Best Portable Ladder for an RV – Why You Need One!

A good quality RV ladder is an important tool that every owner should keep with their motorhome or camper. Even if your motorhome and camper already has an installed ladder on the back of your RV, you’ll still need a portable way to access your roof, slide outs and awning for maintenance, repairs or installation of new components. But, with all the different types of ladders and step stools on the market, which is the best RV ladder to keep with your motorhome or camper?

5 Best RV Ladders for Motorhomes and Campers - Always On Liberty

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Best Portable Ladder for Your RV Why You Need One!

Why do you need portable RV ladder?

Best RV Ladder - Telescoping Extension Ladder - Always On Liberty
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There’s actually several reasons why you need another RV ladder for your motorhome or trailer. Even if your RV comes with a hard-mounted ladder on the back of your camper, there will come a time where a portable ladder comes in handy to access high places.

Roof Maintenance – When you need to wash your roof, inspect and maintain sealants and caulking and roofing material (especially rubber roofs).

Awning and Slide Toppers – Occasionally you’ll need a ladder to access your RV awning and slide toppers to inspect, clean, repair or even replace them.

RV air conditioner unit – Regardless of RV type, you need to be able to access your rooftop air conditioner. Whether it’s to conduct your annual air conditioner maintenance and cleaning or installing a Soft Start, a ladder is essential to accessing in your motorhome’s AC unit. 

Install or repair rooftop RV components – You may need to repair or place your fantastic fan or skylights, install a new television antenna or even your WiFi booster antenna, etc.

Solar panels – A ladder is essential for installing, tilting, maintaining and cleaning solar panels and wiring.

DIY roof projects – some RV DIY projects may require more than one person to complete the job. Having a portable ladder enables an assistant to hand up tools and supplies.

Prune tree branches – Sometimes, you may need your RV ladder to prune small tree branches so they don’t damage your roof, slide toppers or fiberglass finish. But, word to the wise, always get permission first before cutting, trimming or doing any landscaping.

Great Views and Photography – not really a necessity, but having an RV ladder will allow you to access your roof to score some great views and take excellent photography shots; And, if you set up your tripod, you can even of yourselves on the roof.

✰ PRO TIP ✰ Make it a habit to check your motorhome or camper’s roof regularly. But also, annually, you should do a complete RV Roof Inspection, Cleaning and Maintenance

5 Types of Ladders for RVs

There are several different types of ladders and multi-step stools that are perfect for accessing hard to reach areas in or on your motorhome, trailer or even inside or outside of your toad or tow vehicle.

Step Stool Ladder

RV Ladder Step Stool for Loading Kayak - Always On Liberty
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A step stool ladder has 2, 3 or more steps that you can use inside or outside of your RV. A step stool ladder has wide steps, whereas a ladder has thinner rungs.

Step stools are affordable and compact to store. They’re also safer because they are shorter and more stable. They are also easy to lift and maneuver.

We always keep a 2-step stool in our Jeep so we can access our kayaks (notice in photo above). We store it inside our toad.

And, we also use our 3-step stool inside our Winnebago View motorhome to access the loft bed and to clean our fantastic fan. Since it’s small, we store it in the shower when we’re not using it.

Traditional Step Ladder

Traditional Ladder for RV Used for Solar Panel Install - Always On Liberty
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A traditional fiberglass 6′ step ladder is the most common ladder amongst RVers because the lightweight, hinged A-frame design is easy to use and maneuver from place to place.

Combination Ladder

A combination ladder easily converts from a stepladder to an extension ladder and leaning ladder configuration.

You can get closer to your RV with the rotating wall pad. Its’ functional rear section of the ladder allows access tight workspaces, roof or tops of your slide. Its’ non-conductive fiberglass is safe to work around electricity

Telescoping Extension Ladder

Telescoping RV Ladder for Motorhome - Slide Topper Repair - Always On Liberty
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A fully adjustable, portable telescoping extension ladder is easily adjustable to meet your different project needs. You can use it for window washing, RV roof maintenance, exterior/interior cleaning, pruning branches, accessing your slide toppers, etc.

This type of RV ladder is ideal for big rig motorhomes and fifth wheels because it reaches those tall roofs and compacts down for better storage. 

Multi-Function Ladder

multi-function ladder is super versatile. Their design allows you to use as scaffolding, leaning ladder, and stepladder.

The multi-purpose lightweight ladder can change into many different shapes to meet different height requirements and working needs. 

However, they are a bit heavier. And, you’ll need to be strong to be able to muscle it into the configuration you want it. And they do take up a bit of storage space in your RV.

Use your RV ladder properly and safely

RV Ladder for RV Awning Replacement - Always On Liberty
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Now that we’ve shown you some of the different types of ladders you can incorporate in your RV lifestyle, let’s talk about important ladder safety.

When climbing any ladder, use both hands to climb and descend. Always face the ladder and watch every step you take; up or down. And never reach too far to cause the ladder to slide or fall.

According to Alliance Safety Council, you should always inspect your ladder before and after you use it.

Before using your RV ladder

      • Always have a spotter who does nothing but keeping your ladder stable while you’re on it.
      • Check the ladder for stability.
      • Ensure all screws, bolts and hinges are tight. Also make certain the base of the ladder is secure.
      • Look for loose or damaged rungs, steps, side rails, supports and any other structural damage.
      • Check for any sand, dirt, grease, caulk or other substances that could cause slips and falls.
      • Do not use your ladder in close proximity to electrical wiring or cables.
      • Never just throw away a damaged ladder. Destroy and dispose of ladders that have structural damage. 

Set up your RV ladder correctly

How and where you place your RV ladder is important; even lifesaving. Make certain your ladder or step stool is placed on a level surface.

In high traffic areas such as campsites where kids play or driveways, you should block the area where you place your ladder to prevent accidents. 

Make certain your ladder is fully opened and locked into place before stepping onto it. 

Per Alliance Safety Council’s recommendation, “a  straight ladder should be placed at a four-to-one ratio, which means that the base should be 1 foot away from the wall or vertical surface for every 4 feet of height to the point of support.”

When climbing onto a roof or platform from a ladder, the ladder must extend at least 3 feet above the edge and be tied off at the top.”

How to use your RV ladder safely without falling off

      • Never use a ladder while impaired (alcohol, medication, illegal drugs) or judgement is compromised.
      • Use the right ladder for the job. It is important to choose a ladder that has the proper load capacity for the job.
      • Inspect the ladder before and after use.
      • Always have a spotter who has complete attention to what you’re doing on the ladder. Never allow them to let go of the ladder or walk away.
      • Make certain the ladder is completely dry and free of dirt, sand, or other substances that could cause slippage.
      • Set the ladder up correctly.
      • Climb and descend the ladder with caution.
      • Do not use the top platform as a step on a step ladder. This will cause your ladder to become top heavy and topple.
      • Be safe and use common sense when using any ladder.
      • Never lean outside of the ladder rails.
      • Declutter and keep area free of debris surrounding your ladder.
      • Refrain from using a ladder for something other than its intended purpose.
      • Do not carry loads that prevent using at least one hand on the ladder.
      • Never use your RV ladder horizontally like a platform.
      • Do not stand on the top step or the top cap, and do not overload your ladder.
      • Never place a ladder on boxes, barrels or other unstable bases.
      • Never move or shift a ladder with a person or equipment on the ladder.

After using your RV ladder

      • Inspect your ladder for any new structural damage to the supports, steps, rungs, and side rails.
      • Look for any bends and any loosened screws, rivets, hinges and bolts.
      • Recheck the ladder’s stability.
      • Clean your ladder before storing.

That’s why it’s necessary to carry a portable RV ladder and ladder safety tips

RV Ladder for RV - Cleaning Off Slide Topper - Ladder with Spotter - Always On Liberty
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As you see, depending on what size and type of RV will dictate which ladder you may need. In the case of big rig motorhomes and fifth wheels, a larger telescoping ladder and larger step ladder will help you gain access to hard-to-reach places like your roof, slides and awning. 

But, for smaller RVs and vans, a simple step stool may be perfect for DIY projects and maintenance.

Whichever ladder you get for your RV, always practice ladder safety to prevent falls that may lead to injury or even death.

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Best RV Ladders for Campers and Motorhomes - Always On Liberty

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  1. The RV ladder was a great help when I needed to do jobs on my RV like washing the roof and other minor repairs. The telescopic extension ladder with a spring lock with non-slip ribs. Takes up very little space under the motorhome when stored.

    1. Samantha, thank you for taking the time to read our article on ladders. You’ve got a great ladder for the maintenance you have to do on your motorhome. Please be safe and always have a spotter. Safe travels!

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