US Sticker Maps for RV, Road Trips & Truckers

It’s a misnomer that every RV must have a U.S. sticker map decal on their motorhome or camper. But, these state decals aren’t just for RV travelers! Road trippers also love to show off every state stickers they have either traveled through or camped in. As well, truck drivers are even sticking them onto their rigs as a reminder of which states they’ve pulled their loads through. 

But, US sticker maps aren’t just for sticking onto motorhomes. campers, cars and trucks! The map decals can also be displayed in the home, apartment, tiny home and even college dorm room!

U.S. Sticker Maps for RVs - Always On Liberty

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U.S. Sticker Maps for RV, Road Trip Travelers & Truckers

State sticker map decals tell the story of where you’ve traveled in the United States and inspire to visit more states!

US Map Stickers - Always On Liberty
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As your rolling down the road, it’s not hard to notice those U.S. sticker maps on the back of RVs. It’s their way of showing off each of the states they’ve visited with their camper or motorhome.

But, these cool map decals aren’t just exclusive to just RVs. We’ve seen these adhesive maps on everything from RVs and camper vans to 18 wheeler semi trucks and motorcycle trailers!

But, did you know there’s different types of U.S. state sticker displays? Some travel tracker maps display each state flag while others highlight points of interest that each state is known for.

So, if your family is setting out for the ultimate cross country trip of a lifetime, document which states you’ve been to with a U.S. sticker map.

And even if you’re not, still get one to inspire you to travel beyond your own state and give you bragging rights of how many other states you’ve been to!

Where do you display your U.S. sticker map?

U.S. State Flag Sticker Map Decal - Always On Liberty
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Where you display your U.S. sticker map is entirely up to you. Most RVers either adhere it to the backside of their RV, on one of their slide outs or right on or just to the left or right of their RV entry door.

We’ve also noticed some RVers adhere their state sticker map to the inside of their RV door so they can be seen when the door is closed or open.

Here’s the thing, there’s no requirement of where you wish to post yours.

For automobile roadtripppers, since the sticker map may be too large for your car or truck’s exterior surface, some post their sticker map indoors as framed art.

I’ve seen several who put their USA map decal on a decorative galvanized metal memo board. I’ve even seen them mount them on a framed decorative chalkboard to hang in their office or family room as a conversation piece and a great memory.

Is there a requirement of how to earn your US state stickers?

When talking to various RVers or road travelers, you’d learn that there is no right way or wrong way of earning each of your state stickers.

Our rule is we have to stay overnight in a state to earn that particular state sticker. Other RV travelers have stipulations to earn their state stickers; hike or bike in each state, eat at a restaurant, drink a beer or stay overnight at a winery, etc.

Our friends Marc and Julie of RV Love have a quirky rule that they have to *ahem* “have a memorable experience” *wink wink* in each state to earn their state sticker for their map. Hence, why they are ‘RV Love’!

So, as you see, it’s up to you on how you wish to earn your state. Here are some of the most popular U.S. sticker maps that may bring out the travel bug in you!

State Landmarks Sticker Map Collage

State Landmarks Sticker Map Collage

Commemorate each stop on your RV adventures by tracking your travels with this State Landmarks Sticker Map Collage

This cool sticker collage showcases custom illustrations of each state’s most popular stops and destinations; from Mount Rushmore, The Alamo to the lighthouses of coastal Maine. 

You can track your travel, and proudly show off where you’ve visited and explored.

This cool state sticker map decal will create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Show off your progress on the outside OR inside of your RV, motorhome or camper. You could also mount it on your refrigerator at home, wall board or door.

Check out their other U.S. travel maps!

LatchIt U.S. State Sticker Map

Celebrate your road trip of a lifetime across the United States with the LatchIt U.S. state travel sticker map. Each state sticker comes with a custom illustration of the state’s most popular stops and destinations.

Your family can set travel goals and see how fast you can fill up the map. It’s a fun and educational way for the whole family to track your adventures together and learn a little Geography along the way!

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US State Names Sticker Map Collage

United States State Names Sticker Map Collage

Earn new state stickers every time your adventure takes you to a new state on this cool illustrated United States Sticker Map Collage.

You can track your travel, and proudly show off where you’ve visited and explored.

This cool road trip map decal will create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Show off your progress on the outside OR inside of your RV, motorhome or camper.

You could also mount it on your refrigerator at home, wall board or door.

United States Decal Collage

United States Decal Collage

Another of our favorite sticker map display is this United States Decal Collage.

This U.S. interactive illustrated travel tracker sticker map set is a perfect way to document your road trip adventure. Mark the states you visit and fill up your entire map. Peel off each state individually and stick it to your background sticker to show everywhere you’ve been.

It’s fun for the whole family! This travel map would make a great gift for RVers, roadschoolers, vacationing families, roadtrippers and adventurers of all ages.

EverStrong USA Travel Map Stickers

These USA travel map stickers make one of the most truly unique decorative RV camper accessories & decor. You can place it on the side of your RV, campervan, truck camper, car, or even fridge in the kitchen.

So, get the kids or grandkids interested in Geography with his great sticker map display. Help the them understand the great outdoors and the beauty of the United States of America.

As you visit each state in the U.S., let them peel off the sticker representing that state and place it on the white border outline sticker of the USA.

Is there a better way to infuse a little bit of personality and education while beautifying your motorhome or camper?

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EverStrong RV State Sticker USA Travel Map

This photographic RV state sticker travel map is nicely visible on the door of your van camper, trailer, or motorhome. But it functions just as cutely on a laptop, your RV refrigerator door, on the back window of a compact car or wherever your imagination may take it!

Each sticker replicates a photograph of a prominent landmark or scene of that specific state.

So, use your creativity and place this educational and fun US state sticker map in a unique place that tells the story of your journey!

U.S. State Flags Travel Sticker Map

Commemorate your adventures a different way with a DIY illustrated sticker map of the U.S. state flags. Each state showcases their own flag in brilliant colors.

The RV state flag wall stickers showcase custom illustrations of each state’s most popular stops and destinations, commemorate each stop on your RV adventures or road trip.

They are protected by UV rays, rain proof and weather resistant with proper care.

Better yet, not only are these U.S. sticker maps perfect for RVs or road trips, but they also can be mounted on any smooth surface for home decor and even in classrooms!

Kids can learn about each state with their corresponding state flag.

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United States Flags Sticker Map

United States Flags Sticker Map Collage

Another popular trip collage is this U.S. State Flags Sticker Map that many showcase on their RVs.

It’s super affordable, weather-proof, UV resistant and doesn’t fade. This U.S. sticker map is made with the highest grade vinyl with a finishing coat of lamination.

It sticks to well cleaned surfaces which makes it perfect for RVers to track and proudly display travel destinations on their RV or camper.

Road Trip U.S. Sticker Map of America

If I had to pick one of these magnificent U.S. sticker maps, this Road Trip Sticker Map of America would be the one. Its’ the ultimate dazzler because its’ brilliant colors draw attention to those passing by.

These RV wall stickers showcase custom illustrations of each state’s most popular stops and destinations. And, they commemorate each road trip stop or RV adventures with pride. 

And, if you you know someone who is also an RV traveler or headed out to live their own dream, this novel design RV state sticker map is a the perfect gift! They can relive cherished memories and plan for future trips & adventures.

Mini US Map Decal Tracker

North America Sticker Map Decal - Always On Liberty

If you are traveling in a camper van, truck camper, taking a road trip in your car or even motorcycle, there’s not a lot of space to put one of the bigger U.S. sticker maps.

However, we’ve found that this 8″ x 5″ small U.S. state map decal is perfect for those micro travelers. 

What’s cool is this sticker map offers personalized custom color options to make it all your own. You can choose 1 outline color and either one 1 or 4 state decal colors to complete your map decal.

If you’re including Canada and/or Mexico in your travel plans, they also offer North America sticker maps that includes both, Canada and Mexico to your adventure decal set.

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Which of these U.S. sticker maps will you choose? 

North America Sticker Decal - US State Map Stickers - Always On Liberty
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As you see, these U.S. sticker maps are a great way to document your travels. And boast about them too!

\Whether you’re an RVer, occasional road trip traveler or even OTR trucker, these U.S. map sticker decals are a fun way to show where you’ve been and even inspire you to fill in the states you’ve not visited yet!

U.S. Sticker Map Travel Trackers - Always On Liberty

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