Best Cat Beds for Travel Cats

Cats love to go on adventures whether it’s camping, a road trip or travel cross country in an RV! And, while cats can literally sleep anywhere, they do prefer warm and cozy places to catch up on their cat naps. Which is good reason why your feline travel companion will need one or two comfortable cat beds for travel and adventure.

While there is a big wide world is out there for your adventure kitty to explore, cats wants a quiet place to call their own.

Much like a wild cat’s den or lair, the right cat bed will make your travel kitty feel safe and secure while either napping or sleeping for long hours. 

So, if you’re taking your adventure cat on a long cross country trip or a short road trip, finding the best cat bed for him is job one.

Some of these cat beds come in the form of cat condos, cat caves, and yes, even cat sleeping bags!

Let’s see which one (or several) of these cat beds are best suited for your adventure kitty!

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Best Cat Beds for Travel Cats

Cat Sleeping Bag

Cat Sleeping Bag

If you’re taking your kitten or smaller cat camping, it’s only right for your kitty to have his own cat sleeping bag!

Because of its’ thick polyester filling, this cat sleeping bag can keep your cat warm in cold weather, especially for hairless or short hair cats. 

Made from linen and cotton, this cat bed features a cave-like structure but with a cute sleeping bag design. It provides warm safe haven for your cat or kitten to burrow, snuggle, relax and sleep.

The thicker and tight fabric allows your pet to scratch and bite without fiber shedding. And, due to the smooth fabric, this cat pocket bed does not trap pet hair.

The non-slip bottom helps prevent this pet sleeping bag from moving or sliding off when your cat is burrowing and pushing.

Cat Head Plush Calming Cat Bed

Cat Head Plush Calming Cat Bed

This cat head plush calming cat bed is perfect for senior or sensitive and insecure cats who tend to sleep a lot.

When your kitty curls up in this cat bed, it wraps around them securely and self warms them.

The protruding circle acts as a pillow to support your cat’s head and neck. Every cat will find its favorite resting position inside this bed and spend each day lazily.

The soft material is just the right thickness for kneading, you know, making biscuits.

And it provides good insulation for cats on cold winter days and nights.

This pet bed can be placed on your floor, sofa and bed. When roadtripping or traveling, you can put it on the seat of your car.

Or, when you take your kitty camping, he’ll surely appreciate you bringing this fluffy cat bed.

The manufacturer recommends machine washing and drying on low temperature. After drying, gently pat to restore the fluffy state

Felt Tent Cat Bed

Felt Cat Tent Cat Bed

This spacious felt tent cat bed  will become your cat’s new favorite hideout.

The sturdy felt wall creates a private place for your pet to seek refuge from daily stresses of RV life or find the comfort and warmth they love.

This lightweight cat tent is portable which makes it ideal for RVs and travel. It can be rolled up easily in seconds to store compactly when not in use.

It has a non-skid bottom prevents to keep the cat bed from sliding across the floor as your kitty gets into or out of her bed.

This will help ensure senior cats and cats with mobility issues are confident the entering or exiting the bed.

This kitty hideout is designed to hold up against cat kneading. The soft yet durable cushion is built to last. It can be easily removed for use as a sleeping pillow when it’s hot.

The cat tent’s ultra-soft design comes with a removable cushion that’s machine washable.

Convertible 2-in-1 Travel Cat Bed & Cat Cave

Convertible 2-in-1 Travel Cat Bed & Cat CaveThis convertible 2-in-1 travel cat bed and cat cave will give your adventure cat a nice little place to call their own, wherever you are.

Cat owners can conveniently use it in an RV, seat of a car or take it in the hotel on a big trip.

The dark interior lining provides your cat with a luxuriously snug and private space haven during the times when they need it the most.

Made with premium fabric, extra thick padding, and a removable cushion, it will keep your cat comfy and cozy in the bed or when formed as a cat cave.

Its’ collapsible design makes it easy to convert into a pet bed, or store and pack for travel, RVing or camping.

Eco-Friendly Wool Cat Bed Cave

Eco-Friendly Wool Cat Bed Cave

This stylish eco-friendly wool cat bed cave is handcrafted in Nepal from 100% natural, sustainable New Zealand wool.

It’s naturally warm and cozy; just the way cat’s like it!

This cat bed is also safe for your cat, your home and the environment as it’s made from natural fibers.

Cats of all sizes will love how spacious and roomy this covered cat cave is! In fact, it’s larger than most cat beds.

That means more room for them to stretch out and get comfortable or curl up in a ball with their favorite toys.

Made from a dense yet soft and flexible layered felted wool, this covered cat bed is ultra-durable.

And, it will keep its dome shape even if your kitty likes to take the occasional nap on top of it!

It’s as great for playtime as it is for sleep! Your cat will feel as comfy on top of the sturdy wool cat cave bed as inside it!

And, it compliments any interior by giving off that natural vibe.

What’s super cool is it comes with a bonus! It comes packaged in a unique cardboard box that easily transforms into an additional cathouse.

It also includes a colored sisal rope ball for your kitty to keep you up at all hours of the night!

2 Level Cat Cave (with Cat Scratch Pad)

2 Level Cat Cave

This 2 level cat cave is extremely comfortable for not just for one cat but two!

The sherpa top shelf offers your kitty a comfortable place to lounge while watching everything going on.

And the bottom cat enclosure provides your kitty with a quiet and private place to sleep.

It also offers your cat a strong sense of security just like a den to curl up and sleep.

This small cat condo is perfect for RVs and boats because it’s easy to assemble and disassemble, lightweight and doesn’t take up too much space.

It also has a small scratch pad on the side to help him relieve stress while also saving your furniture.

PRO TIP: How to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture in your RV or Boat

Stackable Cat Condo Cube

Stackable Cat Condo Cube

Your traveling cat will feel like King of the Mountain on top of this Cat Condo Cube while your shy kitty can feel snug and secure sleeping the day away!

This cat cube has an upstairs and a downstairs!

It allows enough space for your cat to move around inside to get comfortable for a long nap.

Or, Miss Kitty can perch on top to watch what’s going on.

The faux fur cushions are machine washable. And, it’s super easy to assemble and stow; making it perfect for RV or travel living!

The added feature is it’s designed to perfectly stack in sets of two! So, if you have two cats, they can each have their own condo apartment!

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Ottoman Cat House Cat Bed

Ottoman Cat House Cat Bed

This ottoman cat house cat bed is not only multifunctional for kitty, it’s also a stylish accent to fit into most RV decor.

What’s also cool is provides a private and spacious cat bed in the bottom with a place to prop your feet on top when sitting in a chair or your sofa!

It can also serve as an extra seat in your RV or for kitty can lay on top to watch what’s going on. The lid can be inverted to serve as a tray as well.

Assembly is easy with just a few screws.

And, being lightweight, you can move it throughout your motorhome or camper as needed on travel days.

You can get this cat cove in wide bench or square cube sizes.

TV-Shaped Cat Condo Cat Bed

TV-Shaped Cat Condo Cat Bed

This hip TV-shaped cat condo cat bed is made of solid wood and looks like an old style TV set.

Its’ unique shape is suitable for lots of photo sharing.

This cat cave is a high-quality cat shelter that provides space for luxurious slumber.

It has a polyester plush cloth cushion, giving your Miss Kitty a warm, safe and fun place to nap or get out from under foot.

But it also can be used as a jumping platform for your cat.

The peek-a-boo cutout holes allow air to circulate inside the cat house. And, they allow you can interact with your cat through the holes.

It also has a side scratcher that’s made of natural linen. The modern and stylish design is a great addition to RV!

This cat furniture is excellent way to keep pets from clawing or getting on your furniture.

There’s also a retro tv cat bed option!

Hand-Woven Rattan Cat House

Hand-Woven Rattan Cat House

Any cat who loves a box or a small space will love this hand-woven rattan cat house.

It comes complete with a small wicker ball toy.

This spacious cat cave is made of premium PE rattan and is durable enough for even the sharpest of claws.

It has the attractive look of wicker but with long-lasting durability and washability. Yet, the wicker is also soft enough that it won’t scratch you or your furry feline.

The soft washable cushion and the box is spacious enough two small to medium size cats.

Cat owners can easily assemble this cat cube in 10 minutes using the simple instructions.

And, you can also disassemble it quickly for easy cleaning or storage which makes it the perfect cat bed for RVs!

This wicker cat house can also be used to conceal a litter box, with plenty of air flow thanks to the three entrances.

Modern Style Wicker Stackable Cat Condo

Modern Style Wicker Stackable Cat Condo

This modern-style wicker stackable cat condo is perfect for cats on the go!

It’s made from hand-woven resin wicker rattan that’s not only stylish but rigid enough to stand against the test of your feline.

The cat bed house looks like a big bed cave but with wider entrance, excellent ventilation.

The two-way cat house entry offers indoor cats kitty comfortable yet private sleeping pod bed.

It also can be a kennel-like playpen to interact with your furry friend.

This wicker cat bed comes in a brown dense weave or open weave.

Set of 3 Water Hyacinth Wicker Cat Beds

Set of 3 Water Hyacinth Wicker Cat Beds

Cats love quiet spaces and need room enough to get up and turn around comfortably.

This all in one water hyacinth cat bed set is suitable for your RV cats. They provide pleasant places to relax, sleep and play!

This cute cat bed set includes a cat head shape bed, a round dorm, a woven plate, 3 water hyacinth balls, and 2 soft cushions. These cat baskets will bring a fun and safe place for your traveling cats.

These unique, craftsman style cat beds are handwoven of 100% natural water hyacinth by skilled artisans. The shell is sturdy and lies nicely on the floor or ground.

If your water hyacinth cat bed gets dirty, simply hose off the debris, dirt, and litter from the cat basket.

Leave the wicker beds and toys to air dry thoroughly and you are back in business.

The round cushion is machine washable.

Rattan Dome Cat Basket Sleeper

Rattan Dome Cat Basket Sleeper

This modern style rattan dome cat basket sleeper blends in beautifully with any interior decor in your RV.

These semi-enclosed cat basket beds are recommended for both indoor and outdoor cats since they offer the best comfort and privacy. 

Its’ 13″ Diameter wide opening allows your kitty to self-entertain and play with you or your other cats.

These hideaway cat beds can easily be washed. Simply hose off the dirt and litter that may build up in cat basket. Then, wipe the wicker dry or allow it to air dry thoroughly.

The cushion is machine washable according to manufacturer instructions.

3-Tier Wicker Cat Bed Condo

3-Tier Wicker Cat Beds Condo

Add a stylish and functional accent to your RV interior with this woven seagrass 3-tier cat bed condo.

This activity cat tower features three levels to provide up to 3 cats with a place to jump, play, and rest.

The two lower tiers offer covered dens for cats to relax and sleep in. And the top tier acts as a perch for them to jump onto during playtime.

Its natural seagrass design, this versatile cat bed complements existing decor in your RV. And, the washable, cotton-fabric cushions in this cat condo keep cats comfortable during naps.

It can be relocated easily from your own bed area to the living area. You can also take it outside for your kitty to take her cat naps in the fresh air.

The sturdy barrel-shaped frame offers stability and long-lasting durability, while the smooth woven surface is burr-free and will not get caught in their fur while in use.

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Final thoughts on cat beds for RVs and travel cats

Cat Beds - Cat with Electronic Notebook

As you can see, there are several different types of cat beds that are perfect for the travel cat.

And, they will satisfy even the finickiest felines who want to slumber in the lap of luxury.

So, whether you road trip in a car or truck or enjoy adventuring in an RV, these cat beds and cat caves are great places for your adventure cat to catch some Zs to prepare for their next adventure!

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