Must Visit Wineries in Pahrump Nevada – Wine Tastings & Tours

If you’re looking to escape the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip, trek on out to visit the award winning wineries in Pahrump. Just one hour from bustling Vegas or the magnificent Death Valley National Park, you can experience Nevada’s finest wines and amazing craft meads and ciders. Each winery also offers exquisite wine tastings and free tours of their facilities.

In lieu of Nevada’s hub of bright lights, visitors can venture out to the wineries in Pahrump to enjoy a more quiet, low key imbibing experience. The desert town is known for having three award winning wineries and cidery & meadery.

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Wineries in Pahrump Nevada – Wine Tastings, Tours & Restaurants

About Pahrump

Pahrump Valley is a Mojave Desert valley on the edge of the Spring Mountains. Pahrump, Nevada, is in the valley’s center. Tecopa Valley and Chicago Valley are immediately to the west.

This growing small metropolis offers gaming, casino resorts, posh RV parks and everything you need under the Nevada sun. While Pahrump may lack the super-charged Viva Las Vegas vibe, the town makes up for it with with its’ illustrious pairing of enchanting mountain views and locally acclaimed home-grown wines.

Where is Pahrump?

Map of Pahrump Nevada

Pahrump, Nevada is located 60 miles west of Las Vegas and 60 miles east of Death Valley. It’s also about eight miles from the California border on the way to Death Valley National Park.

To get to Pahrump from Las Vegas, just hop on State Route 160 that begins in the city’s southern metro area at Las Vegas Boulevard (old SR 604).

As you’re heading out to Pahrump, you’ll pass Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (which we highly recommend visiting!). You’ll also pass over Mountain Springs Summit and then descend onto the desert straightaway until you see Pahrump’s city lights. 

But before we share these wineries in Pahrump, let’s first, learn a little about why this off-the-beaten path town is prime for wine making.

Grape Growing and Wine Making in Pahrump

Wineries in Pahrump - Wine Bottles in Store

Let’s just say that Pahrump is NOT wine country.

It’s because Pahrump is in the Mojave Desert. It’s ridiculously dry and gets absurdly hot in the summer. Which for most grape growers in other parts of the country, summer is the prime growing season. In Pahrump, it surely is not!

But, there are small windows of promising weather that do yield at least a little production of grapes needed to make wine.

Even so, the barren desert soil lacks nutrients needed for grape plants. And most importantly, water needed to sustain large parcels of grape vineyards is far from plentiful.

In fact, if you’ve not been in tune with the weather in the western U.S., the southwest region of the U.S. is literally ‘drying up’; making it even harder to grow or produce any agriculture for that matter.

All of that said, Pahrump, does have a few wine grape vineyards. In fact, there are 8 winery grape vineyards that total just under 40 acres which is relatively small potatoes in comparison to Napa Valley or grape growing regions in the east.

Some grape rows were planted over a century ago. In fact, Estate Vineyards’ Zinfandel vineyard is Nevada’s oldest commercially producing red grape vineyard.

Smaller amounts of grapes produced for the wineries in Pahrump and for export include Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cinsault, Frontenac, Gewürztraminer, La Crosse, Merlot, Riesling, Roussillon, Ruby Cabernet, Petite Sirah, Semillon, Syrah, Tempranillo, and Zinfandel.

But, while Pahrump Valley may never earn the title of wine country, its’ regional vineyard growers partner with other vineyard owners around Nevada to produce unique wines in small market quantities.

So, now let’s take a field trip to visit these award winning wineries in Pahrump, Nevada.

Wineries in Pahrump, Nevada –  Wine Tastings & Watering Holes

Pahrump’s wineries are actually one of the main draws to the ‘over the hump’ city in the desert. And, these wine tasting venues are just begging you to escape the bright lights and big city for a tasting or two.

These wineries offer their own wine tastings and tours. They also offer their own flair of ambiance and hospitality while enjoying a flight, glass or even to share a bottle.

And some of these wineries in Pahrump have their own on-site restaurants serving delicious meals to pair their signature wines.

Artesian Cellars

Wineries in Pahrump - Artisan Cellars - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©
ADDRESS:  1731 NV-160, Pahrump, NV 89048
PHONE:  (775) 600-7144

Artesian Cellars collaborates with 9 other Nevada grape growers to make their fine wines. They have 4 of their own vineyards; 2 each in both northern Nevada and southern Nevada. They also have leased vineyards in Washington State as well as California.

Their belief is to make great wines, you must start with great fruits. And that’s what they strive for; even amidst the extreme temperature fluctuations to Mojave Desert’s unique agriculture challenges.

Artesian currently harvests over 10 tons of grapes from their own and leased Nevada vineyards, including:

Cabernet Sauvignon, Ruby Cabernet, Barbera, Merlot, Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Syrah, Chardonnay, Viognier, and Marsanne. 

To learn more about their flavorful wines, take a trek to their tasting room right on the main road in Pahrump.

Pahrump Valley Winery

Wineries in Pahrump - Pahrump Valley Winery - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©
ADDRESS: 3810 Winery Rd., Pahrump, NV 89048
PHONE: (775) 751-7800

Pahrump Valley Winery is the oldest winery in the state of Nevada and the state’s oldest commercially producing red grape vineyards.

Located on Winery Road, this winery estate is home to 3 vineyards on its’ 10 acre grape farm. Pahrump Valley Winery produces almost 30 tons of grapes per harvest. The winery claims bragging rights of over 300 national wine awards. 

Pahrump Valley Winery partners with other Nevada vineyards to harvest and produce quality wines. (Queensland Vineyard, Nelson Vineyard, School Lane Vineyards, and Veronica’s Vineyard)

The great thing is its’ open every day of the week for winery   tours and wine tastings. They also have a classy-casual upscale restaurant, Symphony’s, to enjoy a quiet afternoon lunch or early evening dinner.

Coming with your RV? Wine Ridge RV Resort is right next door to Pahrump Valley Winery! It’s easy walking distance from your RV steps to their front door to go enjoy a wine tasting, wine tour or delicious meal at Symphony’s Restaurant.

Sanders Family Winery

Wineries in Pahrump - Sanders Winery - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©
ADDRESS: 3780 E Kellogg Rd., Pahrump, NV 89061
PHONE: (775) 727-1776

Sanders Family Winery is one of Nevada’s most romantic and fun venues which makes it one of the favorite wineries in Pahrump.

Their tasting room is more than just a place to taste local wine. It’s also a fine art gallery by local artists. And, their amphitheater is ready for concerts and entertainment.

Sanders offers free wine tastings. However, due to its’ popularity and flair, you’re going to need to make a reservation for you and your guests. This insures you will have a table with adequate social distancing.

Like wine but want to try something different? If you’re looking for something a little different, Pahrump also has a cider and meadery! Keep reading!

Stonewise Mead & Cider

Stonewise Mead & Cidery - Pahrump Nevada - Always On Liberty
Photo by Always On Liberty©
ADDRESS: 421 S Frontage Rd, Ste 2, Pahrump NV 89048
PHONE: (775) GOT-MEAD or 775-468-6323

If you’re not really into the total pinkie-out wine scene but don’t want to sit in a smokey casino bar, head on over to Stonewise Meads & Ciders on Frontage Road in Pahrump.

Stonewise is a small, community-based and family-focused craft mead and cider maker and taproom. Onsite, Stonewise masters produce crisp and refreshing draft meads and ciders.

From tap to glass, they serve sessionable ciders (under 10% ABV) that give you an excellent mead and cider tasting experience. It’s because of their idiosyncrasy of flavors and welcoming ambiance that makes Stonewise one of Pahrump’s favorite watering holes. In fact, it’s one of our favorite watering holes.

While they offer their usual suspects such as their signature distinct Battle Born, NoMaD, Cranky Apple, Dystopia, and Blackberry Slush, they’re not afraid to experiment with off-the-wall flavors also.

Stonewise Mead & Cider - Pahrump Nevada
* Photo by Always On Liberty©

But, if you have an idea for a newfangled cider or mead concoction, they’re all ears! And, don’t be surprised if they go in their spotless crafting room to whip one up for good measure!

Having tried several of Stonewise craft brews, ciders and meads myself, let’s just say a lot of their concoctions are distinctly indescribable.

My personal favorites are their seasonal Punk ‘N’ Spice and their usual suspects, the NoMaD and Battle BornAnd Dan’s favorite is their tongue-tantalizing Hopinero. It has a distinct flavor of it’s own; more like galactic! By the way, is it any coincidence that Area 51 is less than 100 miles away? 

Stonewise also offers curbside ‘to go’ growlers and bottles to pick-up with a simple phone call. Oh, but save your growler bottle so you can get a refill when you return.

Still considered a winery, Stonewise provides a welcoming classy yet quaint pub-like taproom. In fact, it’s one of those welcoming watering holes ‘where everybody knows your name’. You’ll want to become a Stonewise regular.

Wine, mead and cider signs

DID YOU KNOW? A place for making cider is a cidery or winery. It is not a “brewery.” Beer is brewed. Brewing involves boiling or cooking. To make beer the “brewer” steeps barley or wheat grains to convert the starches to sugar.

Stonewise in Pahrump - Always On Liberty Crew
Always On Liberty Crew Dan (middle) and Lisa (right) with their friend David (left) enjoying flights of ciders and meads at Stonewise Mead & Cider in Pahrump Nevada..  * Photo by Always On Liberty©

Other must-visit wineries in Nevada

Nelson Vineyard, Amargosa Valley, Nevada – For 70 years the Nelson family has farmed the land they live on, with the traditions of farming passed on to four generations. Through many seasons of tending and harvest, Nelson Family Vineyards has embraced the truth that great wines are born in the vineyard.

Nevada Ridge School Lane Vineyards, Amargosa, Nevada – also farms over 2,000 olive trees at the vineyard. In 2013, 70 bottles of Nevada’s first ever olive oil was produced (sold out quickly!).

Queensland Vineyard, Dyer, Nevada – established in the 1970s, they have grown exponentially since. Started as Alfalfa pet food producers, Queensland Vineyard now has 8 varieties of wine grape vineyards. They also grow 4 varieties of lavender on their 7 acre farm. They also have a 3 bedroom Bed & Breakfast.

Churchill Vineyards, Fallon, Nevada – started in 2001 and producing its’ first bottle of wine in 2004, Churchill Vineyards earned its’ title as one of Nevada’s treasured wineries. The winery is located in the mountainous desert region of Lahontan Valley produces 100% estate-grown white wines, including Chardonnay-Semillon, Gewurztraminer, Reisling and other vintages and spirits.

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Wrapping up

Wineries in Pahrump - Wine Tasting Group

So, while these wineries in Pahrump may not replicate the pristine Napa Valley, they’re great venues to take a break from the city life of Las Vegas. The scenic drive over Spring Mountains is just the ticket to enjoy quiet and quaint wine tasting experience away from the bright lights and chaos.

Wineries in Pahrump Nevada - Always On Liberty

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