5 Best Heated Camping Chairs to Keep Your Butt Warm!

Who every thought heated camping chairs was a thing? Obviously, the need to stay warm arose from people who enjoy the outdoors but don’t like to “sit in the cold”. Regardless if you’re sitting around a campfire, tailgating or sitting at your kid’s soccer game in cooler temperatures, a chair that helps to keep you warm is the difference between enjoying yourself, or grumbling about how cold you are.

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As I was researching oversized camp chairs, I happened upon something I’ve never even thought of before. Considering we are huge proponents to everything outdoors, I knew in an instant that sharing these heated camping chairs would be a worthwhile effort.

So, without further ado, let’s see how these types of outdoor furniture seating work. As well, I’ll share our 5 picks of heated camp chairs we think will apply to most every outdoor activity you can think of.

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5 Best Heated Camping Chairs to Keep Your Butt Warm!

How does a Heated Camping Chair work?

Heated Camping Chair - Kings Trek Rocking Heated Camp Chair
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The best way to describe how heated camping chairs work is they operate similar to the heated seats in your car or truck. The chair’s seat and seat back have internal heating elements that, with a flip of a switch, will heat your backside up in a New York minute.

However, the heated seats in your car are operated strictly through your vehicle’s 12volt electrical system. Of course, that really doesn’t help if you turn off your ignition or when you’re away from your vehicle. And who wants to be sitting in a car at your campsite or at your kid’s soccer game anyways?

The heated camping chairs design is more in line of the heated jacket liner and heated gloves that I used to wear on my cold motorcycle rides. While they can be hooked into my Harley’s battery, they can also be powered through a separate battery pack if I really wanted.

So, now that we’re the avid outdoorsy types who enjoy camping and stargazing on cool nights, you can image why we’d fall head over heels for the concept of a heated camping chair.

These battery operated camping chairs are powered through a rechargeable battery pack. Each heated camp chair has a temperature controller that you can adjust to whichever heat comfort setting you wish.

The beauty is you can enjoy a warm tush and back as long as you want. That said, the batteries will eventually run out of juice to power them.

But that doesn’t mean you have to call it a night or head indoors. You can simply change out to another battery pack so you can enjoy those games that go into overtime or throwing another log on the campfire under the blanket of stars.

Why not just buy a heated blanket?

As with any accessory, heated blankets have their place. They oftentimes aren’t as efficient when emitting heat to where you want it; especially when you’re using them in extra cold temperatures.

But heated camping chairs centralize the heat to your body’s core. And, when your body core is kept warm, your extremities will stay warmer as well.

And, of course, you’re also not wrestling a blanket full of wires each time you shift or get in or out of your camp chair.

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Where you can use a Heated Camping Chair

Heated Camping Chair - Kings Trek
Photo courtesy of Amazon – Kings Trek

While I’m labeling them as a heated camping chair, these battery operated seats can be used anywhere, outdoors and indoors.

While camping and RVing are our two primary outdoor loves, I can see how instrumental heated chairs can be for tailgating, at the kids’ Fall or Spring soccer games, an outdoor halloween party or BBQ, an outdoor movie theater, or the local concerts on the green.

But, I also mentioned they can be used indoors too. These heated camping chairs work wonders when you don’t want to waste your propane heating the inside your RV or camper. But also, they’re great to use to take a load off in your barn or garage.

So now let’s take a look at the best heated camping chairs on the market and see which one will fit you and your lifestyle the best.

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The Hot Seat Heated Camping Chair

The The Hot Seat Camping Chair features 3 reclining positions and USB-powered heating technology. The heat safely penetrates the body to relax and warm your muscles at any outdoor sports, beach, or camping activity.

A simple push of a button can warm your seat up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This heated camp chair works with ANY USB battery pack and lasts for hours. Simply plug the USB cable into the USB Port of your battery and feel the warmth!

Just be aware that the maximum weight capacity of the Hot Seat is 300 pounds. But also, only seat portion heats.

KINGS TREK Heated Camping Chair

The KINGS TREK heated camping chair offers a lot in features; including their dual-control temperature and seat position. Once the heating elements reach maximum  temperature, the battery will turn off; keeping you warm and safe at the same time. And the charging time takes 2-10 hours depending on charge setting.

This heated camping chair comes with lots of storage; leaving your hands free to hold your pet, do a crossword or cheer for your favorite player or team. It also comes with 2 USB ports on its’ power bank so you can charge your phone while heating your chair.

The maximum weight capacity of the King’s Trek heated camp chair is 350 pounds.

GOBI Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair

Featured on well known Forbes and Readers’ Digest, the GOBI Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair is built on an ultra-durable steel frame with heat levels delivered to two heat zones. This camp chair does include an efficient battery that doubles as a phone charging port; keeping you warm for up to 9 hours.

To operate, simply attach the cable to the battery in the pouch on the left side of the chair. Then, press and hold the power button down for up to 5 seconds or until the light comes on. Press again to cycle through each heating level.

Soon, you’ll be relaxing in your heated camping chair for a cool desert night of stargazing or listening to the local concert at the park without the constraint of cold winter weather holding you back.

KINGS TREK Hammock Heated Camping Chair

If you’re a chair rocker, you’re insanely going to want the Kings Trek Hammock Heated Camping Chair! It’s a portable rocking chair that you can rock away in while enjoying an outdoor movie, watching the game on your RV’s outdoor entertainment center or sitting around the campfire.

The swivel style chair leg bottoms are easily adaptable for uneven terrain stability. You also can adjust the straps to the back for your own comfort. Just make certain you adhere to the manufacturer’s setup and safety instructions prior to sitting.

We’ve read from one reviewer one of the best features of this particular camp chair is the cup holder can hold a tall(er) cup or water bottle without flipping out onto the ground.

The maximum weight capacity on this Kings Trek Hammock heated camp chair is 300 pounds. Be aware, this camping chair does not come with a battery pack. So, you will need to purchase one (or two) of the Kings Trek Power Bank specifically for this chair’s heating system.

The Hot Seat, Heated Ultralight Compact Outdoor Chair

Size matters if you’re a motocamper, van lifer, tiny-size camper but still want to enjoy sitting outdoors in cold temperatures, then The Hot Seat Heated Ultralight Compact Outdoor Chair is just for you!

This one is the Original Hot Seat; the world’s first heated compact portable outdoor chair! It literally packs so small that you can even carry it on your backpack, keep in your car or strap onto your motorcycle. It weighs in at less than 4 pounds, so it makes it ideal to take anywhere.

Minimalist campers can enjoy heated seating comfort and relief everywhere you go! Just plug into any standard USB battery pack and select from one of three heat settings and enjoy up to 115 degrees of luxurious cozy warmth. Do know the heating pad is positioned in the seat and lower back only.

You will have to purchase a separate battery bank to power this heated camping chair as well.

The Hot Seat Ultralight Heated Camp Chair can support up to 250 pounds.

The Hot Seat brand also manufactures:

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Wrapping Up 

Heated Camping Chairs - Campfire in Cold Weather

So, if you’re going to be where there’s a bit of a nip in the air, heated camping chairs are everything they say they are. These heated camp chairs will keep your tush warm and comfy allowing you more time outdoors. This means you get to sit comfortably under the stars or around the campfire without freezing your butt off…literally!

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