17 Best Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories *Tailgating too!*

Trailer hitch camping accessories are becoming very popular for outdoor enthusiasts. What better way to utilize you’re RV’s or vehicle’s 2″ hitch receiver for cool hitch mount attachments that make travel, camping, hunting and even tailgating more fun!  

So, let’s jump right in to see how you could apply these trailer hitch camping accessories to your outdoor lifestyle.

Always On Liberty - Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories

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Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories

Your hitch receiver can be used for more than just towing!

Trailer Hitch Cradle Chairs

Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories - Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle Chairs Combo

The patented Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle Chairs Combo takes leisure to a whole new level. Perfect for enthusiasts serious about recreation. This trailer hitch stand easily attaches to any standard 2″ hitch receiver.

This hitch receiver accessory is made from durable steel with a powder coated finish for years of use and paired with the most comfortable chairs on the planet this set is sure to be a favorite for a very long time.

The stand is capable of holding up to 300 pounds on each arm so climb in and hang out with a buddy! These hitch mount chairs are perfect to take camping, fishing, hunting, tailgating or even drive-in movies (more like back-in).

Trailer Hitch Mount Hammock

Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories - Hammaka Hammock Hitch Stand


The Hammaka Hammock Hitch Mount is made by the same company as the cradle chairs (above). It’s made from durable steel with a powder coated finish for years of use.

The 5-piece installation assembles in minutes. The trailer hitch hammock stand is capable of holding up to 300 pounds so climb in, hang out and relax in this cool trailer hitch camping accessory!

Trailer Hitch Propane Grill

Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories - HitchFire Forge propane camping grill

The HitchFire Forge propane camping grill packs a heavy punch with twin 10,000 BTU burners and large flame tamers. More flame power means anything but small grill propane portable grills. 

HitchFire’s patented hitch technology allows our camping bbq grills to be safely transported anywhere while hitched in.

The fully detachable grill turns into a table top grill w/ integrated legs. Take your new favorite portable barbecue grill camping, tailgating, hunting camps, fishing, etc.

Hitch Mounted Deluxe Stack Rack

Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories - Viking Hitch Mounted Stack RackThe Viking Hitch Mounted Stack Rack is an innovative solution to a common problem many outdoor enthusiasts face; finding enough space to transport all your gear and refrigerated items. Each basket can hold a 70-quart cooler (not included)

The Viking hitch rack carrier accommodates up to 300 pounds. It features both, an interchangeable upper arm or double basket configuration, depending on your cargo transportation requirements. The upper arms are ideal for carrying bulky and taller items, like ladders and tree stands.

CAUTION:  Always be aware of your height clearance should your gear exceed the height of your vehicle.

Trailer Hitch Tailgate Table

Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories - LIBRA Adjustable Hitch Mount Tailgate Table

This Adjustable Hitch Mount Tailgate Table is perfect and handy for camping, picnic, fishing, trail rides and tailgating. It has a load capacity of 100 pounds on center.

This trailer hitch table can be used on RVs, pickup trucks, SUVs and other vehicles that have a 2″ hitch receiver. It adjusts in 4 different positions. And, this trailer hitch accessory folds up for storage easily.

Trailer Hitch TV Mount

ONN TV hitch mountThe ONN TV hitch mount takes tailgating to a whole new level! It’s compatible with any vehicle that has a 2″ hitch receiver, making your vehicle or RV a moving theater.

This hitch mount camping accessory accommodates many 32″-60″ televisions. And, it’s weight rated to support TVs up to 80 pounds.

What’s great is this trailer hitch accessory swivels and tilts up and down giving your game viewers greater access from different viewpoints.

Trailer Hitch Bumper Step

WeatherTech BumpStep XLDon’t let your bumper fall victim to bumps, dents and scratches. The WeatherTech BumpStep XL provides more bumper protection and still function as a strong and sturdy step.

This helpful hitch step also allows you to safely stand on the step (up to a max of 300 pounds) for everyday tasks such as loading a roof rack, racking a bike or kayak or washing the upper area of your vehicle.

The BumpStep XL measures 24 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. It fits any vehicle with a standard 2″ receiver hitch. For a smaller step option, check out the WeatherTech BumpStep.

HiTow Hitch Mount Flag Pole Holder (patio umbrella too!)

HiTow hitch mount flagpole holder

The HiTow hitch mount flag pole holder is great for showing your pride at NASCAR races, sporting events or even gutsy political flags. It’s also great for installing your beach or patio umbrella to offer a bit of shade.

These HiTow trailer hitch accessories fit into standard 2″ hitch receivers. It holds flag poles and umbrellas up to 2″ diameter with adjustable thumbscrew that secures your flag pole firmly in place. 

The bottom is open allowing the pole to rest on the ground. This hitch mount flag pole holder works great for RVs and even vehicles with spare tire on the back.

If you’d like to fly two flags from your trailer hitch receiver, check out the this universal hitch mount dual flag pole holder.

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Hitch Receiver Key Vault Safe

The HitchSafe Key Vault can store spare keys that will always be there when needed most.

This hitch receiver accessory can also be utilized for sharing access with friends and family.

It also allows for special situations such as outdoor sports where carrying keys can be problematic. You surely don’t want to leave your credit cards/cash inside your vehicle that would otherwise run risk of being stolen.

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Trailer Hitch Kayak Rack

Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier

The Vertiyak Hitch Mount Standing Kayak Carrier is perfect for your upcoming kayaking or paddleboarding trip.

This mount gives you the ability to haul two kayaks, paddleboards, or a combination of the two. It fits kayaks and paddleboards up to 12 feet long and holds up to 150 pounds.

This kayak hitch mount has a 2″ hitch receiver. It is recommended that this receiver be frame-welded as this mount is made to hold weight.

When you are not using the Vertiyak hitch mount, you have the ability to fold up the brackets and store it flat.

Kayak owners can also mount the Vertiyak to the back of an RV that has a frame-welded 2″ receiver. (always check with your RV manufacturer). 

CAUTION: Be sure when adjusting your kayak hitch mount that you make sure that there is enough clearance between your kayak and the ground to prevent ground scrape. Also be aware of overhead obstacles, like bridges, limbs, etc. Know your height clearance when attaching anything to your trailer hitch!

Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender

MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Pickup Truck Bed ExtenderThe MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Pickup Truck Bed Extender effectively extends your truck bed for carrying longer payloads.

Its’ adjustable length and width allows for many different applications including: Ladders, Racks, Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards, ladders and more.

This product is fits 2-Inch receivers and has a load capacity of 300 pounds. The side arms can be folded down to create supports for a portable work area and the 4 quick release clevis pins allow for quick assembly and disassembly.

For safety sake, don’t forget to attach a red safety flag on the end of your load to alert following vehicles.

Trailer Hitch Portable Toilet

trailer hitch camping accessories - Bumper Dumper Hitch Mount Toilet

The Bumper Dumper Hitch Mount Toilet is the ultimate portable toilet that mounts into your 2″ trailer hitch receiver. It’s easy to store and set up.

Plus, the steel powder coated frame can hold over 500 pounds. It comes with a standard toilet seat.

Just slide the Bumper Dumper into the 2″ hitch receiver and you’re ready to go. Users can cover the frame with a kitchen trash liner bag or has channels for holding a 5 gallon bucket. You can also use it as a stand alone unit or on a 5 gallon bucket.

Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier

CURT trailer hitch cargo carrierThe CURT trailer hitch cargo carrier measuring 60″ x 24″ keeps your items secure during travel, featuring 6″ high walls around the cargo basket.

The sturdy constructed walls are great to fasten a cargo net or cargo bag. This trailer hitch receiver cargo carrier has a folding feature that allows the cargo carrier to fold up when not in use. 

It’s manufactured from tubular steel to promote high strength and a lightweight design. This trailer hitch accessory is rated for 500 pounds.

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Hitch Mount Pulley Lift Jack

Viking Rack Jack pulley lift jack

The Viking Rack Jack pulley lift jack eliminates the problem that hunters often face; loading your harvested animal by yourself!

But also, these are great for lifting generators and RV sewage totes into your truck bed.

The three pieces slip together when you are in the field (assembly of the winch and pulleys done one time) and the entire upper section will swivel 360° which allows you to load your big game or heavy items without straining.

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Transporter Combination Hitch Cargo Carrier

trailer hitch camping accessories - Thule Transporter Combination Hitch Cargo CarrierThe Thule Transporter Combination Hitch Cargo Carrier attaches to your vehicle’s trailer hitch receiver. You can store up to 150 pounds of camping gear and tailgating supplies for your next road trip adventure.

The cargo box tilts down to allow for access to the rear of vehicle. The SecureLock safeguards against your gear from falling out on the highway.

It has pre-wired (four-pin) tail lights and license plate adapter included to keep your haul road legal. The cargo box even has a drain plug in the bottom for easy clean-up after a week of camping in the desert.

Hitch Ramp Cargo Carrier

CURT hitch ramp cargo carrierThe CURT hitch ramp cargo carrier features an innovative folding ramp. The ramp folds out for easy loading of a mobility scooter, generator or other cargo. And, you can fold it in half vertically for easy transportation. 

For dependable transportation of your mobility scooter or other large cargo, this scooter hitch carrier is tested and rated for 500 pounds.

Personal Water Craft Transporter

Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories - Personal Water Craft Transporter

Take your personal water craft on the road to see new places and experience new waves more conveniently.

Magneta Trailers personal water craft transporter includes a receiver hitch, a winch system, pin bow stops, and a flat bed conversion kit to carry your wet bike or single person jet ski.

Final thoughts on trailer hitch camping accessories

Trailer Hitch Camping Accessories - Television Hitch Mount

Wasn’t that an incredible list of trailer hitch camping accessories? There’s so many options out there to make your camping, tailgating and outdoor adventures fun!

From hitch mount hammocks and televisions to kayak and cooler racks, all of these can fit your RV or vehicle 2″ hitch receivers. And lastly, always be safe in loading and securing your gear for transport. Make certain all of your trailer hitch accessories are road worthy and compliant with state driving laws.

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