What is AutoCamp? Airstream Glamping Near National Parks!

Wouldn’t it be cool to visit Cape Cod, the Catskills, Yosemite or Joshua Tree National Parks and stay in a beautiful Airstream instead of some boring hotel room? AutoCamp allows you to do just that! So, skip those frumpy cinderblock walls and boring bedspreads and opt for glamping in state-of-the-art Airstreams, gorgeous cabins and luxurious tents!

What better to enjoying some of the Nation’s top outdoor adventure destinations all while glamping in an AutoCamp Airstream!?

And guess what? You don’t even have to own an Airstream or RV to enjoy this kind of RV Life!! Because AutoCamp has knocked it right out of the park with a unique lodging venue..

AutoCamp is a high-end, hotel-style glamping offers boutique-style amenities, mid-century modern design, and superb hospitality at some of the most beautiful natural places in the U.S. AutoCamp is known for putting the glamp into camping!

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What is AutoCamp

Airstream Glamping Resorts Near National Parks

What is AutoCamp?

AutoCamp - Airstream Suites
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

AutoCamp are unique hospitality venues that are in amazing locations; including some National Parks. And, while hotels are nice, AutoCamp treats their guests to a unique type of lodging such as Airstream trailers, cabins and big tents.

However, these aren’t your beat-up camper rentals or run-of-the-mill campground cabins that are showing their age or wear and tear.

AutoCamp, a reservation-only venue, is where guests can experience an overnight stay in a beautifully furnished Airstream trailer, cabin or luxury tent that looks like something straight out of House Beautiful.

Although they’re equipped with fine amenities, AutoCamp offers a bit of a camping vibe.

AutoCamp literally takes care of most everything! Guests don’t have to drag their RV to get there or park it. And, guests don’t even have to empty the black tank or worry about conserving water!

While some may call it posh or ritzy camping, we refer to it as glamping. Because that’s what it is; glamorous camping!

So, if you dream of camping in an Airstream but don’t want to really own or tow one, AutoCamp-ing is the way to go! 

AutoCamps are places where you can experience nature and camp minus the hassle of renting an RV or setting up a big honkin’ tent! It’s the perfect, unique vacation that combines the outdoors with enjoying top notch amenities.

And, if that’s not enough, AutoCamp properties and clubhouses make guests feel like they’re staying in a high-class, exclusive resort and that’s because you are!

Oh, and the views!? Some AutoCamps have mountain views while others are tucked in the woods. They provide that great camping vibe without having to drag everything with you; including that expensive Airstream!

AutoCamp offers high-end, boutique-style amenities, mid-century modern design, and welcoming hospitality to amazing natural places where you can enjoy the outdoors with very little care in the world!

Where are AutoCamps located?

AutoCamp - Clubhouse
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook) –  @aaronleitz

AutoCamp current destinations:

    • Catskills – New York; AutoCamp near Woodstock & Saugerties
    • Cape Cod – Massachusetts; AutoCamp near Falmouth & Woods Hole
    • Yosemite – California; AutoCamp near Yosemite National Park
    • Joshua Tree – California; AutoCamp near Joshua Tree National Park
    • Russian River Valley – California; AutoCamp near Guerneville and the Redwoods
    • Zion – Utah; near Zion National Park

AutoCamp future destinations:

    • Ashville  (2023) – North Carolina; near Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    • Hill Country (2023) – Texas; near Fredericksburg
    • Sequoia (2023) – California; near Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

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Can you bring your own camper to AutoCamps?

Though AutoCamp is full of Airstreams at their properties, they are not campgrounds or RV parks where you can set up your own motorhome, camper or tents.

Instead, they are glampgrounds where you rent one of their camping options just like a hotel or short term Air B&B.

Do AutoCamps have heat and air conditioning?

AutoCamp’s Airstreams, Cabins and X Suites do offer heat in the cooler months. And their accommodations offer air conditioning systems that will keep guests cool in the warmer months.  

Each AutoCamp seasonal luxury tent will come with heated blankets and a free-standing heater and fan.

Is AutoCamp family-friendly?

AutoCamp Airstream with Young Family - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

AutoCamp is family-friendly! They love families of every size and ages! From families that have babies and toddlers to professional couples and seniors, everyone is welcome to stay at any of the AutoCamps!

Is AutoCamp Dog Friendly

AutoCamp Airstream with Couple and Dogs - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp – @kathleenhigashi

AutoCamp loves well-behaved dogsDog guests must be non-disruptive and friendly as also their responsible owners. But, there are a few things dog owners need to know before bringing Fido.

Pet owners will be on the hook for a required pet fee at the time of booking.

Guests must inform they will be arriving with dogs at the time of booking. Any guest who arrives with a dog without prior authorization from any one of the AutoCamps may be denied accommodations.

AutoCamp limits accommodations to no more than 2 dogs per unit. And, dog(s) can’t weigh in more than 80 pounds each.

And, dogs may not be left unattended at any time in any AutoCamp accommodation; even inside the Airstream, tent or cabin while you’re out exploring.

And lastly, not all AutoCamp accommodations are dog-friendly. So, it’s important you inquire at the particular AutoCamp you wish to stay at before booking.

AutoCamp Airstream Accommodations

AutoCamp Cape Cod Airstream Interior - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

Airstreams are very recognizable for their unique silver bullet appearance outside and refined European style inside. You can see them being towed all over the world by vehicles of all types.

But, the Airstreams at AutoCamp don’t move. They are parked permanently in regimented positions that resemble that of an RV park.

But, their posh camping accommodations and amenities are just begging for you to enjoy. Just a few things about guest accommodations in the Airstream camps.

    • Each Airstream is equipped with a queen bed and a full-sized pull-out futon.
    • Each Airstream holds a maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children (under the age of 14).
    • Suites with more than two adults will be charged $25.00 plus tax per adult per night.

Do keep in mind that Airstreams are resemble small space living. Three adults in an Airstream will be a tight fit.

How far in advance should I reserve an Airstream or luxury tent at an AutoCamp?

AutoCamp recommends as soon as you nail down your dates when you want to camp at one of their glamping destinations, make your reservations as soon as possible.

On their website, they display their nightly rates on a rolling 12 month basis. What that means is if you are wanting to make a reservation for July 1-7, 2024, you need to wait until July 1, 2023 to book your vacation stay.

Do note though, AutoCamp accepts group bookings further out if you’re planning an event or meeting.

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Can family and friends get side-by-side accommodations?

AutoCamp does their best to accommodate families and friends who travel together. However, be aware that it is a request and not necessarily a guarantee that your fellow travelers will be lodged together or even, close to each other in their park.

What is there to do while staying at AutoCamp

AutoCamp - Bicycles
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

AutoCamp is more than just a place to have campfires or stay overnight in an Airstream or posh tent! Depending on location, season and weather, each AutoCamp near me has many different experiences that will entice you to go outside.

AutoCamp brings in their own team as well as outdoor professionals to lead you on amazing adventures!

If you’re the active and adventurous type, you can go on a hiking, biking or kayak tour. And if the skies the limit, you can reach the heavens by going rock climbing with their professional climbers.

But, if a slow and steady pace is more your forte, you may take in a yoga and meditation class, night photography lesson or even a star party!

While yes, AutoCamp experiences do cost extra, those adventures are totally worth it. And, imagine the memories you and your significant other or family are going to make!

Or, if you’d prefer, you can go  on your own and sign up on your adventures at Zion for more personable experiences.

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Can AutoCamp accommodate private events or gatherings?

AutoCamp is the perfect venue for a small wedding, reunion or a girls-only retreat! If you’d like to arrange for a group event, just reach out to their reservation manager to inquire.

Be aware though, you’ll definitely want to make reservations way ahead of time during busy or peak tourist seasons in the AutoCamp locations.

Again, in the aforementioned section, AutoCamp accepts group bookings further out if you’re planning an event or meeting.

Is there WiFi Connectivity at AutoCamps?

AutoCamp Luxury Tent Accommodations - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

AutoCamp offers free complimentary WiFi throughout the camp property and at each suite. That way you can stay connected to your friends and family back home.

And of course, brag on your social media channels about your fun adventures and cool Airstream or luxury tent you’re staying at AutoCamp near me!

Does AutoCamp clean trailers or tents during your stay?

AutoCamp Airstream Bedroom - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

Daily housekeeping is not to be expected or is it a regular service at AutoCamps.

However, for an additional charge, arrangements can be made at the front desk. You may want to include that in their notes when you make your reservation.

But, as a regular service, upon request at the front desk, you can ask for extra blankets, towels or other essentials you may need.

What’s does AutoCamp include at each campsite?

AutoCamp Airstream Campsite Setup with Fire Pit - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

AutoCamp provides all the basic amenities needed for your stay. From towels, linens, dishes and cookware to outdoor enjoyment features such as camp chairs, table, fire pit and a grill, your suite will be your home away from home.

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Can guests cook in an AutoCamp Airstream or Tent?

AutoCamp Campfire Cooking Skillets - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

Of course you can cook at your AutoCamp suite! However, depending on the type of suite you stay in dictates the cooking methods. For example:

    • All AutoCamp Suites include: Outdoor campfire pit with grill and mini refrigerator or cooler
    • Airstreams, Accessible Suites, and Cabins: have sinks and microwaves
    • AutoCamp’s Accessible Suites and Cabins: have cooktops

Be aware, AutoCamp’s Airstream Suites do not provide stovetops inside their accommodations.

So, if you don’t want to cook over the campfire, you’ll need to bring your own camp stove (trust me, they’re not expensive). Oh, and don’t forget to bring enough propane canisters or extra butane.

That said, do inquire with the AutoCamp you’re going to stay at if you can use them inside their accommodations.

Also, some AutoCamp suites may not have sinks either. Therefore, you’ll want to bring a collapsible multi-purpose dishpan (or 2; one for washing and the other for rinsing).

The refrigerators in the AutoCamp Airstream suites are small with very limited capacity. So, if you’re bringing lots of food and ingredients that needs to stay cold, a decent size cooler is a definite must-have!

If you’re going to be trekking out to explore, you’ll also want a smaller travel-size cooler to take a few cold snacks and drinks.  

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Do guests have to bring their own dishes, glasses and mugs, utensils and pots and pans?

AutoCamp Coffee Tray for Accommodations - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

AutoCamp does provide a few basic cooking essentials for guests to prepare their own meals and snacks at their campsite.

    • Fresh ground coffee, French press (to make coffee), and tea
    • Dishes and flatware
    • Basic cooking utensils
    • Cast-iron skillet & basic cookware
    • Bottle opener & can opener

While AutoCamp does provide salt and pepper, you’ll still need to bring your own cooking oils, favorite herbs and spices, and condiments. And of course, you’ll need to also bring all of your ingredients to make amazing camping meals!

So, my suggestion is to hit the grocery store before arriving at your AutoCamp destination. Some have limited stores in their locations.

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What should guests bring for their stay?

Follow Me to AutoCamp - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

AutoCamp provides everything similar to that of a hotel. Guests need to bring is personal items. Some other things you’ll want to bring depending on the season and weather: 

But, as mentioned earlier, you may need a few cooking essentials and your food.

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Do AutoCamps have Camp Stores?

AutoCamp Yosemite Canteen Camp Store - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook) – @franciful

AutoCamps have amazingly canteens and camp stores! They carry everything from their own branded merch and apparel and regionally based souvenirs. As well, they also carry sunscreens, insect repellents and lip balms. They may also have things you’ve forgotten to bring with you.

For cooking essentials, they carry a selection of snacks, drinks and curate foods. And if you’re on-the-run explorers and don’t want to make your own box lunch, they have great grab and go breakfasts, lunches and snack options.

They also stock a variety of local wines and craft beers to go as well as some spirits. At some select AutoCamp locations, you can either buy it by the glass or full container.

For your campsite, don’t worry about running out of ice for your cooler or charcoal. Each AutoCamp camp store also carries what you need to keep your perishables cold and what you need to make wonderful campfire memories!

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Final thoughts why you should plan your next vacation at AutoCamps

Bicycle at AutoCamp - Always On Liberty
Photo courtesy of AutoCamp (Facebook)

Now that you know what AutoCamp is, I’m willing to bet your just dying to try them out! What a great way to visit some of our National Parks and spectacular places.

AutoCamp is a lifestyle hotel brand that is changing the way people experience the great outdoors. Their incredible staff provides an upscale, hassle-free, and comfortable experience in the world’s top outdoor destinations – we call it Outdoor Hospitality.

In my mind, AutoCamps are in fantastic locations where guests can take in a bit of nature and sleep in places most only dream of.

So, are you ready to GO glamping AutoCamp style?

We were NOT compensated for this article. Just sayin’!

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