Camping Ornaments for Campers, Hikers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Camping ornaments are the perfect way to adorn an outdoor enthusiast’s or camper’s Christmas tree for the holidays! Hang them on the tree, wreaths, garland or even string them together for a fun display. The best part is you don’t have to pack them away after the holidays! You can hang these camping theme ornaments all year ’round at home, in the office or even in your RV.

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Camping Ornaments for Hikers, Nature Lovers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Overlanding Rooftop Tent Ornament

Overlanding Rooftop Tent Camping Ornaments

Celebrate the specialness of Holidays with this lifelike photo impression overlanding rooftop tent Christmas ornament. 

And even though you may have packed away your overlanding dreams for the winter, you’ll always be reminded that camping season is never far from your heart.

Not only does this hanging ornament express the joy and love of the outdoors but it also proves to be a great keepsake. And since it’s flat, it’s perfect for mailing or attaching to a package!

This holiday ornament company also has:

Tent Camping Ornament

Tent Camping Ornaments

Add a whimsical touch to your holiday decor this season with this novelty 3D camping-themed tent camping ornament. Such attention to detail in the tent with camping lantern and other camping gear design makes this ornament a memorable keepsake piece for display as a tree ornament.

Rustic Log Cabin Camping Ornament

Rustic Log Cabin Camping Ornament


Camping isn’t just reserved for tents. It can take place in many different types of RVs, cottages and even cabins. This life-like rustic log cabin ornament will bring back memories of those camping trips to the Great Smoky Mountains or Colorado Rockies. It will be a sure hit for those who prefer to rough it in a cabin in the woods.

Backpack Camping Ornament

Backpack Camping Ornament

Check out this backpack camping ornament that’s perfect for the Scout, hiker and backpacker! Celebrate that great hike while conquering the Appalachian Trail or John Muir Trail with this backpack ornament that can be hung all year round! With a fine point sharpie, you can write the year on the outer pocket to mark your big hike accomplishment!

Hiking and Orienteering Ornament

Hiking and Orienteering Ornament

If you have a hiker or backpacker who loves to explore the old fashion way with compass and map, this fun dangling, orienteering ornament  will definitely be a good score! It’s the perfect camping ornament to hang on the tree or decorate a package. You can also hang it anywhere all year round. This may become your favorite outdoor explorer’s favorite ornament on the tree.

Camp Stove Ornament

Camp Stove Ornament

When you’re camping outdoors, the camp stove is an important essential to make your morning coffee and fry the bacon and eggs. This miniature camp stove ornament will bring back those camping memories for years to come each time you hang it on your Christmas tree!

Mini Camping Mug Ornament

Mini Camping Mug Ornament

One of the fun things about camping is everyone has to keep track of their own camp cup. This camping mug ornament will remind adult campers of those fun campfires with a mugful of concoctions to round out the night or that blissful cup of hot coffee on a cold crisp morning before trekking off for your outdoor adventure.

Mini Vintage Lanterns Tree Decoration Set

Mini Vintage Lanterns Tree Decoration Set

Bring in some festive camping lights with these flickering bulb flameless LED candle lanternsThese ornament lights are a creative choice for your holiday decorations, combining aesthetics with practical night lights throughout your holiday tree or garland.

Hershey’s S’more Ornament

Hershey's S'more Ornament

This Hershey’s S’more holiday ornament looks so real that you’ll think you can actually eat it! It’s a fun and festive addition to any holiday décor or Christmas tree.

This camping ornament features a classic s’mores, complete with toasted marshmallows, melting Hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers. Officially-licensed Hershey’s ornament Hangs from gold string Made of plastic and paint/mica

Toasted S’more Ornament

Toasted S'more Camping Ornaments

This toasted s’more camping ornament as a gift for some s’more lovers and it did not disappoint! It’s so realistic looking that you’ll want to take a bite out of it right from your holiday tree!

And the fact that it’s made of foam is beyond awesome because it won’t break if dropped or falls off the Christmas tree.

“Campers Have S’more Fun” Campfire Ornament

Campers Have S'more Fun Campfire Camping Ornaments

“Campers Have S’more Fun” Campfire Ornament spells FUN and it says it right on the fire ring rocks! It’s a combination of two favorite things people love about camping; campfires and S’mores! This camping ornament will put smiles on your littlest campers all the way up to those with the longest loving hearts!

Santa’s Gone Camping Sign Hanging Christmas Ornament

Santa's Gone Camping Sign Hanging Christmas Camping Ornaments

Even Santa loves to go camping! When he needs to take a break from the North Pole and his busy elves, he and Mrs. Claus head to their secret cabin in the woods. But, before he leaves, he hangs this cute Santa’s Gone Camping ornament with his Santa hat and hanging lantern to tell his elves that he’s on his camping vacation!

Adirondack Chair Camping Ornament

Adirondack Chair and Smores Ornament

How cute is this Adirondack chair camping ornament?! This 3D camping hanging creation is made of painted resin and depicts the perfect campfire scene including the campfire, marshmallows on sticks and s’mores ready to eat! It’s the perfect size to not overpower your other ornaments but unique enough to stand out as a holiday favorite on your Christmas tree, wreath or garland!

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Wooden Canoe Christmas Tree Ornament

Wooden Canoe Christmas Tree Ornament

We all know that camping is everything outdoors! And that includes paddling the canoe on the lake or downstream on the river. This painted wooden canoe holiday ornament will bring back fun memories of that time you fell out of the canoe at the lake or catching the big one with your rod and reel! This ornament includes a string of twine for hanging and green sisal wreath to complete your holiday decor.

Nature Lover “Get Lost” Ornament

Nature Lover Get Lost Ornament

Yes, Let’s Get Lost! But, you certainly won’t lose this outdoorsy, nature lover ornament! Because you’ll love it so much, you’ll hang it front and center on your tree.

This camping ornament is a great fit for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors; whether it’s hiking, biking, kayaking or even just going out for a drive! This company also has other outdoorsy theme ornaments for:

National Parks Ornament Set

National Parks Ornament Set

If you love our National Parks, this 36 piece National Park ornament set will remind you of the amazing parks you and your family enjoyed visiting through the years.

Each ornament replicates the realistic park sign you see at the entrance of each National Park with their well known scene. You can hang these camping ornaments all together or separate them to use as accent pieces on the gift packages of your favorite adventurers and explorers.

Bigfoot Santa Ornament

Bigfoot Santa Ornament

Regardless if you’re a believer or not, the legendary Bigfoot is a must for every outdoorsmen’s tree. After all, Sasquatch is everywhere; including your own Christmas tree! You can even make it a game and hide him in your tree for others to find! Or you can gift this fun Bigfoot Santa ornament to anyone who believes in the Squatch. 

Hand-Crafted Molten Glass Blown Camping Theme Ornaments 

For those who love those age-old hand-crafted, molten glass ornaments that originate back to the 1800s, know that they left no stone unturned when it comes to outdoorsy and camping theme ornaments!

These Christmas tree camping theme ornaments make unique gifts for your favorite campers, hikers and backpackers, Scouts and any outdoor adventurer. They are all hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations.

Camping Sign Ornament

Glass Camping Sign Ornament

This hand-blown glass camping sign ornament will show the way to a fun holiday of exploring! It’s carefully crafted using age-old traditions that originated in the 1800s! It’s traditionally designed Christmas Decorations made from molten glass blown into finely carved molds. Like all the glass blown ornaments following, it’s hand-painted and glittered for uniqueness and sparkle.

National Park Sign Glass Ornament

National Park Sign Glass Ornament

If you’re a National Park geek or you have a friend or family who has a favorite, these National Park Sign Ornaments will be a solid hit! Each ornament replicates the entrance sign to some of the National Park favorites! Perhaps one of these is yours?

Hiker Ornament

Glass Hiker Ornament

If one of your favorite pastimes is backpacking, hiking or exploring the woodlands or wild, this glass hiker ornament should take front and center on your Christmas tree!

This beautifully crafted glass blown ornament is also a great gift idea for an outdoor enthusiast, family member or friend who enjoys hiking or backpacking, scouting, orienteering, birding or other outdoor activity on two feet!

Compass Ornament

Glass Compass Ornament

Let this glass blown compass ornament guide you home for the holidays! 

Dating as far back as 221 BC, in the Qin dynasty, people have been using compasses to help find their way. Originally the Chinese used a lodestone compass to tell fortunes, and later developed the luopan for Fung Shui. By the 11th century, they were being used for navigation. Even today, we still look to the compass rose to find our true north or to guide us home.

Hiking Boot Camping Ornament

Hiking Boot Camping Ornament

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed around the world. It is a fun and healthy way to explore and enjoy the scenery and great way to experience nature. This blown glass Hiking Boot ornament makes a great gift for any hiking enthusiast.

LL Bean Boot Holiday Ornament

LL Bean Boot Holiday Ornament

This outdoor field boot ornament replicates the iconic   “Bean Boot”; sturdy weatherproof outdoor boots made by LL Bean. What a great way to commemorate your camping trip to Maine or visit to the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport, Maine!

Camping Lantern Ornament

Camping Lantern Camping Ornaments

Now you can cherish the memories of telling ghost stories, going for walks in the woods and having late night shadow puppet shows with this beautiful glass, nostalgic camping lantern ornament.

A camping lantern is a portable light used to illuminate areas, such as a campsite or even on a midnight stroll. Many family camping memories are created around the light of a lantern and with this camping ornament, those memories will reignite!

Firewood Hatchet

Firewood Hatchet Camping Ornaments

The hatchet is a single-handed axe, ideal for splitting firewood. Which is why this unique glass hatchet ornament has made our list of best holiday camping ornaments for outdoor enthusiasts.

Since the Stone Age, man has relied on this amazingly useful tool. Today, the hatchet is a simple steel head attached to a wooden handle. And it comes in a variety of sizes depending on your chopping needs.

Campfire Ornament

Campfire Camping Ornaments

We all know that camping is a very popular outdoor activity. Cooking or telling stories around a crackling fire is a favorite part of the experience. This beautiful glass campfire ornament makes a great gift for any outdoor or camping enthusiast.

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Dome Tent Camping Ornament

Dome Tent Camping Ornaments

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities for all ages. Setting up camp in the woods is a lot of fun and a great way to experience nature up close and personal.

This beautiful glass dome tent camping ornament makes a great gift for any camping enthusiast. It’s perfect for your favorite tent camper or those who dream of camping in the woods or along a beautiful lake. It comes with a matching S-hook and its’ own gift box!

Vintage Airstream Camper Ornament

Vintage Airstream Camper Camping Ornaments

This specially crafted glass Airstream ornament makes a great gift for any Airstream owner or RV enthusiast.

Airstream trailers have always been popular because of their gleaming, streamline retro design. Since Airstream campers are towed behind a vehicle, they provide that nostalgic “home away from home” that is comfortable and safe, no matter where the road may lead. 

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Vintage Camper RV Trailer Ornament

Vintage Camper RV Trailer Camping Ornaments


Look at this cute hand blown glass holiday camper trailer ornament decor. It’s perfect for the RVer who takes pride in their vintage camper. This glass blown Christmas Ornament comes with tied string on top, which is ready for hang on trees as soon as you open the parcel.

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Wrapping up these camping ornaments for the outdoorsy types

Christmas Tree Camping Ornaments - Always On Liberty

Aren’t those camping ornaments fun! They will make great gifts for any camper, hiker, backpacker, or anyone who loves the outdoors! These holiday ornaments for camping enthusiasts will bring back memories of your many great adventures for years to come!

NOTE: Prior to ordering any of these camping theme Christmas ornaments, make certain you read the description of each ornament to verify size, how it’s constructed and how it will be shipped.

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