How a Pet Stroller Can Save Their Life (Yours too!)

Pet strollers have become a commodity amongst dog and cat owners. And it’s no wonder! They’re super fun for the dog or cat as well as their pet parents pushing them. But, it may come as a surprise that a pet stroller isn’t just for lazy cats and or who are disabled. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why these rolling pet buggies are actually a good thing

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How a Pet Stroller can save your dog's or cat's life - Best Pet Strollers - Always On Liberty

How A Pet Stroller Can Actually Save Your Pet’s Life

…and yours too!

Corgi Dog in a pet stroller - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Canva

If you’ve been strolling outdoors lately, I’m sure you’ve seen small dogs or cats being pushed around in a pet stroller just like children in a baby carriage.

In fact, while biking on rail trails and greenways, I’ve seen those pet strollers as common as those who walk their dogs on a leash. Even at public parks, hiking trails and other outdoor venues, cats and dogs are riding in style in their own little pet taxi with mom or dad pushing their little darlings.

And, if you’re an RVer or camper, you’ve, no doubt, sees lots of pet strollers at RV parks, in campgrounds, and even at the RV shows!

But, are these so-called pet strollers just a fashion icon in the dog and cat world? Or is there a viable reason why pets are being pushed around like babies.

Well, let’s find out the reasons a pet stroller baby buggies are all the rage and how they can actually save their life…and yours!

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What is a pet stroller?

Yorkie Dog in a dog stroller - Always On Liberty

Now, if you’ve never seen a pet stroller carting around a small dog or cat, it truly is a humorous sight to see. But, what I’ve learned is that pet strollers aren’t just a fashion statement.

So, Paris Hilton, don’t think you’re something special with your cute pooch in her little princess push cab.

A pet stroller is similar to that of a baby stroller. They are set on 4 wheels with a handle to push. A pet stroller even has brakes to ensure it’s not going anywhere when it’s parked.

And, instead of a seat for a human baby to lay or sit, the compartment is roomy for a small dog or cat to zoom around in luxury while their owner pushes while walking behind.

Also, small pets are contained in a screen mesh compartment that allows them fresh air and to see all that’s around them. Or, the screen canopy can be unzipped for more exposure. 

Is a pet stroller better than walking your dog or cat?

Actually, there’s several viable reasons why a pet stroller is a necessity for dogs and cats. And in fact, pet strollers may be better than walking them on a leash; especially where there is lots going on.

But, let me preface this in saying that pet strollers are more suited for ‘small dogs’. It’s not likely you’re going to put your big Rottweiler or GSD in one simply because they’re too big for a pet stroller. Or, are they? Actually, we did find there are big dog strollers for pups up to 140 pounds!

However, for those little ankle biters and tiny yapper dogs or lumps of fluff, docile cats who couldn’t give a flying flip about walking on a leash, a pet stroller is the answer to getting them some much needed fresh air.

Which brings to point that small dogs and cats have little legs. So, if you’re wanting a good power walk or really work those legs, your little furball is going to have a hard time keeping up.

A pet stroller allows you to get some steps in without literally dragging your lazy, I-want-to-take-a-nap-NOW cat or distracted dog behind you. (oooooh butterflies!)

And let’s not forget, especially dogs love to stop and sniff e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! A stroller for pets helps you keep your energizing pace while they can either sit in their comfy stroller, take in a mountain or sea breeze or grab a few Z’s like little kids in a car seat.

Another reason is a pet stroller is a good measure for protection for your pet and others outside the screen. Since your small dog or cat isn’t accessible means they’re not going to bite or scratch someone who comes too close.

On the other paw, a pet stroller keeps other dogs and cats from attacking your precious little Fifi or Fluffy. No worrying about that big honkin’ pit bull eyeing your little furry friend for a tasty morsel.

And, let’s not forget, keeping your cat or dog in a pet stroller helps to prevent them from getting into trouble with wildlife such as rattlers, dangerous spiders and even big animals like bison!

Oh, and the mesh screening that keeps them from jumping out also serves to prevent several health concerns.

One of which is it keeps flying bugs from stinging and mosquitos from biting them. This alone helps prevent your pet from getting Heartworm. But also, by keeping them contained inside the stroller prevents them from getting Parvo.

Lastly, a pet stroller is ideal for those with aging or pets with disabilities. These baby buggies for cats or dogs allow your pet to still enjoy the outdoors without exerting themselves or becoming a victim of a dog or wildlife attack due to their inability to defend themself.

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Is there a pet stroller designed for more than one cat or dog?

We all know that once you have one cat or dog, you surely end up getting another. Either for companionship of your pet or you just can’t resist becoming a collector.

But, when you try to walk more than one or even two dogs or cats, you may see your life pass by sooner than you know it. One of them may run one way while the other takes of in the other direction leaving you grasping their leashes like there’s no tomorrow.

By walking or jogging with them in a stroller, your pets remain safe and sound confined in their own little moving screen room.

So, the answer is yes, there are double pet strollers that are designed to transport more than one dog or cat.

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Are pet strollers allowed in stores and restaurants?

I’ve even seen pet strollers at shopping malls, inside stores and even inside restaurants. However, that may not sit right with some people.

One may assume that just because a pet is contained in a pet stroller that they may be welcome anywhere. That is totally not the case and should never construe stroller usage as an allowance to enter any public or commercial establishment.

Pet owners still must adhere to the ADA mandates. Only those Service Animals can be granted access anywhere.

Per the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADA stipulates,

“Generally, businesses and non-profits that are open to the public as well as state/local governments must allow service animals to go most places where the public can go. This is true even if they have a “no pets” policy.”

So, the general answer is no. Even dogs or cats confined in a pet stroller but aren’t properly trained Service Animals are not permitted to enter public buildings, commercial businesses or venues unless otherwise stated they are welcome.

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Which is the best pet stroller on Amazon?

Single Pet Stroller with Small Dog - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Amazon

There’s an array of different pet strollers that can be used to haul dogs and cats. We’ve picked out the best that have high 4 star reviews on Amazon.

We categorized them into 3 sections; big dog strollers, single pet strollers for dogs and cats, and two-seater pet strollers or pet strollers for multiple pets.

Big Dog Strollers for Large Dogs Up to 150 Pounds

Woman with big dog and dog stroller - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Amazon

Pet Strollers for a Single Small Dog or Cat

Man Walking Dog in a Pet Stroller - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Amazon

Really, any of the small dog strollers can be used for cats.

Double Pet Strollers for Multiple Small Dogs and Cats

Double Pet Stroller with Dog and Cat - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Amazon

Hey, you can’t take one of your dogs or cats and leave the other behind. So, pet stroller manufacturers have designed multi pet strollers for twins and dog or cat siblings can go for a stroll together!

    • Ibiyaya 4 Wheel Double Pet Stroller for Dogs and Cats – Great for twin or multiple pet travel. Has a top tier and bottom tier so there’s no fighting for the best view ahead! Put kitty or smaller pet on the top and bigger dog on the bottom and both will be happy travelers!

    • Vilobos 3 in 1 Pet Stroller – versatile pet stroller for your dog and cat to travel together yet in separate detachable and portable top and bottom pet carriers! It’s also a waterproof jogging stroller or pets. Easily foldable making it perfect for air travel or to keep in your RV.

    • Dporticus Double Pet Stroller – Foldable two-seater carrier strolling cart for dogs and cats to sit side by side but in their own confines. It’s not only designed for small dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, but can be used for other small medium sized animals up to 30 pounds per side.

Final thoughts on why a pet stroller is a good idea for cats and dogs

4 Dogs in a dog stroller - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Canva

So there you have just a small glimpse of different types of dog and cat strollers. But also, why pet strollers are a good idea. For your pet’s safety and yours, these rolling pet taxis are a great way to bond with you pet outdoors with safety in mind.

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