7 days after painting before use.
      • Do not hang valuable or irreplaceable items or framed pictures.
      • Apply Command Strips, Command hooks and Command products only between the temperatures between 15º-125ºF.
      • Wait 24 hours after mounting to hang items on hooks, fill caddies, etc.
      • Never hang items over the prescribed weight noted on the package.

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Are there limits to weight or what you can hang from Command hooks?

Command Brand - Command Strip Weight Capacity

The answer is yes! You do have to consider the weight you’re adding to each Command product. Speaking from experience, pay particular attention to the weight specifications on each product. As stated earlier, you will damage not only the surfaces you’re applying them to but also the contents you’re hanging.

For example, as we’ve experienced first hand in our RV, we thought one of our hooks could take the weight of my small backpack. SO not the case. The weight of the pack pulled not only the hook off but it damaged the wallpaper right off too!

So, even if you adhere to the weight restriction for an individual Command hook or product, know that the product is actually mounted on the surface wallpaper instead of the actual wall.

Relocating Command Strips and Products

It’s easy to relocate your Command Brand products. For best results, you’ll need to remove the existing  Command strips according to the directions.

Then, in the new location of where you want to adhere your new Command brand product(s), clean the surface thoroughly to eliminate dirt, grease and residue that may prevent proper adhesion.

After cleaning, I usually wipe the surface with an alcohol swab or vinegar, then allowing the surface to dry completely before installation.

Removing Command Products

When it comes time to remove your Command strips or any Command products, it’s important that you do so with utmost care. Otherwise, you’ll damage the surface where it’s mounted. If your Command product is hooked or slid onto a mounting platform, simply unhook or slide off the item.

Command Brand - Command Hook Removal

Then, carefully put one hand (fingers) onto the Command Strip or mounting platform that is stuck to the wall or surface. I typically will do this to warm the adhesive for about 30 seconds to a minute so it makes removal easier and less scary.

With your other hand, using your fingers, carefully and slowly pull the loose tab straight down flush against the surface. Do not pull out or rip it quickly! Otherwise you will damage the surface.

If you’re removing Command Strips or Command velcro from your RV’s walls or any walls that have wall paper, I can’t stress enough to you how important it is to be very careful about removing them. Speaking from heartbreak experience, if haphazardly remove them, you will damage the wall surface. Either you will damage your wall paper or create a bubble.

So, now that we’ve talked about how Command strips work, let’s check out how many of these 3M products can be applied to RV living, boats and well, anywhere in your home! I want to mention that just because a product states ‘bathroom’ or ‘kitchen’, by no means they are limited for use in those areas in your RV or boat. Be creative in how you can apply Command products to your particular lifestyle and living spaces.

30+ Command Strip Products for RVs, Campers & Boats

Always On Liberty - US Corkboard Map Wall Decor
Everything you see in this photo is attached using Command Strips and Command Velcro products. Oh, and love our cork map of the United States? You can get one HERE!

Command Plastic Hooks

Let’s start off with Command hooks as they are one of Command Brand’s product lines to be marketed. And let me say, they have a hook for most anything you want to hang!

Command Bathroom Jumbo Hook

So things don’t dry pile on the bathroom floor, hang your heavier items such as wet towels, robes, loofahs, and any other bathroom accessory on the Command Strip bathroom jumbo hookAlso heavy duty to hang your sweatshirts or light jackets. Holds 7.5 pounds maximum.

Command Bath Large Towel Hook

The Command bath large towel hook doesn’t have to be just a bathroom hook. You can mount it anywhere you need to hang something such as jackets, wet towels, lightweight purse or handbag, tote or backpack. Holds 5 pounds maximum.

Command Caddy Hanger

The Command caddy hanger is another hook for hanging bulkier items. But, this Command hook is rated to hold 7.5 pounds maximum. So it’s perfect for hanging a small daypack, tote bag, heavier jacket, trekking poles, etc. 

Command Multi-Hook

You could essentially use the Command multi-hook anywhere in your RV or boat. It could any items such as your keys, lanyards, and anything with strings up to 5 pounds. It’s also a fantastic bathroom organizer to hang your loofah, soap on a rope, and face cloth in the shower. 

Command Strip Metal Finish Hooks

Command Brand also manufactures stylish metal finishes to compliment your decorating style and coordinate with your kitchen and bath hardware and appliances.

When ordering, make certain you follow Command’s weight guidelines for each hook. Also pay particular attention to which color, type of finish and how many come in a package.

Our favorite Command Metal Hooks:

Command Brand Cable and Cord Organizers

Anything I can’t stand is loose cords. They tangle and can become dangerous tripping hazards. Plus, they’re just yucky to look at. This where Command cord organizers come in. They are perfect for bundling cords and keeping cables organized and safely out of the way.

Our favorite Command Cord Organizers:

Command Strip Product Organizers

Command Brand has upped their production to include organizers for the RV, boat, and home. They are great ways to keep clutter to a minimum, off the countertops and floor. 

Command Spray Bottle Hangers

Command Brand - Command Spray Bottle Hangers

Command spray bottle hangers are a clever way to store household cleaning spray bottles out of sight yet keep within reach. You can use them in cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry closet. These help create more space on the cabinet floor for baskets and other supplies. Weight capacity: 32 fluid ounces or 2.5 pounds.

Command Broom and Mop Gripper

Command Brand - Command Broom Grippers

Command broom grippers are great to keep your cleaning gear neatly stowed. They’re also great for stowing your small tactical flashlights and trekking poles. No tools required for installation and they hold up to 4 pounds.

Command Clear Organization Caddies

Command Brand - Command Clear Organization Caddy

The Command clear organization caddy provide handy, stylish organization without wall damaging nails, screws, tacks or permanent adhesives. Organize food packets, dip mixes, tea bags or snacks in your RV kitchen pantry. Or, corral your beauty supplies and cleaning tools inside the sink cabinet. This clear plastic organizer holds up to 4 pounds.

Check out these other Command Clear Storage Caddies:

Command Strip Products for the Bathroom

Command Bath Strips are water-resistant and hold strongly in humid environments. They are tested and proven to hold better than suction cups. Therefore, you can hang Command bath products anywhere in your RV bathroom or boat’s head; even in the shower.

Command Wall and Cabinet Organizer

Command Brand - Command Wall and Cabinet Organizer

From hair brushes, hair products to lotions and potions, you can organize everything outside of the shower using the Command wall and cabinet organizer to keep your bathroom counter clutter-free.

Command Accessory Organizer

Command Brand - Command Bathroom Cup Accessory Holder


From razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste and lotion tubes, you can organize everything outside of the shower to keep your bathroom counter clutter-free using the Command bathroom accessory organizer.

Command Hand Towel Bar

Command Brand - Command Towel Bar

Keep your hand towels within reach without cluttering your counter space with this Command hand towel bar. It’s perfect to mount on the wall, inside the cabinet, or even in the shower to hang your face cloths.

Command Hair Dryer Holder

Command Hair Dryer Holder


The damage-free Command hair dryer holder is perfect for keeping your blow dryer off the counter and frees up space in your vanity, drawer or cabinet in your RV, van camper or boat.

Command Satin Nickel Soap Dish

Command Brand - Command Satin Nickel Soap Dish

The Command satin nickel soap dish is the perfect place to store your bars of soap. It’s rust-resistant finish allows your soap to dry completely.

Command Strip Products for the Shower or Bath Tub

Command Brand - Command Bathroom Products

Command Shower Razor Caddy

Command Brand - Command Shower Razor Caddy


The Command shower razor holder is a great way to keep your razors in the shower or your toothbrush near the sink.

Command Shower Caddies & Soap Dish

Command Brand - Command Frosted Shower Caddy

Organize up to 6.5lbs of bathroom necessities with this handy Command clear frosted shower caddy. You can also add the matching Command Corner Caddy for extra storage in your shower or tub area.

And, their coordinating lightweight Command clear plastic bath soap holder is just the ticket to keeping your bars of soap from sliding around on your shower shelves or shower floor. It has a drainage hole in the bottom so your soap doesn’t end up a soggy mess.

Command Fog Resistant Mirror

Command Brand - Command Fog Resistant Mirror

The Command fog-resistant mirror makes this the perfect shower accessory for shaving, facial scrubs or brow plucking in the shower.

Command Shower Squeegee and Hook

Command Brand - Command Shower Squeegee

Not only will the Command shower squeegee effectively wipe away water and keep your shower clean, but its’ rust-resistant satin finish, it’ll look good doing it.

RV TIP:  How to Clean Glass Shower Doors and  Shower Stall in Your RV (or Home!)

Command Strip Products for the Kitchen or Galley

Besides Command hooks, there’s a few specialized Command products intended for use in your RV kitchen or boat galley.

Command Under Sink Caddies

Command Brand - Command Under Sink Organizers

There are two under sink organizers that keep your dishwashing supplies right at your fingertips. The large under sink caddy is great for neatly organizing your scrubbier and sponges, small bottles of cleaning solvents, cleaning supplies and tools. The medium under sink caddy keeps your sponge or dish scrubbie neatly tucked away.

Dish Towel Bar

Command Brand - Command Towel Bar


Keep your dish towels within reach without cluttering your counter space with this Command dish towel bar. It’s perfect to mount on the wall, inside the cabinet, or even in the shower.

 Check out our other RV Kitchen Organization and  Storage Tips

Functional Decor Command Strip Products 

Display Ledges

Command Brand - Command Display Ledges

Dress up your blank walls with these clean and simple Command display ledges to display your small décor. Personalize your RV or boat by displaying your favorite moments. Another great idea is place battery operated candles onto these little ledges for ambiance. The Command display shelves come in a pack of 4″ shelf set that holds 2 pounds each. 

Picture Ledge

Command Brand - Command Shelf Ledge

Don’t want to permanently hang your picture frames or framed artwork? With the Command picture shelf, you don’t have to! Dress up your blank walls with clean and simple ledges to display your small décor frames. Once hung, a little dab of mounting putty will keep them in place on the ledge during travel.

Command Key Rack

Command Brand - Command Key Rack

Keep your keys all in one place using this Command key rack set! You can also use it to hang small kitchen tools, lanyards, necklaces, and anything small that needs hanging. Total weight capacity is 2 pounds or 900 grams.

Command Crystal Knob Jewelry and Scarf Rack

Command Brand - Crystal Knob Jewelry and Scarf Rack

This Command crystal knob jewelry rack is not only functional but also, stylish.  These are a great way to hang hats, lightweight bags, dog leashes, scarves, necklaces and other accessories. Maximum weight is 2 pounds.

Command Mirror Organizer

Command Brand - Command Mirror Organizer

The Command mirror organizer is perfect for storing your important on-the-go items or grabbing a last-minute look at yourself as you leave! Hang your favorite necklaces on the hooks below. It comes in quartz or slate color options. And, it holds up to 2 pounds.

Looking for ways to store your jewelry in your RV? Check out our Jewelry Organizers for RVs, Tiny Homes and Small Spaces

Command Dry Erase Message Center

Command Brand - Command Dry Erase Message Center

The Command Message Center makes it easy to remember important items on the way out the door. Corral your keys and lanyards on the hooks. And, the small ledge holds items like dry erase marker or outgoing mail. Perfect next to your door or entryways to help your most important on-the-go items and can come down damage-free when it’s time for a change. It too, comes in quartz or slate and holds up to 2 pounds.

Wrapping up our Command Products for RVs and Boats

Command Velcro - Hanging Picture

So, that wraps up 30 good reasons why to use Command Strip Products in your RV, boat or even your home. From adhesive strips and velcro products to hooks and organizers, Command products help keep everything intact while you travel. But also, they keep your gear organized and stored properly without pounding in a single nail or screw into your walls, cabinets or other surfaces.

Places we use Command Strip Products in our RV: 

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Always On Liberty - Command Strip Products-2

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  1. I was looking for details for hanging a wooden sign on the exterior of my travel trailer. I have a 2018 Cherokee Wolf Pup (west version) and I think the exterior is aluminum (not fiberglass). The front is curved and I’d like to hang the sign there. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    1. Hi Chris, You could essentially use the command hooks to hang your sign there temporarily. However, you will have to take it down each time you relocated your RV. Just make certain that you get the right weight specification that will accommodate your sign. Command hooks and Command velcro usually posts the weight on their packages.

      Now, if you want something more permanent, might I suggest getting rub-on decals made for you to stick right on the surface? There’s a lot of craftspeople on Etsy.com that could do a custom decal for you with the color(s), size(s) and font(s) of your choice. Otherwise, a wood sign can also be found on Etsy. I’ve also seen wood sign makers at RV rallies, RV shows and even craft shows. Hope this helps. Safe travels!

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