Outdoor Cat Tents Keep Kitty Safe from Danger!

Do you have an adventurous kitty who loves to go outdoors? A safe and secure popup outdoor cat tent is the perfect solution to keep them safe outdoors! Made with nomadic cats in mind, these pet screen tents allow your feline to enjoy all the sights and sounds without getting into trouble, lost, injured or worse!

These portable popup cat enclosures are the ideal solution for camping with your cat (or even small dog!) They’re also perfect for RVing or boating, a day at the beach or even to keep your cat safe in your own backyard!

So, let’s see which of these outdoor cat tents and catios will be your cat’s number one pick!

Outdoor Cat Tents - Screen Tents for Cats - Always On Liberty

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Outdoor Cat Tents

Screen Play Yards for Cats Who Love Camping and the Outdoors

Best Outdoor Cat Tents - Screen Tents for Cats - Pet Play Yards - Always On Liberty

We all know that cats have a strong desire to go outside. But the risks of letting them outdoors are too high for them to roam free.

But, we’ve found some great solutions for indoor cats who want to experience the outdoors safely. These secure screen enclosures provide cats access to outdoor sights, sounds, and even smells but in their own safe haven in the shade.

Laugh all you want! But by containing your cat  outside will actually help save their life.

These super fun and portable outdoor catios and cat screen tents and tunnels are the perfect size for your cat to play and pounce outdoors.

But they’re small enough to pack up to take with you on your next adventure. And, they fold down just as quickly as they are to set up without special tools!

Before checking out the most popular outdoor cat tents and portable play yards, let’s first talk about why you should get one of these screen enclosure pet play yard for your feline companion.

Why is an outdoor cat tent necessary

There’s a lot that comes with letting your cat outside, especially in unfamiliar places. Now, unless you’ve trained your cat from an early age to walk on a leash or wear a harness, you may have a difficult time restraining them outdoors.

1) Keeps your cat from wandering away

Cats love to be outside. It’s their nature to be in the wild. They’re inquisitive by nature and sometimes may wander off on a journey of their own.

But, as cat owners ourselves, we can appreciate why most cats hate to wear a harness and/or to be on a tether.

However, a screen cat tent is instrumental in keeping kitty contained without feeling cooped up or getting tangled in his leash.

2) Protects nature and environment

Kitties love to watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. But, they also love to kill them and gifting us with them even though we wish them not to. Cats actually pose a threat to the environment (not good!).

But a cat screen enclosure offers a great barrier between your cat and wildlife.

3) Protects your cat

But also, some things can injure them or even worse. This includes cars, bears and other potentially dangerous wildlife, and even rattlesnakes.

This includes at campgrounds where some irresponsible dog owners let their dogs off leash. This alone poses a serious threat to your cat (or dog) should the dog approach.

But, if you contain your feline friend inside their own outdoor cat tent, they will be a heck of a lot safer. As also, every living thing around them. 

4) Introduces new family members

Screen cat enclosures are great for introducing your kitty to the outdoors. But, they’re also great for introducing your cat to new additions to the family; including other cats and dogs.

A screen cat tent allows separation while still making them feel a part of the family and environment; indoors or outdoors.

These cat enclosures are also ideal to use for Momma cats birthing her kittens. She’ll feel comfortable, at the same time, can be looked in on without disturbing her.

Plus, they make great places for the baby kittens to stay in one place.

5) Contains your cat indoors

Portable screen catios are also great for providing a safe place for your injured or recuperating cat (or dog) to be separate from the others.

On a personal note, our Maine Coons’ outdoor cat tent worked perfectly while our RV was in the shop for a few hours. Since they’re not big fans of staying cooped up in their cat carriers, their mesh cat tent was a Godsend! 

Once we deployed their portable screen tent on the floor of the waiting area, they were much happier cats. And, the other people were spared of their insistent meowing and screaming.

In fact, the other pet owners absolutely loved the idea that we probably could have sold a dozen of those screen tents while we were in there.

Tips when using a portable outdoor cat tent

Cat Screen Tunnel
Photo source: Amazon

We know you love your cat. I mean, why else would you be bringing him on your adventures?

But, there’s a few things you should know or be aware of before just putting up your cat’s outdoor play yard.

Firstly, we totally recommend testing the cat play tent indoors prior to outdoor use. Let your cat sniff and investigate it on his own terms.

Then, place a couple of her favorite toys, water bowl and cat bed inside the tent so her can associate the tent as her safe haven or happy place.

You may want to keep it set up for a few days and watch how your cat interacts with it. If your cat shows no interest in it, maybe just put it away for a week or so and reintroduce it later.

Never zip or lock him inside his new outdoor cat tent first time. Once he has taken to it, then you can graduate him to using it outside.

It is very important though to never force your cat to stay outside when he doesn’t want to anymore.

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1) Keep your cat safe

First and foremost, as a responsible cat owner, you should always think of your kitty’s safety.

Before taking kitty outside, make certain he is wearing his harness with leash attached. That way, if something spooks him and he tries to run away, he won’t get too far from you.

Once you do get your cat inside his portable screen house, then you can unhook his leash to allow him freedom.

Oh, and something to keep in mind is cats are masterminds at being incredible escape artists. If they can find a way to escape, they will.

So, make certain zippers are completely zipped. You many have to tie two zippers together through the zipper loops with a small twisty tie.

Also, before every use, make certain their are no holes where your cat can get his collar caught on or make bigger by pushing himself through.

2) Keep your kitty happy & comfortable

As we know, when your cat is happy, everyone is happy! So, you should always consider your cat’s comfort. Never force your cat outdoors where there’s lots of unfamiliar sights and sounds.

Keep in mind, things are louder outdoors than what your cat may hear indoors; such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers and weed whackers, truck and boat engines, loud or screaming children, etc.

Especially if you’re kitty is skittish or shy, start with short term outdoor exposure. Then work up to longer periods of time.

Oh, and don’t forget to always provide your cat with a clean bowl of water, even if he’s going to be outside for a short time.

3) Keep your cat engaged

To help keep your cat engaged, add a few of his favorite toys and his cat bed. This will help make him feel comfortable with his familiar belongings.

And never leave your cat unattended outside in his portable cat tent. Too much can happen to your cat in such a short time!

Not saying it will, but things to consider are wildlife attacks, dog altercations or your kitty simply doesn’t want to be there anymore.

4) Never leave your cat outdoors unattended

But never leave your cat alone outside. You’re his normal. If your cat cowers from loud noises or movement, reassure her that you’re right there and everything’s alright.

5) How and where to set up your outdoor cat tent 

You should always set up your outdoor cat tent or any pet play yard for that matter, in the shade or at least part shade.

If the area doesn’t have ample shade, consider at least covering the top of the pet playpen with a white sheet that reflects the sun’s rays.

Or you should set it up under a patio umbrella, beach cabana or your own camping screen tent.

It’s very important that you stake down the structure into the ground so it will not become airborne from the wind. The last thing you want is your cat to go flying through the air from a sudden wind gust.

Also, if an outdoor cat tent or play yard does not have a floor, consider placing the tent on top of a tarp and/or place the same size rug under the tent.

This will help prevent your cat from eating toxic plants and bugs. Remember, some places may have lawn fertilizer or pest deterrents (sprays or powders) that may have been applied to the ground surface.

So, now that we’ve gone over some good things to know before letting your cat outside, let’s check out our recommendations of cool popup screen tents for cats!

Outdoor Cat Tents & Portable Play Yards for Cats

Kitty City Mega Outdoor Playset

Kitty City Mega Outdoor Playset
Photo Source: Amazon

There’s lot of fun cubby cubes for your cats to play, hide or take a cat nap in this fully-enclosed mega outdoor cat playsetThis multi-level outdoor screen catio has an endless number of ways to keep playtime fresh for your cat.

It’s perfect for multiple cats as it offers plenty of room for several pets to run, hide and chase. You can even create a complete cat fortress by zipping tunnels to the main play set. 

Also, because of its’ relatively small footprint, it’s perfect to take camping or keep on the patio at home.

Oh, and let’s not forget, it also has a zip door that makes it easy for you to get into the screen catio if your cat just can’t be bothered to come out for dinner or go inside.

Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Tower Screen Enclosure

Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Tower Screen Enclosure
Photo source: Amazon

Every cat deserves a day in the sun, and this fully-screened kitty tower enclosure is the perfect solution.

This easy-setup 3-story popup screen tent designed for cats provides ample amount of space to stretch out and play outside. It features hammock-like shelves for your cat to lounge, watch the birds or take a snooze.

You can also zip screen tunnels to the circular opening to give your cat more roaming space. Or, you can widen your cat’s play area even more by attaching the screen tunnels to another kitty compound!

This popup cat tent provides a safe environment for your indoor cat to enjoy time outside while camping, on the patio, balcony or even indoors where you can keep an eye on your kitty.

Outdoor Pop Up Cat Playpen with Double Screen Tunnels

Outdoor Pop Up Pet Playpen with Double Cat Tunnels
Photo source: Amazon

Your cats will love zooming through the tunnels and back again in this outdoor popup up cat playpen with tunnels! And because it’s totally screened means your cat will get to enjoy 360° views wherever you set it up.

Speaking of the screen feature, its’ breathable, mesh fabric will help keep your indoor cat or small pet closer to nature.

At the same time, it keep your cat away from large insects, annoying birds, rodents and snakes (or vice versa) because they have room to get away from them while still be protected.

This portable outdoor cat play yard takes less than 3 minutes to put up and take down. And it folds down compactly making it perfect to take RVing, boating and camping! The cat screen tent also includes 4 tent stakes for staking down.

Portable Outdoor Cat Screen Tent with Tunnel

Portable Outdoor Cat Screen Tent with Tunnel
Photo source: Amazon

This fun outdoor screen cat tent with circular tunnel enclosure is what our Krissie and Kandi have! It’s the perfect set up at our campsite that keeps them from chasing wildlife or wildlife chasing them!

The reason we chose this outdoor cat tent is it allows our furballs to spend time outdoors with us while watching the birds and squirrels. We actually started with just the basic popup screen structure but found they needed a little room to get away from each other (they’re girl cats).

We added the tunnel to allow separation from the other. Now they also make it a game chasing each other around in it.

The bottom of the cat tent has a hard, thin barrier that keeps fleas and ticks from coming through the bottom. I put one of their cat beds inside for afternoon snoozes in the shade.

✰ PRO TIP ✰  When buying outdoor cat tents that offer other accessories such as attachable tunnels, we recommend buying them all together. Sometimes manufacturers change the design of the entire system which may make zipper features not align correctly on older components.

Outdoor Cat Tunnel Play Yard

Outdoor Cat Tunnel Play Yard
Photo source: Amazon

The fully enclosed mesh outdoor cat tunnel play yard design is perfect for cats on the move. Your cats can tunnel their way from one space to another while enjoying the elements of nature. The claw-resistant mesh is durable enough to withstand vigorous playing, running and chasing.

The self-locking zipper doors are set on each cube and tunnel, allowing you to zip on others. In other words, its’ unlimited expansion and your imagination allows you to build the ultimate play yard to create countless ways to keep your cat fresh for playtime.

It literally only takes less than a couple minutes to connect the screen tunnels and tent to complete the construction of the game center for your cat.

And the popup design makes it so easy to store and carry.

Pawaboo Portable Pet Playpen

Pawaboo Portable Pet Playpen
Photo source: Amazon

If you didn’t notice, we’re sizing down our favorite cat tents. Not that you would leave your kitty outside in the rain, the Pawaboo Pet Playpen is waterproof. Its’ higher density mesh ensures that your little kitty cat won’t easily chew through and escape!

The Pawaboo pet playpen is perfect for cats who don’t really like wide open views. But she still can get fresh air and peek out when Miss kitty wants to.

What’s great about this tent for cats is it’s also suitable for other small animals! (hedeghogs, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea-pigs, gerbils, ferrets, squirrel, bunny, reptile or other small animals!) It can be used outdoors and indoors as well.

It’s perfect to take camping and keep in your RV because it’s light and handy when folded. It folds down to the size of a dinner plate! So, no worrying about carrying a big cage in your RV or vehicle.

The Pawaboo cat tent is also perfect to take in a hotel room or AirB&B so you don’t have to worry about your kitty climbing the curtains.

Other mesh cat tents to check out:

Non-Mesh Outdoor Catios

Eiiel Grid Outdoor Cat House

Eiiel Grid Outdoor Cat House
Photo source: Amazon

If your RV is stationary at an RV park or even parked on your own property, this indoor or outdoor cat cage enclosure is ideal for multiple kitties!

The upgraded load-bearing metal grid design allows you to configure however your cats prefer by adding shelves to romp or place their cat bed.

You can even install a cat hammock for them to lounge in the sun or snooze in the shade! It even has doors for access to your pets.

Be aware though this type of outdoor catio does not have screening to protect them from flying insects, small birds or rodents.

But it does allow them great outdoor enjoyment when set up properly and securely.

PawHut Outdoor Metal Pet Enclosure

PawHut Outdoor Metal Pet Enclosure
Photo source: Amazon

The PawHut outdoor metal pet enclosure is perfect for cat owners who stay in one location longer. It will keep your cats safely contained while she still can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

This metal pet enclosure helps keep your pets safe from predators, the weather, and other hazards while outdoors. It’s suitable not just for cats but also dogs, rabbits, and other small animals.

This kennel includes a canopy top that provides cool shade on sunny days to keep your cat healthy and less dehydrated.

And, the strong steel frame can be collapsed into a flat stack that’s lightweight, portable, and ultra-easy to store in the back of your truck or basement of your motorhome. 

Wrapping up our outdoor cat tents and play yards

Cat Screen Tent and Cat Tunnel
Photo source: Amazon

That wraps up our suggestions on outdoor cat tents so your kitty can join you outdoors. As you can see, your cat can enjoy the outdoors without being tangled up in a leash or playing dead when you put on his harness!

Just remember to never leave your cat unattended when using any of these cat tents and pet enclosures. 

Check out how we RV with cats successfully in our video below!

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