Why E-bikes for Seniors are a Good Thing!

Something really exciting is happening with the over 55 crowd! Instead of spending their golden years in rocking chairs, Seniors are hitting the outdoors and throwing their legs over to ride an ebike! In fact, Ebiking is becoming a popular way for seniors to get much needed exercise without heavy exertion yet promotes good physical health and mental wellness.

But, while electric bikes for may appear to be all about the fun factor, it’s not just for that reason. Medical professionals are finding that bicycling and e-bikes can be good for seniors health and welfare! The benefits of riding e-bikes are proving to be a winner!

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Why eBikes for Seniors are a Good Thing!

For Health, Well Being & Happiness!

Senior Man Riding Bike

When we’re young, barring misuse, abuse or silly stupidity, our body works like a well-oiled machine.

However, like an old car, our aging body’s mechanical ability starts to break down and rust in place as we age. When that happens, older folks become sedentary and end up settling for the rocking chair.

But, it doesn’t have to be the end all for those in their golden years!

According to the CDC in the report, How much physical activity do older adults need? 

“Adults aged 65 and older need: At least 150 minutes a week (for example, 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week) of moderate intensity activity such as brisk walking.

Or they need 75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity activity such as hiking, jogging, or running.

At least 2 days a week of activities that strengthen muscles.”

Reasons why Senior adults don’t or won’t workout:

      • think they can’t do it
      • know (or think!) their knees and back can’t take it.
      • fear not making it home due to losing their breath or fatigue.
      • have physical, mental or physiological impairments or deficits
      • don’t want to sweat or feel bad after exercise.

So, humor and excuses aside, let’s get serious and learn what those health benefits from riding eBikes are for Seniors or all ages!

What medical professionals are saying about eBikes for seniors

Woman Doctor with Older Woman

Medical professionals strongly encourage people to exercise more; especially the over 55 crowd.

But, when the Doc mentions the word ‘workout’ to Seniors or Boomer patients, they are met with much resistance.

And of course, there’s good reason why they become a bit apprehensive.

It’s because when those in their golden years hear the word ‘workout’, they automatically think they need to squish their saggy girls into a unibra or their knee-hanging apple bags into spandex bicycle shorts and hit the gym to meet the unrealistic goals of a 25 year old.

Okay, aside from that disturbing visual, we all know  that’s not what the doctor meant.

What Doc means as a workout is to get off the couch, out of the rocking chair and away from the senior discount buffet.

The Doctor Lady (or Man) doesn’t expect elderly patients to do unrealistic workouts. The Doctor Lady just wants you to MOVE; whether it’s playing a game of pickle ball, a round of golf, walking, swimming or even riding a bicycle.

Wait! Back up the bus!! Riding a bicycle?!

So, the Doctor Lady is expecting a 65 year old to sit on a seat and pedal his way through Pittsburgh?

No, not exactly. While that’s what it may feel like when pedaling a bicycle for an out of shape or older person, there is an easier way.

And I’m here to say, I’ve reached somewhat that same pinnacle of life (minus a couple years, a few wrinkles, my ‘girls’ are still somewhat intact and I loathe the mountainous streets of Pittsburgh!).

I’m also here to share the cool aged health revolution!

Seniors are turning to ebikes (short for electric bicycles) for their so-called ‘workout’! Older generations are rediscovering the joy of riding a bicycle again!

With that, they’re getting outside and exploring, but without feeling like they’re painfully exerting themselves to the point of their kids cashing in their life insurance policy.

Come to find out, Seniors who ride bicycles, whether manual pedal or pedal assist e-bikes, are actually helping themselves stay out of the doctor’s office and hospitals!

They’re finding this exciting activity helps to avoid chronic illness, while it improves vascular health, strengthens muscles and bone growth, promotes better posture, maintains mental clarity, enables better weight management and *gasp* even have better sex! (We’ll get to that later)

WHEW! Did you get all that?

In other words, the over 55 crowd has a newfangled, technological FUN reason to get outside and enjoy freedom.

All while strengthening, promoting and improving their heart, mind, body and soul. That’s truly good news for the oldsters!

Benefits of Seniors Riding an eBike

Low Impact Exercise Improves Mobility

Low stress workouts are proven to improve mobility; thus, allowing older people to live longer and enjoy a much happier life.

Even small amounts of movement encourage blood flow, strengthen muscles and lubricate joints.

So, this is where eBikes comes in. As we age, some physical activities become adherently difficult to do. One of those is manual pedal bicycling. 

But, seniors riding an ebike takes that stress out of the word “workout”. Riding ebikes under pedal assist also takes the stress off of joints!

In fact, riding ebikes doesn’t even feel like working out or exercising!

Because once older adults learn how to ride an ebike, they actually forget they’re exercising! 

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Weight Loss and Weight Management

Coupled with other low impact exercises such as walking or swimming, regular bike rides are an optimal way to not only manage the over-65 crowd’s weight but also even shed a few pounds.

Thus, putting less stress on knees, back, cardio and respiratory systems.

Lowers Cancer Risk

As we all know, obesity is one of the leading causes of cancer. According to a CDC report, 41.5% of adults over 60 are overweight or obese. 

For the over-55 crowd, that’s pretty scary considering those generations are now at the age where they’re supposed to be enjoying their senior years.

But, by pedaling an ebike with pedal assist even a few times a week lowers your risk of developing cancer!

Strengthens Immune System

Since the COVID pandemic, seniors are more serious about their immune health.

In doing that, they’re getting outside and seeking ways to get the good ole Vitamin D.

But also, they’re looking for ways to get moving to improve and strengthen their immune systems.

While regular bicycle riding can be intimidating because it requires constant pedaling, ebikes with pedal assist are actually enticing seniors to get on the saddle!

And we all know, when we have better immune health, our joints and moods are much better.

Heart and Respiratory Health

Senior Health Benefits from Ebikes - Senior Woman Putting Battery in Ebike

Plain and simple, older people obviously need to drive for better heart health.

And, while older people can take all the magnesium, fish oil and CoQ10 supplements (per doctor recommendations) along with proper diet, your heart still needs regular exercise to keep ticking.

When Seniors ride bicycles, even eBikes with pedal assist, they are actually exerting themselves which strengthens the heart and lungs.

This helps reduce the odds of suffering heart attacks, heart arrhythmia and other detrimental heart ailments from aging.

And let’s not forget, good exercise like bike riding, keeps the chest clear making it easier to breathe.

Improve Joint and Bone Health and Muscle Strength

Senior Health Benefits from Ebikes - Mountain Ebike Older Woman

As the human body ages, it’s imperative to stay moving to keep joints lubricated and bones healthy and strong.

Even using the  pedal assistance feature on ebikes, riding helps to improve and relieve Seniors from osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Another big plus for Seniors who cycle regularly is this form of exercise can vastly improve one’s muscular health. Muscles get stronger which enables Seniors better posture, endurance and longevity of life.

Mitochondria Health

Exercise promotes cellular growth, repairs cells and improves older people’s mitochondria health.

In recent years, we’re all learning why good mitochondria health is so important. Heck, I didn’t even know there was such a word let alone know how to spell it.

What is Mitochondria

Contains DNA that is easily damaged with age, is prone to mutation, and has limited ability to repair

Plays a key role in the aging process, most age-related diseases and immune function.

Is vital to cell health, including by regulating how nutrients get into individual cells.

In other words, per Harvard Medical, “when mitochondria aren’t working normally, debilitating, sometimes life-threatening conditions may occur, such as mitochondrial myopathies and a number of eye diseases.”

Brain Cognizance and Memory Health

E-Bikes are good for seniors - Elderly Man Smiling with Ebike

We realize low impact workouts such as bicycle riding can help Seniors keep their heart healthy by pumping the blood.

The faster the heart beats, the more oxygen is being pumped to the brain.

The result?

Exercise stimulates the hippocampus which is responsible for memory encoding and consolidation, regulating learning and spatial navigation.

According to a Mayo Clinic article Alzheimer’s Disease: Can exercise prevent memory loss?:

“Studies show that people who are physically active are less likely to experience a decline in their mental function and have a lowered risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Physical activity is one of the known modifiable risk factors for dementia.”

Let’s add that per an abstract study, the effect of cycling on cognitive function and well-being in older adults, “seniors who bike, either manual pedal bicycles or electric bikes 30 minutes three times a week will improve their brain function”.

That alone should be reason enough for older generations to get out there and ride a bicycle; even a pedal assist ebike! 

It’s important not only to exercise to encourage cellular improvement and promote good bone, joint and muscle health, but also to exercise the brain to maintain cognizance and memory.

Because as we age, good brain and memory health is pertinent to living a long happy life with great memories.

Sexual Health

E-Bikes are good for seniors -Senior Couple Riding Ebikes Kissing

Unfortunately, as we age, our sexual prowess declines significantly due to inefficient hormone production.

But do take note that regular exercise, including regular bicycle or eBike riding with a low pedal assist, can help slow down or delay menopause and andropause by even a few years! 

Widens Your Social Circle

While meeting friends at the Senior Center is fun, you’re still going to end up sitting for long periods of time or doing the chicken dance as a form of exercise.

Not knocking it, but do you really want to doing silly animal dances in your golden years? Here’s the skinny truth about ebiking.

Once you start pedaling an ebike, you’re going to start bragging to your chicken-dancing-friends about how much fun you’re having while nomading the streets. In fact, once they see you having a green time, they’ll want one too. 

This is where your social circle will change for the better too! Seniors who play together will live longer!

So, plan some ebike rides and congregate like a biker gang for a Sunday brunch ride.

As they say, ‘safety in numbers’, you’ll be in good company. And then you ALL can get healthy together!

Morale and Mental Health

E-Bikes are good for seniors - Senior Couple Riding Ebikes Rear View - Senior Couple with Ebikes

I can tell you from first hand experience, as an eBike rider and now, a member of the over 55 crowd, I’m a much happier!

And, because not only am I getting fresh air, I’m also getting the much needed exercise which improves my aging health. 

But also, I like to ride my ride my bike in National Parks, along cool rail trails and unique bike paths in awesome places!

When I’m riding, my mood improves which makes me a more pleasant person to be around! Just ask my husband!

So, that should be testimony enough for us Boomers and older generations!

While regular cycling may be a bit more than you can handle, eBikes certainly will make up for it! 

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Lengthens Lifespan

We all agree, every one of us has an end date. But, we can actually put off writing our obituaries by staying healthy through exercise.

Without getting too scientific, death results from mitochondrial damage in the cells which partly is a result from lack of exercise.

We all have the ability, through cycling, to promote our mitochondria health which will help us live longer.

Before Seniors jump on an e-bike

After reading all of the benefits e-bikes can offer Seniors when it comes to good health, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the golden girls and platinum guys should run out and buy an ebike.

In fact, there are several factors to take into consideration before throwing your money at and your leg over an expensive electric bike.

E-Bikes are more expensiveWhile you could get a lower manufactured ebike for less than a grand, be cautious of their quality, stability and size.

Most good quality ebikes start at about $2000 and go up to about $8000.

Hence, why we prefer our Boogie Bikes classic cruiser style ebikes. They’re good quality electric bikes but at a reachable, affordable price.

E-Bikes may require assemblyUnfortunately, most ebikes you buy come from overseas disassembled. 

This means you’ll need tools, know how and patience to complete your bike build.

You’ll also need to be able to lift and hold certain components of the bike during the self-installation process.

E-Bikes are heavier and bulkier – It’s true, the average ebike weighs in about 60 pounds.

And that’s without the 10 pound battery that you will need to insert to enable users to use electric power.

This means if you wish to transport your ebike on a on your vehicle, you’ll need the strength to lift that weight onto a bike rack. 

Also, some ebikes offer wider tires that may help with stability while others are designed for purpose (street or mountain biking), style and comfort.

Ebike batteries require charging and monitoring Unlike a regular pedal bicycle, e-bikes require frequent charging. And you’ll need to know how to monitor your energy usage and battery levels.

Injury PotentialWhile e-bikes are fun to ride, be aware that most are Class 2 electric bicycles.

That means the electric motor, with the help of the thumb throttle, will help you accelerate up to 20 mph.

That’s pretty fast on bike trails and streets where you need to think and act quickly while negotiating curves, riding in traffic and dodging obstacles.

Therefore, we always recommend proper training and guidance on what kind of e-bike is best for you and how to responsibly ride an electric bike.

It’s equally important, to ALWAYS wear the proper PPE (personal protection equipment) to protect your body from potential injuries.

Check out our video about the Small Town Bike Company “Boogie Cruiser E-bike”:

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Wrapping up why E-bikes for Seniors is a Good thing!

E-Bikes are good for seniors - Senior Couple Riding Ebikes Rear View

We all know the human body degrades from overuse, abuse and age. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to slow down our health’s negative progression.

Retirement shouldn’t be boring, the end of life while we’re still living or force us into the coffin early. That said, we all have the ability to slow down the negative affects of aging simply by moving and exercising.

And though it may be tough sell for the older sector to hit the gym like some buff 20some year old, ebikes for seniors are a healthy option to get that much needed exercise, social connection and to enjoy living!

This is precisely why E-bikes for Seniors is a good thing for positive physical health and mental wellness.

So, are you ready to get in on the fun and on the road to healthier living? You can start with getting your own eBike; no matter what age you are!

Statements regarding dietary supplements, health and fitness products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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