75+ Firefighter Memorials and Monuments in the U.S.

To honor our Fallen Firefighters, communities all across America, Firefighter memorials are erected to honor their sacrifice and courage and pay our respects. But more so, these Firefighter monuments are in place to never forget their service and ultimate sacrifice.

Firefighters are a group of our Nation’s unsung heroes that we all take for granted everyday. In every city or town, paid or volunteer, they answer the call not knowing if it will be their last. They risk their own lives to save lives and help protect and preserve property.

I grew up as a volunteer firefighter’s kid. My stepfather answered calls from house fires to vehicle accident rescues. 

Almost every weekend, there was always something to do to support the firemen (all men back then) and their families.

I remember every summer, spending my time traveling to Firemen’s Festivals in northwestern Pennsylvania and northeastern New York along the shores of Lake Erie.

Small town volunteer fire department firefighters held fundraisers and competed in events. And every Saturday, they got to show off their red shiny fire and rescue apparatus’.

Local town fire departments also competed in parade marching. Their dress uniforms were impeccable; a vast difference from their turnout gear.

In fact, as a Firefighter’s daughter, one of my own support roles was to carry our Fire Company’s banner in the parades.

So, it was instilled in me at a young age to have a deepened sense of gratitude and appreciation for our Nation’s bravest.

But, there’s always those sad moments, especially Memorial Day, when we honor our fallen firefighters; the men and women in turnout gear who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

In large cities and small communities across the United States, Firefighter Memorials of every shape and size are there for us to pay our respects.

Now, we make it a point to stop to visit them throughout our travels. 

So, let’s take a look at some of these heartfelt life-size firefighter sculptures, granite monuments, and walls with the names of Fallen Firefighters.

We hope this entices you to visit these Firefighter Memorials and appreciate why they choose to serve selflessly.

75 Firefighter Memorials and Monuments - Always On Liberty

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75+ Must Visit Firefighter Memorials and Monuments in the U.S. 

Firefighter 911

Before we spotlight some of the most impressive Firefighter Memorials, let’s first learn a little about what happens after a Firefighter’s last call?

What is the symbol for a Fallen Firefighter?

Firefighter Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross is the Firefighters’ symbol of protection. It’s their badge of courage, honor and respect to the profession and the family.

The Firefighter’s Maltese Cross signifies to those brave men and women that they are willing to lay down their lives for others.

The Firefighters Maltese Cross can be seen on monuments, fire truck and fire apparatus, and firefighter’s badges.

Some of our Nation’s bravest will also memorialize their Fallen Brothers and Sisters with a permanent tattoo.


What is a full Fireman’s funeral?

I hardly wish for anyone to watch or take part in a Fireman’s funeral. It’s incredibly sad and gut wrenching.

But it’s a necessary honor to bestow on a Fallen Firefighter as they gave their all so we all could sleep safely in our homes and live our lives to our fullest.

A Firefighter funeral is a quiet and somber moving exhibit that honors the Fallen.

Firefighters from the Fallen’s Company or Ladder escort their Brother or Sister followed by other Fire Department Companies from all over the Country and even globally.

The Fire Apparatus in which the Fallen served on will also be part of the somber escort.

Each Firefighter wears their best Class A uniform and shrouded badge. There will be bagpipers and drums will be the sound you will hear along with the footsteps of the marchers.

At the Fallen Firefighter’s final resting place, there will be a memorial service, folding of the Flag and a bell rang to signify their Last Call or Last Alarm.

Then, they all depart, the family returns to their empty home in hopes their husband or wife, father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister won’t ever be forgotten.

This is why Fire Departments, Ladders and Hose Companies enact Firefighter Memorials. So, they won’t be forgotten.

These monuments are a place for family, friends and their Brothers and Sisters to reflect, remember and pay their respects. And, we should too.

Prominent Firefighters Memorials and Monuments

National Fallen Firefighters Memorial – Emmitsburg, MD

In May 2015, we visited the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial and Fallen Firefighters Chapel in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Just short drive across the state line from Gettyburg, Pennsylvania, it’s a monumental destination that every American should visit.

Constructed in 1981 on the same grounds as the National Firefighter Academy, the Fallen Firefighter Memorial memorializes every Firefighter who served anywhere in the United States.

It’s officially designated as a National Memorial paying tribute to the Americana Fire Service.

Whenever a Firefighter falls in the line of duty, fire officials from his or her department contacts the U.S. Fire Administration.

Immediately, flags are flown half mast over the Memorial to honor the Fallen Firefighter.

Soon after, the Fallen Firefighter’s name is included on the memorial wall for the year of his or her ultimate sacrifice.

Having visited there myself, I encourage you to spend at least a couple hours at the Memorial. Visit the National Memorial Park

Read the countless names of the Fallen. Stroll and read the names on the Walk of Honor. Visit the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel and the huge 9/11 MemorialAnd, certainly don’t miss visiting the Pre-1981 Memorial.

The National Fallen Firefighter Memorial is free of charge and open to the Public year round.

However, be advise that it’s located inside the security-fenced campus. Therefore, be prepared to show proper identification for admittance onto the Firefighter Memorial grounds.

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Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park – Yarnell, AZ

Have you’ve take the time to watch the movie, Only the Brave?

It’s the heart-wrenching story of yellow-shirt Hotshot Firefighters who paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting a wildfire on Granite Mountain, also called the Yarnell Hill Fire.

On June 30, 2013, the wildfire caused by dry lightening resulted in 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots to perish at the scene.

The wildland fire crew died as they were overrun by flames in a box canyon. The fire became too intense and moving too quickly for their shelters to protect them.

Dedicated in 2016, shortly after Yarnell’s devastating loss in 2013, the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park has become a 7 mile round trip hike to remember.

With every step, hikers will better understand each of these men’s experience.

But also, to honor each of the Fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots as a fire team and as individual firefighters.

The park contains two hiking trails.

The first is a 2.85-mile Hotshots Trail from the parking lot to the Observation Deck.

The second is the Journey Trail, a .75-mile trail that continues to the Fatality Site.

The entrance and exit from the park can only be done at the Hotshots parking lot, you must hike 7-miles round trip to return.

An important note, the trail can be challenging. It can take up to five hours to complete, so be prepared for your hike.

Depending on what time of you year, take plenty of water. Visiting hikers can leave moments on the remembrance wall. 

There is a shuttle service available since parking is minimal.

The Firemen’s Memorial – New York City

The Fireman's Memorial - New York City
Photo by Susan Bowser, Four Square City Guide

One of the most impressive monuments in New York City’s Manhattan district is the Fireman’s Memorial in Riverside Park along the Hudson River.

Dedicated in 1913, the Fireman’s Memorial stands to remind and educate the city’s residents about the selfless courage of New York’s bravest.

The memorial consists of a monstrous 20′ tall, 37′ wide and 10′ deep with groups of life-size sculptures on either end of the monument.

The marble monument sets upon a terraced concrete staircase leading to a plaza, and fountain basin.

It has a massive bronze bas-relief of horses drawn fire apparatus to a fire with the words “Duty” and “Sacrifice”.

Every Fall, the city recognizes the heroic acts and  loss of New York’s Fallen Firefighters at the Memorial. The Mayor and thousands of local Firefighters gather for a ceremonial visit to pay their respects.

Following the days and weeks of 9/11, the Fireman’s Memorial became a shrine and place of vigil for mourners.

FDNY Memorial Wall – New York City

FDNY Memorial Wall - New York City-2

The FDNY Memorial Wall, located at FDNY Engine 10 Ladder 10  directly across from what was Ground Zero.

It’s been dedicated to the 343 members of the NYC Fire Department and to Glenn J. Winuk, volunteer firefighter and partner of Holland & Knight who died in the line of duty on 9-11.

The memorial was unveiled 5 years later on the side of “10 House,” home to Engine Company 10 and Ladder Company 10.

This impressive firefighter memorial is the first large-scale monument erected at ground zero, spanning 56 feet end to end.

This monument will be etched in the minds of visitors who step forth for a closer look.

The Firefighters Memorial displays the burning twin towers as the second jet hit the World Trade Center. There’s several depictions of what the FDNY Firefighters endured that tragic day of the attack.

Today, visitors can get pencil scrubbings on paper of the names of the Fallen Firefighters lost that tragic day to help bring closure and solace.

International Association of Fallen Firefighter Memorial – Colorado Springs

Fallen Firefighter Memorial - Colorado
Photo courtesy of Fire Fighters Association of Missouri (FFAM)

In Colorado Springs, the International Association of Fallen Firefighters Memorial depicting a firefighter carrying a child while scaling a ladder overlooks Pikes Peak.

More than 170 Colorado Fallen Firefighter’s names are engraved to remind us of their ultimate sacrifice and honor the men and women who died doing with they loved.

Erected in 1986, the firefighter’s monument is visited by thousands every year.

Later, a memorial wall was added to the memorial that displays about 3000 names of Fallen Firefighters who died in the line of duty.

The wall is lit at night and there is paper and pencils provided to make an etching copy of the names of individual firefighters.

Each September, visitors from all over gather to honor and remember firefighters and first responders who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

Charleston 9 Memorial Park – Charleston, SC

Charleston 9 Memorial Park - South Carolina
Photo from Charleston 9 Memorial Park Facebook Page

Charleston Fire Department lost 9 of their bravest firefighters, known as the Charleston 9 on June 18, 2007 while battling a devastating fire at a furniture store.

Four days following their tragic sacrifices, a procession of more than 300 fire and rescue apparatus’ rolled silently along a 7.5 mile somber stretch.

Passing each of the three fire stations of the Fallen Firefighters, the march also passed the grim site that took their lives. Firefighters and Peace Officers from afar all paid their respects.

More than 30,000 grieving firefighters and civilians wept as they saluted or held their hands over their hearts as the procession honoring the Fallen passed silently.

The memorial is located at 1807 Savannah Highway, the humble Charleston 9 Memorial Park’s pathway leads visitors from the parking area to the flagpole and plaque located in the center of the park.

The 9 markers in the park represent the location of each of the Fallen Firefighters who paid the ultimate sacrifice doing service for others.

The City of Charleston is planning to further improve the Memorial Park which is adjacent of the new Charleston Fire Station 11. The Station that looks out to the Charleston 9 Memorial Park has 9 windows.

 PRO TIP  Learn more about the fate of the Fallen Firefighters in the Last Alarm: The Charleston 9.

Worcester Firefighter’s Memorial – Worcester, MA

On a frigidly cold December 3, 1999, a five-alarm fire at the Worcester Cold Storage & Warehouse Co. building. The horrific fire claimed the lives of six of Worcester Massachusetts’ bravest who responded to the call.

The Worcester 6, sacrificed their lives while trying to rescue two individuals who were thought to be trapped in the raging fire. 

Today, the Worcester Firefighter’s Memorial is a tribute to the Worcester 6 on the very spot where the warehouse once stood.

The memorial consists of 3 elements to memorialize the Brave. A detailed firefighter sculpture looks onto a folded fireman’s topcoat with a fireman’s helmet resting on top.

A 12′ x 6′ granite wall depicting six firefighters all working together finishes the monument. And finally, there’s a plaque affixed to the front of the pedestal the that reads,

“On this site on December 3, 1999, six brave Worcester firefighters lost their lives in the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire.

Another monument joined the Worcester 6 in the same park. It displays a single bronze helmet replicating that of Fallen Firefighter, Jon Davies.

His plaque reads,

“From this Station, Firefighter Jon D. Davies, Sr. answered his Final Alarm. Box 12-07 for 49 Arlington St. December 8, 2011.”

A catastrophic building collapse claimed the life of Firefighter Jon D. Davies Sr. He selflessly laid down his life performing his firefighting and rescue duty on December 8, 2011.

You can learn about each of the heroic firemen on their website.

Anyone wishing to pay their respects at the Worcester Firefighter’s Memorial may visit the Franklin Street Fire Station on 266 Franklin Street. The tribute is located on the left-hand side of the main entrance.

Ironically, the Firefighter Memorial is located the former site of Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire.

The Wildlands Fallen Firefighters Memorial

Wildland Firefighters Monument – Boise, Idaho

Interagency Wildland Firefighter Monument – Boise Idaho

Fallen Firefighters Memorial Plaza – Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana Law Enforcement and Firefighters Memorial – Indianapolis, Indiana

Iowa Firefighters Memorial – Coralville, Iowa

Kansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial and Museum – Wichita, Kansas

Kentucky Fallen Firefighter Memorial – Frankfort, Kentucky

Louisiana Fallen Firefighter Memorial – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Maine Firefighters Memorial – Augusta, Maine (Capitol Park)

Maryland Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial – Annapolis, Maryland

Massachusetts Fallen Firefighters Memorial – Boston, Massachusetts

Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial – Pontiac, Michigan

Minnesota Fallen Firefighter Memorial – St. Paul, Minnesota

Mississippi Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial – Jackson, Mississippi

Missouri State Fire Fighters Memorial – Kingdom City, Missouri

Montana State Firefighters Memorial – Laurel, Montana

Nebraska Firefighters & EMS Memorial – Kearney, Nebraska

Nevada Firefighters Memorial – Carson City, Nevada

New Hampshire Fallen Firefighters Memorial – Concord, New Hampshire

New Jersey Fallen Firefighter Memorial – Allentown, New Jersey

New Mexico does not have a state Fallen Firefighters Memorial

North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Memorial – Raleigh, North Carolina

North Dakota Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial – Garrison, North Dakota

The Ohio Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial – Reynoldsburg, Ohio (no information found)

Ohio Police & Fire Memorial Park – Columbus, Ohio

Oklahoma State Fire Fighters Fallen and Living Memorial – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oregon Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial – Salem, Oregon

Pennsylvania Fallen Fire Fighter’s Memorial  – Harrisburg (yet to be erected)

Rhode Island Firefighters Memorial – Providence, Rhode Island

South Carolina Firemen’s Memorial Garden – Columbia, South Carolina

South Dakota Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial – Pierre, South Dakota

Tennessee Fallen Firefighters Memorial – Bell Buckle, Tennesee

Volunteer Firemen Monument – Austin, Texas

Utah Firefighter Museum and Memorial – Tooele, Utah

Public Safety Memorial – Pittsford, Vermont (no information found)

Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial – Richmond, Virginia

Washington State Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial – North Bend, Washington (no information found)

West Virginia Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial – Charleston, West Virginia

Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial – Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Wyoming Fallen Firefighters Memorial – Riverton, Wyoming

City and Small Town Fallen Firefighter Memorials and Monuments

Chicago Union Stockyards Gate & Fire Department Memorial
Chicago Union Stockyards Gate & Fire Department Memorial

In most large cities in America, each has their own Fallen Firefighter memorial or monument. Even some smaller cities and towns honor America’s bravest as well.

These are only a handful of Firefighter Memorials amongst thousands across the United States. We encourage you to look for them everywhere you travel.

Firemen’s Monument –  Hoboken, New Jersey

New York State Fallen Firefighters Memorial – Albany, New York

Cleveland Fire Fighters Memorial – Cleveland, Ohio

Butler County Fallen Firefighter and EMS Provider Memorial – Hamilton, Ohio

Fireman’s Drinking Fountain – Slatington, Pennsylvania

Firefighter Memorial – Pittston, Pennsylvania

Vigilant Fire Company Firemen’s Monument – Washington Township, Pennsylvania

Collyer Monument – Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Fallen Firefighters Memorial  – Seattle, Washington

Peshtigo Fire Cemetery and Fire Museum – Peshtigo, Wisconsin

St. Maries 1910 Fire Memorial – St. Maries, Idaho

Wallace 1910 Fire Memorial – Wallace, Idaho

Michigan Firemen’s Memorial – Roscommon, Michigan

Coos Bay Firefighters Memorial – Coos Bay, Oregon

Final thoughts on Firefighter Memorials and Monuments

Charleston 9 - North Charleston Fire Department
Photo by Always On Liberty©

I have to say, this was one of the most profound articles to write. Our Nation’s brave Fallen Firefighters deserve our utmost respect and appreciation.

These selfless men and women take an oath to put others lives before their own to save life and property. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten.

Which is why every American needs to take time to pay their respects to these brave heroes.

These firefighter memorials and monuments represent the firefighters who have tragically and heroically given their lives.

Our Nation’s Firefighters served with unimaginative courage and died in the line of duty. We shall never forget.

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Firefighter Memorials and Monuments - Always On Liberty

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