Best Screen Tents for Camping, RVing, Tailgating & MORE!

Screen tents are the perfect solution to enjoying camping outdoors without getting bit up by mosquitos or having to spray on a whole bunch of bug repellent. These types of multipurpose screen rooms extend your living space to the outdoors under shade yet still enjoying a cool breeze. They are great for safely containing children and pets while still enjoying camping outdoors. These camping gazebos can be used at your campsite, on the beach, at a tailgating event and even your own backyard BBQ!

Best Screen Tents for Camping and RVs - Always On Liberty

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Best Screen Tents for Camping

Outdoor Screen Rooms to Take RVing, Camping, Tailgating, and MORE!

Screen tents are quite literally popping up everywhere! They’re super easy to setup, take down, carry and store.

Also called a screen room, screen house, and portable gazebo, these types of outdoor rooms are an affordable way to create a safe haven outside with screen protection from those blood sucking mosquitos, pesky flies and noseeums! They also great offer protection from the sun while still enjoying the full essence of camping outdoors.

In other words, outdoor screen rooms are absolutely fantastic to take wherever and whenever you want to enjoy the outdoors!

Different ways to use a screen tent or portable gazebo

Alvantor Screen Tent for Camping - Always On Liberty
Photo by Alvantor

An outdoor screen house provides a bug-free environment. And trust me, they work! You can enjoy the outdoors without having to slather or spray on a bunch of insect repellants. And, they keep those nasty pesky flies from landing on your food!

But they also provide shade to stay cool on those hot days and warmth on cooler days if you use the attachable side shades.

And screen tents with contained floors are great for containing your cats or dogs while you’re outside with them. Just be cautious of screen tents that don’t have attached floors. Your pets may find an opening and escape or critters may want to visit you inside.

And, while I guess you could sleep in a screen tent while camping or even in your backyard, do realize that popup screen tents offer no privacy as is.

Unless you get a screen tent that includes privacy walls or sunshades, these type of tents aren’t the most ideal tent for sleeping or other things <-(must read!)

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Can you cook or have a campfire inside screen tents?

Man Pouring Coffee in Cup at Campsite

Whether you can cook inside your screen tent or even have a campfire under your canopy depends on certain factors. As always, you need to consider safety as your main concern.

First, you should never build a wood fire inside any tent. Wood fires burn hotter. Those live embers will spark upwards and burn your screen tent down in no time!

The only campfires that you should even consider in your screen tent are propane fire pits. You need to keep all flames and high heat away from your the tent screens, fabric ceiling sides and floor. 

Second, carbon monoxide will build inside your enclosed tent that’s not properly ventilated to the outside. And, you certainly don’t want to be inhaling any smoke that is produced from fires.

So, if you’re going to do any cooking or having campfires in your screen tent, it needs to be fully ventilated. Do not block exits in case your canopy does catch fire or becomes smokey.

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What to look for when buying a camping screen tent

Gazelle Camping Screen Tent for Camping
Photo by Always On Liberty©

Screen tent size

Choosing which size screen tent depends on a couple factors. Think about how many people will be inside your camping gazebo and if you’re going to be including a picnic table, camp chairs or other outdoor furniture.

Also, consider what you’re going to be doing in your outdoor room or using your screen tent for

Screen tent durability

Pay attention to the construction of any screen tent you’re considering to buy. Make sure they have double stitch seams and sturdy zippers. Also, it’s important to get a tent with high quality, pet resistant screening and fabric durability.

You’ll want a portable gazebo that is durable to withstand wind, rain and other weather variables.

Verify that the screen tent you’ll use for camping is  actually water resistant, if not waterproof. And make certain it has the ability to be staked down to prevent it from becoming airborne in the wind.

Screen Tent Privacy

Screen tent sides are great for blocking the sun and creating privacy. But they’re also wonderful for creating a barrier in colder temperatures. 

Screen tents may include sides that attach with zippers or velcro. Or, you may have to buy the side walls separately.

Other types of screen tents may already have the sides that are permanently attached. When you don’t need them, simply roll up the window sunshades and secure them with the included velcro straps.

Screen Tent Material

When shopping for a camping screen tent, pay particular attention to the screen gauge. A tighter gauge mesh with smaller holes will prevent noseeums and mosquitos from entering your tent.

Screen Tent Setup

You’ll want to get a screen tent that’s easy to deploy as well pack up quickly. The last thing you want is a tent that is like putting together a puzzle. I always say, KISS…Keep It Simple Stupid. A simple popup screen tent is best for camping because anyone, even the kids, can set up your camping gazebo with little to no frustration.

Screen Tent Storage

Always take into consideration of the size of the popup screen shelter you’re wanting to buy. Not necessarily how big the screen tent is when fully assembled, but how big and bulky it is when it’s fully collapsed. Remember, you have to have room in your RV or vehicle to transport and store it.

Screen Tent Cost

Trying to find an affordable camping screen tent is one thing. As the saying goes though, you get what you pay for. I’m not saying that a cheaper screen tent won’t work. But, don’t expect a cheap screen room to last all camping season.

Seriously, buying a quality screen tent is one of those ‘buy once cry once’ situations; especially when you expect it to withstand the rigors of camping.

You just need to consider how many times you’re going to use it. Also, think about the weather and climate you’re going to be using it.

All of that said, just because it lists on the pricy side, doesn’t necessarily mean that screen canopy is better. Trust me, I bought a couple that were nowhere near what I’d expect for what I paid for them.

So, now that you know what factors to look for, let’s now dive right in to see which screen tents we recommend.

Best Screen Tents for Camping & RVing!

Clam Quick-Set Portable Outdoor Gazebo

A popular choice amongst full-time RVers, the Clam Quick-Set Portable Outdoor Gazebo. This pop-up screen canopy provides shelter and protection from the whether while outdoors.

The Clam, as we call it, is the most popular screen tents for camping and RVing because it’s constructed with quality materials.

And literally, there’s no assembly required. It sets up in less than a couple minutes. And, when your stay is over, the Quick-Set screen tent stores conveniently in its’ oversized carry bag. When packed down, it measures 8″ long by 8″ wide by 6′ tall which makes it the perfect size to store in an RV basement.

Clam Quick-Set Gazebo Add-on:

Hike Crew Pop-Up Screen House Gazebo

Through our boondocking ventures, our friends set up their Hike Crew popup screen house gazebo so we all could hang out in the desert.

This is a less expensive brand version of the above Clam Quick-Set screen tent. The Hike Crew popup screen house fits the bill for those on a budget.

This versatile screen tent allows users to take shelter, entertain, play and dine out in the great outdoors without getting eaten alive by biting flies or mosquitos.

This screen room canopy accommodates an entire dinner party with room for a table, chairs and other gear. It provides 102 square feet of interior space with 5’8” side clearance and 7’1” center clearance so people can stand up while eating, playing games, and even exercising or doing their yoga!

We were able to put 6-8 camp chairs, depending on size inside around our little propane fire pit for evening entertainment. They also use it to set up an indoor kitchen and mini office so they don’t have to sit in their van all day.

Hike Crew Screen Tent Accessories:

Alvantor Outdoor Dome Screen Tent

The Alvantor Outdoor Dome Screen Tent pop ups automatically instant in seconds. There’s literally no assembly needed!

Made of light-weight fiberglass, it’s only 14 weight of other screen houses on the market. This makes it perfect for RV owners who are concerned with their GVWR and tent campers who are space constrained.

This Alvantor popup screen tents come in 4 different sizes according to your needs. They are affordable, super flexible and easily movable. It stows into a portable carry bag that you can take camping, RVing, tailgating or to a friend’s backyard bbq.

Avantor Screen Tent Accessories:

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Coleman Instant Screenhouse

Find protection from the sun, wind and bugs under the Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse at your next picnic, BBQ or campout. This camping gazebo measure 12′ by 10′. It takes just about three minutes and three steps to set up 90 square feet of shade.

The telescoping poles are easy to extend into place thanks to the pinch-free Comfort Grip™ technology and large feet that are big enough to stand on while you set up the shelter.

Once it’s up, the UVGuard™ screen material offers 50+ UPF protection from the sun’s dangerous rays. Two large doors make for easy entry in the front and back. When the fun’s done, the frame folds down for compact storage.

Coleman Instant Screenhouse

The Coleman Instant Screenhouse is a 10′ x 10′ bug-free and ventilated shady screen tent can be set up anywhere and anytime.

This outdoor room erects in a just a few minutes thanks to a sturdy telescoping-pole frame system and one-piece cover. Unlike other screen tents, it has a two door access.

The screen mesh walls keep insects out while the breeze can flow through. And the heavy-duty 150D poly oxford canopy offers SPF 50+ UV Guard protection from the sun’s rays.

When you’re ready to pack it up your screen tent, the shelter collapses down as easily as it went up! It’s simple to store and transport in its included wheeled storage bag.

Suntime Hexagon Pop Up Screen Tent Gazebo

The Suntime hexagon pop up screen tent gazebo will make your outdoor experience comfortable, cool and less buggy.

The hexagon shape ensures a 112 square feet larger sunshade space. This fun screen tent is equipped with two pieces of removable mesh netting sidewalls which keeps a ventilation and blocks the sun. 

It’s made of 150D polyester, water and UV-resistant, UPF 80+; blocking 95% of UV rays. The frame is durable; made of high-quality powder coated steel tube.

It’s a great outdoor screen room that’s perfect for camping, RVing, family, tailgating, picnics and outdoor parties, and even over kids play areas and inflatable pools!

CAMPROS Screen House

The CAMPROS Screen House is 12′ x 10′ with 90″ center height for 120 square feet of shade. It has two full zipper entrance and exit points.

The top material is constructed of 190T polyester which provides excellent UV protection. It’s polyester mesh screening is fine enough to keep out even the smallest flying bugs yet offers plenty of airflow and ventilation during the warm summer months.

To set up this screen tent, you don’t need an engineering degree or particular skills to set it up and take it down. It all stores easily with ground stakes and tie downs in its’ own carry bag. One thing to be aware of, this particular screen room does not include an attached floor.

Screen Tent Accessories

Camping Screen Tent with Lights Near Camper

Screen Tent Accessories

Screen Tent Furniture

Screen Tent Lights

Portable Propane Fire Pits & Accessories

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Wrapping up

Two Ladies Inside Coleman Screen Tent at Campsite - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©

As you see, these portable screen tents can also be used to create an outdoor room at your campsite, in your backyard, at your pool or patio. Having that extra room with screen protection allows you more freedom to enjoy the outdoors without getting attacked by mosquitos and other flying insects that want to eat you!

Best Camping Screen Tents for Camping - Always On Liberty

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