30+ Winnebago View Upgrades & Modifications * For Navion too! *

After purchasing our Winnebago View Class C motorhome, there was lots of room for improvements. From solar and battery upgrades, water and sewer hose storage, and lots of View upgrades, our Winnebago View is fully capable for full-time RVing. Now, these RV upgrades and modifications make living and travel easier and more comfortable and fun!

This is a recurring blog post. We regularly update it with new information and products used. (Updated 10/16/2022)

This is a continuous ongoing project to improve and adapt our motorhome for our full-time RV lifestyle.

These upgrades and modifications are applicable to both the Winnebago View and Winnebago Navion Class C motorhome as well as applicable to most any RV.

30+ Winnebago View Upgrades, Modifications and Improvements

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Red Rock Backdrop
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Winnebago View Sprinter Chassis Upgrades

Winnebago View Exterior Accessories

Winnebago View Solar and Battery Upgrades

Winnebago View Exterior Storage

Winnebago View Interior Upgrades & Mods

Winnebago View HVAC Systems

Winnebago View Electrical Upgrades & Mods

Winnebago View Monitoring Systems

Winnebago View Tow Package

Winnebago View Sprinter Chassis Upgrades

Hydraulic Leveling System

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Bigfoot Hydraulic Leveling System
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Installing an automatic leveling system was an RV upgrade we couldn’t do ourselves.

So, while we were doing business in Elkhart, Indiana, we had Quadra Manufacturing in White Pigeon, Michigan (30 minute drive) install our Winnebago View Bigfoot hydraulic leveling system.

We opted for the Bigfoot Platinum Leveling System designed for a 2007-2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 Cutaway.

The reason why we chose the Platinum Leveling System over the Bigfoot Automatic Leveling System is price point difference ($1000 difference)

The Bigfoot Leveling System control panel is mounted next to the One Place System over the refrigerator in our Winnebago View 24D.

So now, on very rare occasions do we need to get on the ground to level our motorhome using those plastic leveling blocks. Leveling our RV now takes just a couple minutes to complete using our Level Mate Pro System and sometimes a small bubble level from our RV tool kit.

Important Note: If you’re looking to get this type of hydraulic leveling system for your motorhome, the system install based on your motorhome’s chassis year, not the RV model year.

Though our Winnebago View is a 2019 model year, our Sprinter Chassis is a 2018.

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RV SnapPads (Leveling System Jack Pads)

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - RV SnapPads
Always On Liberty©

After installing our new Bigfoot Leveling System installed, we needed to protect the leveling jack’s feet.

Since we’re very familiar with RV SnapPads (we had them on our fifth wheel), it only made sense to get a set of four BF 7 RV SnapPads made specifically for our Bigfoot leveling jacks.

Because of them, our jack pads don’t leave any marks or damage concrete or asphalt parking surfaces. And, our RV SnapPads help to stabilize our RV on rocky parking lots.

Always On Liberty RV SnapPad Banner Ad

 PRO TIP: See why we chose to install  RV SnapPads: Protect your RV  Leveling Jacks on our fifth wheels and our Winnebago View Class C motorhome.

Steel Tire Valve Stems (Wheels)

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Borg Steel Valve Stems
Always On Liberty©

Within our first year of owning our Winnebago View, we had Borg steel valve stems (Borg DL1SPAL) professionally installed at Firebird Tire in Phoenix, Arizona.

Now, our View’s Borg stems allow us to add or subtract air easily to the rear dual wheels. They also allow us to install our TPMS and sensors on the rear wheels.

Winnebago View Suspension Upgrades

Suspension Springs

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Sumo Springs SquareAlways On Liberty - Winnebago View - Borg Steel Valve Stems

When we first purchased our Winnebago View, we noticed a severe rocking each time we would turn a corner or roll over a substantial bump or pothole.

To help alleviate the Sprinter chassis rocking and improve our ride, we replaced our OEM front springs and rear springs with Sumo Springs (info below).

Although this RV upgrade requires getting underneath our Sprinter chassis, the replacement installation was fairly easy to do. 

With this suspension upgrade, our View handles much better on turns, and driving on highways when being passed by larger vehicles.

Sway Bar

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Swaybar Upgrade
Always On Liberty©

The same day we upgraded our Sumo Springs (above), we also replaced and self-installed a much thicker gauge Hellwig 7254 Rear Sway Bar. This helps our Winnebago View endure less body roll when turning, entering or exiting driveways or parking lots.  


Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Agile Off Road Fox 25 Shocks
Always On Liberty©

About 4 months after installing our Sumo Springs (above) and Helwig Sway Bar (above), we completed one last Winnebago View suspension upgrade by installing Agile Off Road Fox 2/5 ShocksThis is a must do upgrade that definitely results in a more comfortable and smoother ride.

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Winnebago View Exterior Accessories

Hood Protector

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Hood Bug Deflector
Always On Liberty©

We installed a hood protector wind deflector from Form Fit Hood Protectors in Canada. At the time in late 2019, we ordered directly from the company.

    • Sprinter 2014 and up: Part # HD 12B14

Not only does this help with wind sheer but also, it helps eliminate possible rock chips in the hood. And we think it looks really cool  too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (2022) We noticed that the company no longer exists. Or, if it does, they rebranded under a different name and/or don’t sell directly to end users. We clicked on the link and came up with a web warning which we didn’t go further (nor should you).

But, there is an OMAC Sprinter hood protector for 2019-2022 models available for the View and Nation.

However, our experience was not favorable with the packaging. It arrived broken. When we tried to get a replacement through their Amazon store, the company couldn’t meet our shipping time deadline.


Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - Horn
Always On Liberty©

We actually were quite embarrassed to use our Road Runner Beep-Beep horn on our View.

So, we upgraded our View’s wimpy OEM horn to a pair of PIAA 85115 superior bass horns.

Level of difficulty in installing the new horn was easy to medium. Dan had to remove the front grill to access the space. The wiring is straight forward to switch the horns out.

Now other vehicles can actually hear the View’s horn. And now, when pressing on the horn, others aren’t looking for the Road Runner (me-meep).

Basement Door Access

 Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Basement Cargo Door Opening
Always On Liberty©

On the Winnebago View and Navion, the basement cargo doors open from the bottom and swing upwards.

However, the doors only opened to a 90 degree opening making it tough to bend over to retrieve things out of the storage compartments. To alleviate that, we simply readjusted the pneumatic arms on each cargo door. This cost us nothing.

Now it’s so much easier to access and retrieve items from our exterior storage compartments.

Furnace Exhaust Vents Bug Screens

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Furnace Bug Screens
Always On Liberty©

Wasps, mud daubers, birds and rodents pose a serious threat to our RV furnace. They can enter through the furnace vents and cause serious damage by building nests that interfere with air flow.

So, we installed pest screens over our exterior furnace intake and exhaust vents to protect them free of debris and pests.

Exhaust Tail Pipe Cover

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Chrome Exhaust Pipe Cover
Always On Liberty©

To give our Winnebago View exhaust tail pipe a more refined finish, we installed a high quality stainless steel tail pipe cover.

It doesn’t change the sound or function of your motorhome. It’s simply a clamp-on and bolt-on installation. It attaches to the tailpipe by clamps or screws which are included.

Winnebago View Solar and Battery Upgrades

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Energy Management System Lithium Batteries
Always On Liberty©

Batteries and Cables

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Battle Born Batteries and Battery Cables
Always On Liberty©

We installed four Battle Born GC2 lithium batteries in the outside storage compartment aft of the cabin door.

Sacrificing some outside storage space has allowed us to remain off grid for much longer times with the battery upgrade.

Dan did enclose the former battery space with aluminum plates to reuse the old battery box for storage of folding camp chairs.

We also upgraded our oem house battery cables with 1-0 cables from Battle Born. Any cables Battle Born could not supply we built ourselves for our battery bank.

Battle Born Lithium Battery Banner Ad

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Battery Monitor and Solar Controller

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Victron BMV-712 and Victron MPPT 150 I 35 Smart Solar Controller
Always On Liberty©

We purchased and installed a Victron BMV-712 to monitor our house battery status.

This Victron system has bluetooth capability with the shunt being mounted right next to the batteries. It’s a great way to monitor the batteries state of charge closely.

We also purchased and installed a Victron SmartSolar Controller, 150 volts/35 amps MPPT with our new solar system. It’s blue tooth capable and has vastly improved our solar harvest capabilities over the old PWM 30 amp controller.

Circuit Breakers & Disconnects

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Blue Sea Circuit Breakers and Battery Disconnect
Always On Liberty©

We purchased and installed Blue Sea circuit breakers and battery disconnects in our new solar package.

These improvements allow us to isolate the solar panels from the solar controller or the house batteries when ever maintenance is needed. They as also a great safety upgrade for over amperage or over voltage.

Solar Panels

Always On Liberty Winnebago View Solar Panels Upgrade
Always On Liberty©

We replaced the two OEM SunPower 100 Watt Flex Panels because they were extremely inefficient for our energy needs.

So, we self-installed six (6) Renogy 100 watt compact panels in parallel because of minor shading issues from other components on our RV roof.

These Renogy compact panels have a more narrow width that allows them to mounted between the edge of the roof and the rooftop air conditioner.

Then, we later reinstalled our Renege solar panels on tilt brackets (below) so we don’t have to worry about orienting our View to the sun’s direction.

Renogy Logo

Solar Panel Tilt Brackets

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Solar Panel Tilt Brackets

After experimenting with trying to acquire maximum absorption, we found that we needed to add solar panel mount brackets with foldable tilt legs.

These adjustable mount brackets now allow our solar panels (above) to get better solar absorption in the winter months by tilting them towards the sun.

The brackets were easy to install (we installed ours on our existing standoff brackets) and have improved our winter solar harvest by about 25%.

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Winnebago View Exterior Storage

Sewer Hose Storage

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Valterra Sewer Hose Storage Tube
Always On Liberty©

Our sewer hose took up too much cargo space in our basement storage compartment.

So, to alleviate taking up that precious space, we self-installed a Valterra RV sewer hose storage tube under the rear of our View.

The new location is convenient and easy to access. Plus, it keeps any biohazard and germs away from the cargo compartment. We keep just a small plastic bin to hold a short sewer-only water hose and connector.

The storage tube also allows you store and transport fishing poles, flag pole, or even a small rolled up campsite mat or outdoor carpet (separately of course!).

As always, be sure to measure the space you wish to install before ordering.

Check out our Sewer Hose Carrier & Storage video:

 PRO TIP: Check out our Valterra RV Sewer Hose Storage more information.

Water Hose Storage

Always On Liberty - RV Water Hose Storage - Winnebago View
Always On Liberty©

We took full advantage of some unused space behind the fixed cargo door panel aft of the rear wheels on the driver’s side. The panel was hinged at the factory so we purchased and added cargo door latches and pneumatic support struts to raise the panel.

We then, self-installed a water hose rack system to coil and store our expandable potable water hose and attached RV water filter.

Now there is no more fumbling or tangling of water hose when we setup or break camp. We only take out the amount of water hose as needed. The rest of the hose stays neatly coiled inside the compartment.

Camp Chair Ladder Rack

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Camp Chair Ladder Rack
Always On Liberty©

We added a ladder rack to the rear ladder of our motorhome for our zero gravity chairs to hang on instead of putting them inside the motorhome while we’re in transit. It makes our camp chairs easily accessible as they ride securely on the rack. We just secure it using a few bungee cords. so they don’t accidentally bounce off.

This rack can also be used for carrying camp table or other larger outdoor items that can mount onto it.

Winnebago View Interior Upgrades & Mods

Acrylic Window Weather Stripping

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Double Pane Acrylic Window Weather Stripping
Always On Liberty©

When we first bought our Winnebago View, we had a terrible invasion of flying insects (mosquitos, moths, etc.) easily making their way between the edges of the screen and the screen guide trough.

So, after extensive research, we installed a high-strength, self-adhesive weather seal strip inside the top and side edges of our Dometic acrylic window screen guides.

Now, those annoying bugs can’t get in which allows us to enjoy fresh air through the screens. And of course, we can also get sleep because our cats aren’t up chasing moths at 2:00 in the morning.

Screen Door Handle

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Screen Door Handle
Always On Liberty©

We added a single kitchen drawer pull from Lowes to our screen door. This makes it easier to grab the screen door when it’s open and helps keep the small access door closed.

Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - Thermostatic Shower Mixer
Always On Liberty©

Since we boondock a lot, we have to manage and monitor our water usage very closely. And especially having a much smaller RV with smaller tank size, our water is even more critical.

With the OEM shower faucet controls that came installed in our new Winnebago View, it was hard to get the right temperature to hold, even when using the shower water saver.

So, to alleviate that, we replaced the original shower faucet knob controls with a thermostatic shower mixer.

The thermostatic bath mixer can automatically balance the cold and hot water pressure to maintain water temperature stable in a quick time, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

The range for the outlet water temperature is from 20 to 50°C, safety button temperature: 38°C. No more worrying about sudden cold or hot water.

For suspended shower, just turn off the flow switch, hot and cold water will not turn the clock back and re-opens, the water is still the original set temperature. The left is water regulation and the right is temperature control.

This was fairly easy installation. Dan simply connected the cold water pipe to the right and the hot water pipe to the left. 

Bathroom Toilet Seat

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Toilet Seat Upgrade
Always On Liberty©

We absolutely were repulsed by the OEM toilet seat in our View Navion! The underside of the toilet seat was partitioned which was difficult to keep clean.

So, Dan removed the old toilet seat; replacing it with a new slow-close toilet seat. It fits perfectly!

And, because it’s a slow-close, it won’t injure our Grandson when he uses the bathroom should he drop the seat.

The added feature to our new toilet seat is it’s completely removable and super easy to clean. In fact, it can be taken outside and blasted with the hose to clean.

Kitchen Sink

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - Single Basin Kitchen Sink
Always On Liberty©

Our Winnebago View kitchen sink was not meeting our needs because of the two-basin design. The dual sinks disallowed us to wash bigger pots and pans without making a mess everywhere.

So, we replaced it with a single basin top mount kitchen sink (Lippert SKU# 421572). It’s made from either 304-grade stainless steel for maximum durability

One of the great things about this particular sink is my collapsible wash basin rests perfectly on the outer edges perfectly when we boondock and must monitor our water consumption closely.

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Drawer Pulls

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - Drawer Pulls
Always On Liberty©

After ripping out several trouser and shorts pockets and belt loops and constantly bruising our hips, it was time to change our cabinet and drawer pulls in our galley and bathroom.

While the OEM pulls were modern and stylish, their design was not conducive (or safe) for such tiny spaces; especially when trying to navigate our motorhome when the slide is in.

So, we removed all the OEM drawer and cabinet pulls (bottom) and replaced them with brushed nickel closed-end pulls (top) (3.75″ hole to hole).

However, Dan had to use his Dremel tool to shave off the end of the screw after installing them so they didn’t interfere with or scratch drawer contents. Now, no more ripped clothing or hip bruises…or swearing like a sailor!

UPDATE (2022): We hated our new drawer and cabinet pulls! The hole part where you slip your fingers in to open the drawers or cabinets was too small. They may work for smaller fingers.

So we replaced them with the original pulls that we kept in storage until we can find pulls that are more conducive to use and opening size.

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Micro Air Easy Start

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Micro-Air EasyStart
Always On Liberty©

We purchased and installed a Micro Air Easy Start that allows us to operate the air conditioner from a 15 or 20 amp circuit. It works great and assists in a smoother and quieter start process for the rooftop AC. 

PRO TIP: Read about Soft Starts for Your RV Air Conditioner and why you should get a Soft Start for your Winnebago View.

A/C Silencer

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Wacko AC Silencer
Always On Liberty©

Since our View’s air conditioner was seemingly loud, we installed a Wacko AC Silencer CA-200 on the interior ceiling of our rooftop air conditioner.

We also included the A/C Silencer CT204 trim ring for the ceiling. It lowers the decibel level of our AC allowing for quieter conversations and lower radio and TV volume levels.  (not an affiliate)

MaxxAir Fan

Maxxair FanThe Winnebago View OEM overhead fan in our bathroom was vastly inadequate and inferior.

So, we upgraded it to a much quieter and more energy efficient MaxxFan.


Our new MaxxFan is a complete 3-speed all-in-one RV ventilation fan system that protects our motorhome’s interior in any weather; rain or shine. It delivers or removes air at a much quieter and higher rate. It comes with a smoke lid and manual opening keypad control. 

The MaxxFan has an easy to remove interior insect screen; simply by rotating four retaining knobs to remove for cleaning.

MaxxAir Fan Shade and Light Kit

Max Air Fan Shade - Always On Liberty

We won a MaxxAir fantastic fan shade kit at the RV Entrepreneur Summit!

The MaxxAir shade kit seriously didn’t take but a couple minutes for installation! It has a pull shade to help regulate temperatures when the AC or heater is running. But it also has a cool light feature! 

IMPORTANT NOTE for Winnebago View and Navion “D” models: 

We wanted to order another one for the bathroom. However, the fan shade kit profile disallows the medicine cabinet door to open.

Electrical and Lighting


Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades - Trik-L-Start
Always On Liberty©

We installed a Trik-L-Start 10 amp Starting Battery Charger/Maintainer under the passenger seat to make sure our chassis battery was staying charged.

Now we don’t have to disconnect the chassis battery when we stay parked for more than a week or so.

In short, the Trik-L-Start automatically charges and maintains our motorhome engine’s starting batteries whenever you’re parked for extended periods. It ensures fast, reliable engine starts and maximizes battery life. (not found on Amazon)

Trik-L-Start Product Features:

    • For diesel and gas motorhomes – single or dual starting battery applications
    • Fully automatic operation 
    • Gentle, tapered charge rate – prevents over/undercharging 
    • No A/C power cord – “steals” DC power from your RV’s house battery charger; No AC wiring or extension cords required 
    • Safer than AC-Powered chargers 
    • Works with solar panels 
    • Simplifies seasonal maintenance 
    • LED status indicators 
    • Rugged, reliable design – epoxy encapsulated enclosure, waterproof and burnout proof 


Cole Hersee Solenoid 24213We purchased and installed a new Cole Hersee Solenoid 24213 under the passenger seat at the same time when we installed our Trik-L-Start.

The new solenoid is 200 amps of continuous duty and performs much better than the OEM solenoid that is prone to failure. (sorry, no photo available)

Propane Power Saver Switch

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - Propane Power Saver Switch
Always On Liberty©

We installed a low power propane switch that virtually eliminated the excessive parasitic draw from our 12 volt propane switch. This allows for a much lower rate of consumption of energy.

Awning Switch Relocation

Our View 24D awning and light switch was located floor level at the entry step on the side of the kitchen cabinet.

We either had to stand outside with the door open to operate the awning switch; risking our cats getting out.

Or we had to get down on our hands and knees to utilize the switch. That made it difficult to monitor the awning operation because we couldn’t see it.

To remedy that issue, we simply relocated the switches higher in the same panel as the radio/DVD player, now at counter height.

Now, we can deploy the awning while watching it roll or unroll through the kitchen galley window or door window without bending down or standing outside.

12 Volt Receptacle (Bedroom)

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - 12 Volt Receptacle Bedroom
Always On Liberty©

We purchased and installed two 12 volt outlets over the Murphy bed head board.

The one on Dan’s side of the bed is a double 12 volt outlet. It has a single cigarette lighter port and a port that has 2 USB ports.

But on Lisa’s side, it’s a triple 12 volt outlet that has 3 cigarette lighter ports.

To facilitate plugging in a couple electronic devices to charge, we bought a removable quick charging 5.4A/30W USB charger adapter that plugs into one of the cigarette lighter ports.

This allows us to use our CPAP machines and charge our cell phones without the coach’s inverter being energized.

This is an awesome energy saver while parked for a night in a parking lot, moochdocking at friends or family homes or boondocking off grid.

Now, while writing this article, we couldn’t find the original 3-port that we bought on Amazon. However, we did find a better triple multi-function outlet panel with DC12/24 3 port cigarette lighter adapter that’s actually a bit nicer. It has a shut-off switch which is great for boondocking.

But it also has a built in circuit breaker switch. With this newer one, you can shut off the entire outlet panel to prevent parasitic draw on the batteries.

Important Note: DO NOT use those cheap dollar store USB plugs or even USB plugs that you find in big box stores, gift shops or even fuel stations. They don’t provide enough amperage for charging our devices.

PRO TIP:  Do you or your travel partner use a CPAP? See how we are able to use 2 CPAPS in our small Class C motorhome:RV CPAP Device Power Solutions for RVs.

12 Volt Receptacle (Dinette)

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - 12 Volt USB Receptacle
Always On Liberty©

We purchased and installed a 12 volt receptacle under the aft dinette seat to power our WeBoost cell booster and hotspots. The receptacle has a cigarette lighter port and dual USB ports. It’s powered directly from our View’s house batteries.

Electric Dimmer (Dinette)

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Dinette Lighting Dimmer Switch
Always On Liberty©

The light strip over the dinette is great aesthetically but sometimes it is too bright. We wanted a way to dim it for ambiance and/or to use less energy.

So, we removed the original switch and installed an LED side slide 12 volt dimmer switch over the dinette table. However, we did have to modify the area to accommodate the slightly larger dimmer switch.

12 Volt Electric Outlet (Kitchen)

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - 12 Volt Receptacle Kitchen Wiring-2
Always On Liberty©

Finding the need for a strategically placed 120 volt outlet because of short electrical cords on our portable appliances led to this mod.

We found a single Journeyman Pro 15 amp 120 volt outlet and placed it about 16 inches to the right of the original 120 volt outlet. This receptacle allows us to plug appliances in to use on the inverter.

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications - 12 Volt Receptacle Kitchen Wiring
Always On Liberty©

We made our own cord from a heavy duty extension cord, wired it to the new outlet and simply plugged it into the same 120 volt outlet behind our TV.

It’s also powered by the inverter when off grid allowing us to use our 3 quart Instant Pot and portable induction cooktop while boondocking without running the our onboard generator. 

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Headboard Lights (Bedroom)

Winnebago View - Headboard Light Upgrade Replacement
Always On Liberty©

Our Winnebago View OEM bedroom ‘pendant’ reading lights hung from the overhead cabinets over the headboard. This design disallowed us to prop our heads up to read because the light would literally hit our heads. 

So, we replaced the original reading lights with 4 1/2″ 12 volt surface mount LED touch lights that are much brighter and better looking.

Winnebago View Monitoring Systems

Surge Protector

Always On Liberty - RV Gear - RV Surge Guard Surge Protector
Always On Liberty©

Even before driving our Winnebago View motorhome off the lot, we bought a Surge Guard 30amp surge protector.

It protects our RV’s electric system as well as components and equipment anytime we plug our View into electric pedestals or power sources.

This RV surge protector prevents electric spikes, surges and power issues from unknown power sources and campground pedestals.

READ MORE:  Why an RV Surge Protector is Needed for Motorhomes and Campers

TechnoRV - Surge Guard Banner

Wifi Booster

We purchased and installed a WeBoost WiFi booster under the dinette table of our View. It is 12 volt powered and uses a small antenna mounted to the motorhome’s exterior roof.

We fished the cable through the top corner of the slide seal. We do not have to move the cable or antenna for travel.

Before pulling in the dinette slide, we simply disconnect the antenna cable. And once we get set up at a campground and put out the slide, we reconnect it.

Scan Gauge

We purchased and installed a Scan Gauge II to assist in monitoring our Views engine parameters as we drive.

It is programmable to monitor many systems and displays any engine fault codes that may arise. The Scan Gauge is a great addition to the Mercedes Benz engine monitoring system.

Propane Tank Level Monitor

Always On Liberty - Winnebago View - Mopeka Propane Level Indicator
Always On Liberty©

The factory-installed One Place propane monitor, in our opinion, is very inaccurate and unreliable.

A friend who also had a Winnebago View introduced us to an external Mopeka propane tank level indicator that attaches to our propane tank. 

Since it’s bluetooth capable, we can get a more accurate reading allowing us to track our propane usage much more closely.

Now, our propane monitor actually reports less than 3% discrepancy. But, while it is magnetic, Dan still secured it using Gorilla tape for added assurance that it won’t fall off during travel.

Be aware, the CR2032 battery does need to be replaced annually.

Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS)

Always On Liberty - TST 507 TPMS Tire Sensor
Always On Liberty©

We actually installed a TST-507 tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to track the temperature and pressure of our former fifth wheel and our Ram 3500 dually truck tires. Of course, when we traded in our fifth wheel for our Winnebago View, our TPMS came with us.

After upgrading our original rubber valve stems to the Borg stainless valve stems, Dan installed the TST 507 sensors on each tire on our View. He then, synchronized each sensor to the TPMS monitor that we keep on the dashboard window.

A tire pressure monitoring system is an important safety device that gives us realtime information on our View’s tires AND our Jeep’s.

Our TPMS unit helps to recognize potential problems before we have a catastrophic tire blowout. We would never travel without it.

READ MORE:  TST 507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVs

Always On Liberty - TechnoRV - TST 507 TPMS - Ad Banner

Winnebago View Tow Package

Tow Bar

Always On Liberty - Curt Rambler Motorhome Tow Bar
Always On Liberty©

We use a CURT Rambler Tow Bar to tow our 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK model.

This upgrade allows us to use our toad as a scout vehicle, exploring and grocery getter. It also opportunes us to camp longer in one spot without moving our View.

However, because the View and Navion is built higher than our Jeep, we had to compensate for the height of our View to obtain a more level tow setup.

So, we added a 4″ drop hitch extension with anti-rattle hitch pin shim to level out our tow bar to tow and function properly at the correct height.

Always On Liberty - CURT Rambler Banner Ad


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Wrapping up our Winnebago View Upgrades and Modifications

As you can see, there’s lots of upgrades to a Winnebago View as well as modifications to what already exists. For future reference, it’s a good idea to bookmark this article. We will update it anytime we make an additional upgrade or modification on our View.

This is a recurring blog post. We regularly update it with new information and products used.

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  1. Dan and Lisa, Thanks much for the ideas and upgrades you have added to your View. We recently bought a 2019 Navion 24v and enjoyed reading about your “improvements”. We won’t be doing the boondocking that you guys are doing but I am already researching the suspension upgrades, lighting, etc.
    Happy Travels

  2. Do you have the details on the “Propane Power Saver Switch” – where did you buy it, how was the install, what parts, etc.? We are picking up our RV this weekend and I ordered a bunch of these mods 😉 – THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for taking the time to read about our upgrades. CONGRATULATIONS on your new RV!! I bought the power saver from Leonard Casella, a View Navion forum member. You should be able to track him down via the forum. He is an electrical genius and a great source of information. It was easy to install and saves a significant amount of electricity while boondocking. It is well worth the money. Everything you need comes with the kit.

      Another small tip we learned is to turn the Truma water heater off when you are not using it. This saves a significant amount of propane. Good luck with your new RV.


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