Must Have Practical Camping Gifts for Women

For the ladies who take the outdoors seriously, camping is far from looking cute in all that silly pink stuff. These practical camping gifts for women are more about function over fashion. They are the most requested camping accessories for the ladies to help make their experiences much more comfortable, pleasant and fun! But most of all, they’ll help make her feel more confident in her pursuit of her outdoor adventures which will entice her to camp more!

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Camping Gifts for Women - Always On Liberty

Must Have Practical Camping Gifts for Women 

Serious Camping Gear Recommendations for Women

Practical Camping Gear for Women - 3 ladies in tent

Collapsible Camp Chair

While copping a squat on a log may suffice, they usually aren’t anywhere close to where your lady camper is setting up her campsite.

So, she’ll need a comfy camp chair to take a load off her feet or to relax.

I highly recommend a good quality camp chair that collapses down to practically nothing! 

They’re great for lounging around the campfire, stargazing, grabbing 40 winks or just to sit and think how lucky she is to be out in the wild doing her own thing.

Now, if you think she may want a little bigger camp chair, definitely go with the NEMO big sister, Big Agnes Skyline UL Chair.

Camp Cook Set

Of course, while camping, she’s gotta eat. So, you’ll need to order up a complete cooking set for her to pack in her camp box.

And, what’s better than to get her a camping cookware set that has all the bells and whistles that is compact.

My favorite is the Odoland 16 piece camping cookware set that contains camping pots, pan and kettle with foldable, thermally isolated handles.

And, it also comes with a quick heating camp stove, rated 3000w, that folds to a small size for easy packing. Plus, not like other tiny camp cooksets, it includes everything you need to dine with; plates, cups, cutlery.

Microfiber Towel

Regardless if you’re a guy or girl, space is a premium when you’re camping. So, skip taking those big thick terry cloth towels.

A better solution is to gift your favorite girl camper with a large microfiber towel that’s ultra absorbent and super convenient to pack in her camp supply box, backpack or adventure motorcycle pannier.

Also, being a quick drying towel allows her to get on with enjoying her adventure rather than waiting all day for it to dry.

Portable Elastic Travel Clothesline

The last thing she needs to carry around is damp or wet clothes. So, she’ll appreciate having a clothesline.

The one I prefer has built in clips making it perfect for hanging wet towels, clothes that got drenched in a downpour or for drying her clothes she rinsed out in the river or bathhouse.

The clips help keep clothes hooked on the line instead of falling to the ground. Another great use is to hang a sheet to block the sun from your campsite or tent.

Camping Lantern

Camping is supposed to be all about focusing on the outdoor adventure and not carting around big bulky camping supplies that are tedious to pack or carry.

So, light up her camping life with a small rechargeable camping lantern that’s perfect for her campsite. Also it’s great to light up inside the tent until it’s time to turn in for the night or turn off for a bit of stargazing.

My suggestion of rechargeable is so she won’t have to pack batteries that take up unnecessary space. And besides, they tend to stay illuminated longer between charges and are typically brighter.

Pair it with a solar battery bank to keep it charged, and she’ll never be left in the dark because it too, has a built in flashlight.

Dry Bags

I love my dry bags so much because they are one of the most important camping essentials a girl can have! Simply stated, you gotta keep your stuff dry! And dry bags do just that!

They are the best way to store clothing, electronics, and accessories to keep them dry through those unforeseeable downpours or splashing through mud and muck!

Multi-purpose dry bags are also a must to keep in her kayak, paddle board or when she’s hiking the river.

Tech & Safety Camping Gifts for Women

camping gear for women - woman hiker wearing headlamp

Headlamp Flashlight

A hands-free, rechargeable headlamp is one of the most practical camping gifts for a women camper. Because there’s going to be plenty of times when she’s going to need both hands free to complete a task.

It’s just not feasible to hold a lantern or flashlight while putting up the tent, cooking outside or even going to the bathroom.

Or, she may just want to go for a night hike with her best furry friend without having to carry a flashlight.

And why rechargeable headlamps are better is she’ll not  have to carry around those leaky, caustic batteries.

Your favorite girl camper can just charge it using a universal charging cable and battery charger or in a USB receptacle at home, in her camping trailer or vehicle.

Portable Power Supply

Those of us who still need to stay connected will need a little bigger power supply. To help recharge it, an accompanying foldable solar panel will help power and recharge smart devices, usb fan, and whatever else she’ll need to stay in touch with the outside world.

Wrist Saver Pepper Spray for Runners

Unfortunately, women may become targets of creepy people on the trail or while camping. What better way to say, “I love you and come home safe” than gifting your girl camper or lady hiker with a pepper spray wristlet.

It’s a sensible personal defense device that could at least buy her time to escape from a perpetrator.

Get your girl camper one that is equipped with an LED light so other campers, bicycle riders and vehicle drivers can see her arm swing in the dark even up to a mile away.

It also has a built-in emergency ID card holder to store her ID, credit card and cash allowing her to not have to worry about carrying a wallet separately from her body.

This kind of personal safety device is great for assurance to wear while walking alone to the campground shower or hike, or in places women campers may be just a little unsure.

Head & Toe Camping Wear for Women

camping gear for women - women's merino wool camping socks

Camping Socks

Your outdoorsy lady needs good quality camping socks.  There’s no substitute for good quality camping socks. Because if her feet aren’t comfortable, neither is will the rest of her body.

Stay away from cotton that stays wet from sweat and breeds bacteria.

This is why you can never go wrong with Merino wool. Wool is one of best moisture wicking materials and is preferred over other knits.

The other great thing about merino wool is it’s not super thick to make hiking shoes or boots uncomfortable or cause chafing.

And, wool is the best fiber material to wear in even extreme weather conditions. Merino wool hiking socks are designed to wear in any type  of shoe or boot for camping, hiking, cycling or really, anytime

Women’s Ponytail Camping Cap

Ball caps are one of the most common headgear for women campers and hikers alike. However, most ball caps are made for men’s heads. They disproportionate having big bills and they bunch up in the back.

Also, because of their sizing, they  are uncomfortable to wear when a women’s hair is pulled back into a high ponytail or bun.

And, while those stylish, blingy ball caps may be cute, they just don’t wear well on the trail or at camp.

In fact, I’ve trashed so many cutesy ball caps with sweat and dirt. Which is why a women-specific ponytail baseball cap is the perfect head gear for women to wear on their outdoor adventures.

Ladies ponytail ballcaps have a specially designed criss-cross band on the back instead of those plastic straps that just don’t sit right on her head.

Plus, these type of camping hats are made of a non-allergenic, quick-drying polyester fabric that won’t fade or soil from sweat on hot days. They’re functional yet still have a little feminine design to fit better on her head.

But what if your girl camper not a baseball cap type of girl? A women’s boonie hat with ponytail access is another option to still keep her head and face shielded from the sun weather. 

Sleeping and Comfort

Woman setting up tent and sleeping bag

Sleep isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity whether she’s camping in the wild, on the hiking trail or snuggled in her camper van.

Getting the most from her outdoor experience in the mountains requires enough rest to be fully alert for her adventures.

Sleeping Pad 

I’m sure you’ve heard that song “It’s all about that bass”, by Meghan Trainor. The song is actually about promoting positive body image for women who have big butts.

But, in the camping world, we’re talking about the a different base; the foundation she’ll sleep on in her tent or truck seat.

Also known as a ground pad, thermal pad, sleeping mat, or roll mat is a lightweight pad that campers, hikers, backpackers and budget travelers use in conjunction with a sleeping bag. A camping sleeping mat helps to provide a cushion for your girl camper to get good rejuvenating sleep.

And like a mattress at home, her camping sleeping pad is one of the most important camping gear accessories she’ll every let you spend your money on.

So, for her, you need to get it right…the first time.

Built on their iconic proprietary Spaceframe™ baffle construction, the insulated NEMO Tensor sleeping pad offers quiet, supportive comfort in an ultralight package.

The low-stretch die-cut trusses helps to eliminate springiness while protecting elbows and hips from poking through to the ground.

Additionally, its’ internal layer of ultra-thin film reduces convection currents and adds R-value.

Sleeping Bag

Coupled with a high quality sleeping pad, another vital piece of camping gear that ladies take very seriously is a good quality sleeping bag. Because speaking from experience, us chicks get cold faster and tend to stay cold longer.

So, don’t skimp on her sleep camping gear! I highly recommend Big Agnes’ Disco sleeping bag (to 15°F) or the Sea To Summit Altitude women’s down sleeping bag (to 15°F) which are designed specifically for women. Both are lightweight enough for backpacking but cozy enough for camping in freezing temperatures. We highly recommend adding a sleeping bag liner to add more warmth and comfort. 

Rechargeable Pocket Hand Warmers

Hiking or camping in cold weather shouldn’t mean your favorite outdoorsy woman has to suffer with cold hands. Rechargeable pocket hand warmers are just the ticket to keeping her hands warm and toasty in her pockets until she has to use them.

What’s great is they can be used separately or combined into one. The hand warmers are adjustable 3-speed warming action quickly heats up to a toasty 131° F! 

They provide long-lasting heat which makes them perfect for women campers and lady hikers who’s hands seem to get cold.

These are just the perfect women’s camping gift ideas to pair with a pair of socks we mentioned above or a pair of fingerless mittens to put them inside.

But, say your girl camper is trying out hiking or camping for the first time. You may just want to gift her a disposable Hot Hands instead. Though they are only for one-time-use, they’re still great for keeping your hands, feet and even body core warmer on those nippy days or nights.

✰ PRO TIP ✰ Hand warmers are great for putting in the bottom of her sleeping bag to keep a girl’s feet warm while she sleeps.

Personal Hygiene Camping Gifts for Women

3 young women camping and roasting marshmallows

Female Urination Device

Yep, I’m going to go there. Well, not GO there, but go THERE.

So, if you’re a guy and you embarrass easily, just think about what us girls have to endure every time we go camping in the wild. I’m talking about peeing outside!

It’s so unfair that boys can pee standing up. Yet, us ladies have to go find a bush to squat behind which can be quite embarrassing to downright dangerous.

If you’re a guy, we wouldn’t expect you to understand. But you can at least try by reading why my suggestion for why this one of the best practical camping gifts for women.

I’ll never forget those embarrassing moments when I’d be on a motorcycle ride with the guys. When we’d stop for a potty break, all the guys would just turn their backs and whip it out, ready aim and fire!

However, not so much for us girls. Sometimes, finding places like near a bush to hide behind are nonexistent. 

And again, speaking from experience, it’s not pleasant when we accidentally pee on our pants or boots while we try to squat. Oh, I’ll never forget the time I squatted right over a rattler!

So, I was on a plight to figure out a way to pee in the company of men or when I was on the trail.

Then, my son was a former U.S. Soldier told me about some sort of female urination funnel. Also called “FUD” or “STP” (stand to pee) are issued to female soldiers in the field.

After much research and experimenting with several FUDs, I instantly fell head over heals with GoGirl!

It’s a revolutionary bathroom solution for outdoorsy women who want the ability to pee conveniently anywhere; even in the company of men!

It allows women to pee standing up just like the boys! So, now rather than squatting, hovering, or holding it, camping chicks can unzip, whip it out and GO…standing up!

Disposable Female Urinal Funnels

Now, there are times and places where we ladies may not want to deal with washing out the reusable FUD mentioned above. Thus, disposable female urinal funnels are an even simpler throw-away potty solution for camping or hiking.

So whether she’s heading out on a group ride with the boys, hike with her friends or go tent camping in the wild, they will help make eliminating so much easier and more sanitary than squatting and accidentally peeing on herself.

They’re also perfect for those late night potty breaks when she may not want to exit her tent or camper van.

The urinal funnel tip fits inside a standard water bottle (of course she’s going to eventually dump and throw away). They’re one of the most practical women’s camping gifts you can get her.

Even if it’s meant as a gag gift, she’ll still appreciate them to avoid outdoor embarrassments, icky port-a-potties and gross public toilets.

Body Hygiene Wipes

Most ladies prefer to be clean; even when recreating  outdoors.

However, if your girl camper is like me, whether camping or hiking, the last thing we want is to smell like a flower shop or bakery. Those sweet smelling fruit and flower scented body sprays attract things she really doesn’t want to meet while camping like bees or bears!

Trust me, been there done that and got the t-shirt!

Which is why your outdoorsy chick will love my go to favorite hygiene wipe; Venture Wipes. They clean the body instead of covering up stinky B.O.

These single-use body wipes are awesomely bigger and don’t fall apart like other body wipes.

In fact, each wipe is so durable that she can even rinse and reuse it. I actually use them in the campground shower as a disposable wash cloth by adding a little shower soap to get a good scrub.

They also stay moist even to the end of her Venture bath. And, they’re unscented. So, no attracting things that want to sting or eat her.

They’re perfect for a quick cleanup after a good hike or bike, a salty paddle or day on the beach and between showers.

I usually keep one or two in my hiking pants pocket and in my daypack, my kayaking dry bagsightseeing bag, and even my day cruise bag for quick and refreshing cleanups. I also keep one in my GoGirl pouch for cleaning my lady bits.

Seriously, they are one of the best camping gifts for women that you can surprise her with anytime. And she won’t even get mad about it!

✰ LADY CAMPING PRO TIP ✰  Never discard any female disposable trash in the wild. Put them in a small disposable plastic zipper bag or two and toss into a proper trash receptacle. 

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Anything us ladies absolutely loathe is placing our shampoo and bath gel bottles the dirty shower floor in the campground bathhouse.

Or, putting our girlie supplies on the dirty countertop. Which is why she needs a good quality travel toiletry bag to keep all of her toiletries tucked in one place.

Just unzip to open and hang it on the shower rod or hook to allow access to her suds, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, etc. without contamination of whatever-the-hell-that-is on the floor or countertop.

Want to make this an even better practical gift for her? Fill it with a travel toiletry supply kit to get her started!

Dry Shampoo

One of my favorite practical camping gifts for women is dry shampoo.

In fact, I use it regularly when we camp off grid in our small motorhome. Since we’re so limited in our water, hair washing even every couple days just isn’t going to happen.

So, she can keep her hair looking clean and fresh using a good dry shampoo. Dry shampoo can help as a styling tool to absorb oils and add a little lift to make it look not so flat and dirty.

It will hold her over until she can hit the campground shower, or get home for that long hot invigorating shower. 

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Wrapping up our camping gifts for women

Camping Gear for Women - 2 women sitting by tent

While there are many other different selections of camping gear, these practical camping gifts for women are designed and manufactured to be efficient, lightweight and necessary.

So, save the fashion for the fancy nights out on the town. Fit and function is the name of the game when outfitting your favorite girl camper.

Camping Gift Ideas for Women - Always On Liberty

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