RV Repair Kit Supplies for Emergency Repairs & RV Maintenance

If you own an RV or camper, an RV repair kit is a definite must have to keep easily accessible. Because as we all know that something is going to break on the road or far from home.  But, having the right RV repair supplies for an emergency fix on the road could be the difference between ending your trip early or continuing on with your adventure.

So, we’ve put together a list of necessary items to stock your RV repair kit for not only those emergencies but also your RV maintenance, modifications and product installations.

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RV Repair Kit Supplies for Emergency Repairs and RV Maintenance

“Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”

Eternabond Tape

Eternabond tape should be in every RVer’s toolbox. The tape comes in widths anywhere from 1″ to 6″ and is available in different colors. It can be used for many issues that need instant and strong adhesion.

For an emergency fix, Eternabond tape is perfect for repairing a sudden rip or crack in your RV roof. You can also use it to seal a crack in your RV’s fiberglass sidewall or to fasten solar panel cables to your RV’s roof.

Using the black Eternabond tape, you can adhere it to your RV’s chloroplast underbelly protector.

A couple words of caution when using Eternabond tape  products. After preparing the area where you are applying the tape, be very careful to get it exactly where you want it the first time.

Eternabond is a permanent bonding application. So, once you adhere it, you can’t remove the tape to reposition.

Don’t let that deter you from getting it. It’s the most recommended permanent bonding tape for RVers because of it’s promised adhesion.

Roof Sealant

No RV owner should be on the road without a couple of tubes of roof sealant in their RV tool kit. The versatile sealant is a staple on every RV roof today.

Dicor is, in our opinion, the most trusted brand of RV roof sealants out there. And, it’s available in regular and self-leveling sealing compounds.

So it’s smart to keep a tube of Dicor available for those emergency fixes on your RV’s roof to help prevent water leaks.

To use, simply clean the area you need to make the emergency repair to. Then, carefully apply the Dicor product using a caulking gun.

A word of caution when using roof sealant. Be careful when applying as it’s messy and can be difficult to clean up any excess or spillage.


Having the ability to seal the outside of your RV from weather and pests is why you need a tube of sealant in your RV repair kit. Sealant is a generic term for multiple caulking compounds ranging from acrylic to silicone.

But, before buying sealing caulk for your RV, you will need to know what compound to use on your motorhome or camper. That information can be obtained from your RV manufacturer.

Also where you apply the caulk will figure into what compound you need. For example sealing compounds used for indoors versus outdoor emergency repairs.

Similar to applying roof sealant (above), clean the area you’re going to apply the caulk to. Then, use an everyday caulking gun to lay out the bead of caulk. Then, for a smooth finish use the tip of a wet finger to remove the excess caulk.

Word of caution when using this type of sealant. Do not use on extruded polystyrene insulation sheathing like styrofoam or EPDM. Also, do not use on acrylic skylight glazing surfaces.

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Silicone Spray

A can of silicone spray is another must have for your RV repair kit. But, it’s not just for emergencies but also for some of your regular RV maintenance tasks.

Lubricating sprays come in several compounds, but silicone spray is the best. Avoid compounds like WD-40 that are water-based or compounds that will attract dirt.

Silicone spray is great for freeing a sticky lock or door latch. Or you can use it to lubricate the flapper ball on your RV toilet. It’s also great for protecting your level up pistons from corrosion or lubing sticky slide seals.

To use, remove any existing dust, dirt or corrosion before applying. Once finished, apply the spray silicone using the small straw that comes with the can. But make sure you don’t get overspray on your RV’s body paint. Also make sure you don’t allow any silicone spray to get onto your RV steps.

Anti-Corrosion Spray

PB Blaster anti-corrosion spray is the best on the market for an emergency lubrication fix on the road to your RV’s suspension. In fact, it’s one of the most important items to keep in our RV repair kit. 

The anti corrosion spray is available in a couple different size spray cans. Anti-corrosion spray helps to loosen corroded or rusty nuts and bolts with ease. It provides protection to any metal fastener on your RV.

To use, spray the PB Blaster liberally on the frozen nut or bolt and wait for it to do dissolve the locked on material. After, you will be able to remove and replace that broken wet bolt or suspension part.

Repair Epoxy

Always keep some Epoxy in your RV for emergency repairs on the road or back at the campground. There are several brands of 2 part epoxy that come in a variety of colors.

JB Weld is our favorite repair epoxy. We used it in several places on our RV for emergency repairs last week including our cabin window blinds and a portable water jug.

To use, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the back of the package. However, some cautionary words, do not apply the epoxy anywhere except for its’ intended repair location.

Industrial Strength Glue

For some emergency repairs on your RV, we highly recommend some industrial strength glue like E-6000.  

This is a sturdy glue you apply to almost any surface to repair. It’s available in a large tube or a small multi-pack which is perfect because they won’t dry out. And trust us, this high-bonding glue is much better than standard super glue.

E-6000 can be used to repair a broken cabinet door, adhere a piece of broken trim or glue broken glass back together. All in all E-6000 has multiple uses that it’s a staple for your RV repair kit.

✰ READ MORE In addition to your emergency RV repair kit, you’ll also need to have the right tools to keep in your RV Tool Kit for all of your RV maintenance, modification and repair projects.

Duct Tape

Who hasn’t used good old fashion duct tape for an emergency fix to their RV on the road?

Be aware though, there are cheap imposters of duct tape that don’t adhere. So, stick with the Duck Brand duct tapeThe versatility and uses of duct tape are endless. Plus, Duck brand duct tape now comes in a variety of colors and widths.

You can seam things together using duct tape. Also, it’s a great adhesive tape to repair an awning tear or window or door screen rip.

To use, simply rip off a strip to the desired length and slap that baby on! However, be aware duct tape is not waterproof or weatherproof. For removal, high heat will help release the glue adhesive should you need to remove it.

Electrical Tape

Electricians or Electrical tape should be easily accessible in your RV repair kit and tool kit for everyday uses and emergency fixes.

Electricians’ tape comes is very flexible and sticks to almost anything. It also comes in several different colors so you can color code your projects.

You can use electrical tape to repair and protect electrical wires that are frayed or chaffing on your RV. It’s also great to use for binding several wires or cables together. You can also use it to keep wire nuts in place. Electrical tape also works great in a pinch until you can shrink wrap wires later. 

When using electrical tape, we suggest using a sharp knife or scissors to cut the tape instead of just tearing it for use. Because when you try to tear it, you end up stretching it which loosens its’ adhesiveness.

To use, simply clean the surface of the wire or cable first. Then, cut an ample length of the tape to wrap around wires or cables for protection. 

Plumber’s Tape

A roll of plumber’s tape is a requirement to keep in your RV repair kit and tool box. It’s essential for fixing an emergency water leak in your RV.

A roll of plumbers tape is super inexpensive. And a roll will last you a life time. It’s is easy to use and can be a difference between a leaky water fixture and a dry RV. You can use plumbers tape to seal a leaky water pump line, toilet supply line or even the fresh water connection at the campground.

To apply, follow the lay of the threads on the leaking fixture to make sure the tape is being forced into the fitting when screwed back on. Just remember, little plumber’s tape goes a long way.

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It’s a given that you’re going to blow some fuses either on the road or parked at your campsite. And trust me, we’ve blown a few ourselves on the road and while parked in a campground. It’s just the nature of the game for RVing and electricity.

So, it’s wise to always carry a 12 volt fuse kit for a fast replacement to stay on the road.

Zip or Cable Ties

Let’s face it, cable ties are one of the most widely used RV repair essential to keep in both your RV repair kit as well as your RV tool kit.

You can use for a temporary fix or permanent solution for everything.. Cable or zip ties are great for bundling cables, wires, hoses and ropes together.

There are several types of zip ties today such as regular, reusable and metal zip ties. We recommend carrying a package of several different lengths, sizes and styles of zip ties. And keep them readily accessible.

To use, place them where you want to bundle in place, wrap it around to the other side, slip the end into the hole and tighten the zip tie until it doesn’t slip up or down. Cut off the excess tail to finish your emergency fix or bundling.

Screw Clamps

The last of our RV repair kit essentials is a set of screw clamps of various sizes. Screw clamps come in a variety of sizes (circumference and strength). We recommend stocking your emergency repair kit with at least  a couple of 1″, a couple of 3″ and a couple of 6″ clamps.

Metal screw clamps can be used to make an emergency repair to your RV fresh water, sewer hose fittings or even a radiator hose.

You can also use them to re-attach an antenna to your RV ladder. Or try using them to attach two objects together for a more durable solution than cable or zip ties.

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Wrapping up our list of must have RV repair kit supplies

RV Repair Kit Supplies - Electrical Repair on RV - Always On Liberty

Here’s the deal. Stuff is going to break in your RV; including RV components from the roof down to your leveling system landing gears.

By having all the necessary supplies in your RV repair kit and being prepared for what RV life throws at ya, you can McGyver anything to get your rig back home or to the next campground.

Remember not every list is foolproof and we encourage you to develop a personal list based on your RV and your type of travel.

If you have any additional suggestions on what you keep  in your RV repair kit, please leave them in the comments.

✰ PRO TIP  You’re going to break down some time throughout your RV travels. Which is why it’s important to keep necessary Roadside Safety Gear for RV Breakdowns or Emergency.

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RV Repair Kit Supplies for RV Maintenance - Always On Liberty

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