How to Deal with Obnoxious and Rude Campers?

One bad thing about camping is being parked next to the obnoxious and rude campers. Their filthy language bellows and yelling reverberates between RVs. And if you’re in a tent, there’s no way to escape the F words. While no one really wants to rain on their parade, they surely don’t want to camp next to this type of offensive behavior either. But how do you deal with loud drunks or foul-mouth partiers who seem to have forgotten their manners? What do you do? Suck it up? Do you get out of Dodge, report them or join in?

Unfortunately, when you camp at a campground, you can’t pick your neighbors. That means you get the garden variety of characters who are camping all around you. All goes well until the party animals next to your RV are well onto their 8th round of Buds and PBRs. Then, your fun meter runs out when their rude vulgarity ruins your family’s camping experience.

Fun is fun, but there’s no place for boisterous foul language; especially at family campgrounds. No matter what ages, no one should not have to put up with potty mouths and rude behavior from other campers. When you’re in close proximity to loud and disrespectful campers, it can turn your family’s camping experience into a nightmare.

So, what should you do when your neighbor’s campsite turns into adult party central? Well, we’ve put together a list of suggestions on how to handle those unpleasant situations.

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How to Deal with Obnoxious and Rude Campers

Camping Party

Try talking to them

Talking to rude campers, especially when alcohol and drugs are involved, may not be in the best interest of you and your family. If you notice their cooler opening a lot or opening of beer cans, that may be your first clue to not even get involved.

But, if your rude camping neighbors are spewing vulgar obscenities, a gentle reminder that there are children around might zip their lips. Or, at least make them talk in a lower tone. Asking them to show a little respect may just rein them back a little without getting the authorities involve.

Talk to the Camp Host 

Camp Host - Campground Host Sign

If you’ve found your loud and obnoxious campsite neighbors are unapproachable or unresponsive to your request, perhaps a gentle talk to the Camp Host may be all it takes to curb the obscenities.

Camp Hosts are the campground’s first line of defense. You’ll get a good gauge of your Camp Host’s demeanor when you check in. Spend a few moments chatting with them to see what their personality is. If the Camp Host is a ‘take charge’ type, it may be all it takes.

But, what if the Camp Host is either absent? Or, if they are present, they may take the attitude that this kind of intervention is not their job. If that’s the case, you’ll probably just want to skip this step and head right to the Campground Office to speak with the Manager on duty.

Are you thinking of Camp Hosting? You may want to watch our YouTube video for these important tips!

Contact Park Ranger or Campground Management

Park Ranger

If you’ve received no satisfaction from the Camp Host, it’s time to politely ask the Manager to please enforce the rules and regulations of the campground or park; especially if it’s written in grail on their campground rules. Kindly remind them that you’re their guest and guests shouldn’t be treated with disregard or disrespect

However, I caution you when you do this. Ask management to not go immediately after traipsing to the office. It would be a dead giveaway to the mouthy violators the you are who reported them. You surely don’t want to invite more problems or face retaliation.

By all means, if your inconsiderate camping neighbors are still loud and spewing vulgarities after quiet time (typically 10:00 or 11:00 pm), definitely report them to the Campground Management. If the management brushes it off or doesn’t confront them, let them know that you will be seeking other means of correction; especially if there are verbal threats from the perpetrators.

Ask to relocate 

If you just don’t want to deal with your belligerent camping neighbors and their filthy dictionary, simply ask the Campground Manager to move you to another campsite. It may be your only peaceful solution.

Leave for a while

Family Camping

For some, vulgar words are like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. If you find you and your family are stressing over your neighbor’s poor behavior, get away from the situation. Take a hike or a bicycle ride.  Pack the cooler and go for a picnic. Go for ice cream. It’s a great way to relieve tension! Hopefully, when you get back, you’re fresh with a clear mind to deal with your crappy neighbors with a more civil interaction.

Check out early

One of the best ways to show campground management that you mean business is to check out early and tell them why. Demand a refund; but only if you’ve been unsuccessful in the above strategies.

In other words, let your wallet do the walking and fingers do he talking. Let them know that you will share with your camping friends how week the management is when it comes to creating a harmonious camping atmosphere. And that gets us to our next suggestion on how to deal with rude campers.

Share Your Experience on Social Media

Social Media - Facebook

I have to laugh because this topic actually came from a camping Facebook group which spawned me to write this article. If you’re that frustrated that you feel the need to air your grievances about your experience on the World Wide Web, then have at it.

But, I must forewarn you, if you have thin skin you may not get quite the support you’re looking for. Even reading the comments on that particular post about rude camping neighbors proved how most feel that kind of behavior is acceptable and to just suck it up.

Don’t camp on weekends or holidays

Child Covering Ears - Rude Campers

This is one of the best suggestions on how to avoid the loud and proud party crowds. It’s a known fact that Friday nights, the weekend warriors (weekend campers) come out in full force loaded with full coolers, building big raging campfires and spewing their potty mouths that would make sailors sound like choir angels. Those weekend campers (not all) worked hard all week. When the weekend comes, they’re making up for it in the two or three days of camping.

So, to prevent exposing your family to that kind of obnoxious and rude behavior, why not plan your camping trips for during the week. It’s much more pleasant because it’s quieter. And generally speaking, a whole different demographic of campers. 

Go boondocking!

Dispersed Camping - Popup Camper

People ask us all the time why we enjoy boondocking or camping off grid so much. Of course there’s the obvious reasons such as enjoying nature and wide open spaces, saving money on camping fees and catch up on some R&R (rest and relaxation). But, to be quite honest, we go boondocking to get away from the dregs of society. There’s no loud potty mouths or rude campers out there. Because they’re all out there for the same reason.

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Camp on your own property

If you have big enough property, why not camp on your own land? Just like boondocking, you get to control your own destiny and happiness. Go ahead and set up your campsite just as you would in a campground. Enjoy camping with your family with your own rules and expectations.

Want to make your property into a cool camping venue? Read how to make your Campsite to Glampsite: 20 Campsite Decorating Ideas

Open your own campground!

Campground - RV Park

I know that sounds like an off-the-cuff smarta$$ answer. But seriously, if you enjoy camping with people you like, look into owning your own campground. Then, you can just allow like-minded campers who have the same camping mindset as you. Then, you can make your own campground rules. And, if you get one or two who don’t want to play by the rules, kick their butt’s out.

Final thoughts on dealing with obnoxious and rude campsite neighbors

Camping Campfire Cocktails

Hey, we all get that people want to enjoy a glass of wine or beer around the campfire. Or, they want to listen to their favorite genre of music. Or laugh at funny jokes and stories. However, nobody should have to put up with loud, rude and crude campers.

Seriously, campgrounds and RV parks can’t allow this kind of behavior to be the end all. Otherwise, upstanding, respectful campers will find another campground. And those campgrounds allowing this offensive behavior will get poor reviews and lose business because they bring in the wrong type of business.

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