Camping Horror Movies that Will Scare You into Staying Home!

Do you love movies that have lots of blood, guts, gore and more?! And do you enjoy camping in the woods? If so, grab your popcorn and drink! Because, we’ll show you the best camping horror movies that will make you think twice about going on that hike in the woods or camping in desolate, remote areas!

Camping horror movies are all the rage now. Audiences of all ages are paying good money to literally, get scared to death. Slasher movie screen writers and cinematographers have stepped up their game in creating the ultimate horror films that leave movie goers running for their life.

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Best Camping Horror Movies that Will Scare You into Staying Home!

Scary Camping Movies to Stream and Scream!

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Do you like to hike or camp in the woods? Are you a fan of gory horror flicks? Well, this collection of gruesome thrillers will scare the pine needles out of your craw! Some are downright lock-yourself-in-a-closet and hide-under-the-bed frightening.

If gory movies that take place outdoors is your kind of thing, these suspense filled paranormals, murderous blood baths and slasher flicks may be just what you’re edging for.

But, you may want to seriously think twice before renting these horror movies if you have any intentions of hiking or camping in the woods, sleeping in a cabin or going on a road trip anytime soon!

So, let’s grab your popcorn, beverage of choice and your woobie. Check out these horror movies about camping and hiking…if you dare!

Friday the 13th

Scary Camping Horror Movies - Friday the 13th - Always On Liberty

Based on my viewing experience, Friday the 13th is one of the most frightening thriller to watch even in a crowded movie theater. Let me personally warn you, this particular camping thriller is not for the faint of heart.

The short leading up to this fictitiously frightening flick came about when young Jason Voorhees drowned in the Crystal Lake while the Camp counselors were doing the wild thing (sex). A year later, Jason’s Mother killed 2 camp counselors that led to the camp shutting down completely.

But the real horror begins when Jason comes for revenge on the last day of summer camp in this scary summer camp movie. Jason’s got more than an axe to grind. He’s out for blood (lots and lots of blood)!

This scary movie about camping is about a group of college students who disappear on, what was supposed to be a fun trip to the infamous Camp Crystal Lake. Clay’s sister is missing and he must go out to find her.

However, as Clay ventures out amidst the dark shadows into the woods, he comes face to face with the notorious hockey-mask-wearing, knife-slashing killer, “Jason”! 

✰ FUN FACT   Did you know there’s over 50 places in the United States named Crystal Lake?

Final Summer

Scary Camping Horror Movies - Final Summer - Always On Liberty

Speaking of masked killers, Final Summer is another scary camping movie that left me literally paralyzed in my seat while screaming in silence.

This scary camping movie takes place in the late summer 1991 at a summer camp called Camp Silverlake. Tragedy strikes on the final day before closing for the season.

In the aftermath of a summer camp tragedy, on the final days of shutting down the camp for the season, camp counsellors find themselves fighting for their lives against a masked killer.

The Strangers: Prey At Night

Scary Camping Horror Movies - The Strangers Prey At Night - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Wicked Horror

The Strangers: Prey at Night is another chiller thriller movie where masks are the clothing of choice to hide the psychotic murdering suspects’ faces in search for a good bloody time.

This horror flick is about a young happy-go-lucky family who goes on a dreamy road trip. But the family getaway takes an unexpected and dangerous turn when they pull into an oddly deserted trailer park to visit relatives.

After getting comfortable in their mobile home, they are soon met by three masked psychopath killers who aren’t exactly the welcoming committee bringing good tidings.

This grim film may make you think twice about even pulling into one of those deserted or sketchy looking RV parks!

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 Blair Witch Project

Scary Camping Horror Movies - Blair Witch Project - Always On Liberty
Photo source: IDMb

The 1999 Blair Witch Project supernatural horror film dramatically tells the tale of a film student trio who’ve traveled deep into the woods of Maryland to collect documentary footage about the a legendary local murderer, the Blair Witch. 

Over the course of a week of camping their way deep into the woods to investigate, they get lost and begin hearing horrific noises. Soon, they start seeing things that make them think why the hell they’re out there to begin with!

And believe me when I tell you, the ending will leave you on the edge of your seat. Though there’s no real blood, guts and gore, the murderous screams and fear of the unknown will make you not want to go hiking or camping for a long, LONG time.


Scary Camping Horror Movies - Deliverance - Always On Liberty
Photo source: IDMb

Most of the older generations know of the 1972 movie Deliverance. And each time we hear it, we can almost hear banjos playing in the distance as the word rolls off our tongue.

In this crazy lunatic film, four middle age men venture out from the city for a weekend whitewater canoe trip in beautiful Georgia. However, the adventurous canoe and camping adventure turns into a fearful fight for their survival.

Things start going terribly wrong when they are not welcomed by the backwoods locals. As they continue their so-called adventure, they are stalked and savagely ambushed. But only three of the four are left to contend with a deranged man who has crazy and unfriendly intentions.

So, what happened to the fourth man? You’ll just have to watch this terror film classic!


Scary Camping Horror Movies - Backcountry - Always On Liberty

I promise you, after seeing Backcountry myself, this edge-of-your-seat horror movie about camping will leave you either packing survival supplies to last a month or ditching the camping trip all together.

The 2014 Canadian nature–survival horror film, Backcountry is based on the true story. A man-hungry predatory bear attacks a couple, Jenn and Alex, while camping in the thick wooded backcountry of Missinaibi Lake Provincial Park, North of Chapleau, Ontario in 2005.

Becoming disoriented and the fact they have forgotten their cellphone and compass leaves them vulnerable to a ferocious, man-eating bear. But, only one person returns!

After seeing this grisly film, you’ll never go hiking or camping unprepared without a personal satellite locator and bear spray even again!

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Cabin Fever

Camping Horror Movies - Cabin Fever - Always On Liberty
Photo source: IDMb

I remember watching this hugely grotesque scary camping horror movie on recommendation of a former friend. Let’s just say, my opinion is, this is not your typical slasher film about some masked, psycho, axe murderer. Oh, it’s something way weirder!

In the gagging gory thriller movie, Cabin Fever, five college students trek off on a spring break adventure in a remote wood cabin in the mountains.

This 2016 remake of the original 2003 horror flick is an absolute classic gorefest as a flesh-eating virus makes a meal of the teen victims.

But, the horror doesn’t end there. There’s a couple sequels to the original; Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever and Cabin Fever: Patient Zero. And now you see why we camp in an RV?

Other cabin horror films that will make you run out to buy an RV instead!

Sleepaway Camp

Scary Camping Horror Movies - Sleepaway Camp - Always On Liberty

Sleepaway Camp is the first of a 4 series American slasher movies where a young and extremely traumatized girl is sent to Camp Arawak to try to succumb her psych after a terrible boating accident killed her entire family.

However, after she arrives at the camp, bizarre things started happening. A series of violent accidents begin; claiming the lives of other campers.

Other camping horror films in the Sleepaway Camp Series

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Willow Creek

Scary Camping Horror Movies - Willow Creek - Always On Liberty

If you make fun of people who are big believers in Bigfoot, sit down because this horror camping thriller will have you screaming bloody murder at things that go bump in the night!

Willow Creek is 2013 scream thriller about a young couple camping in the woods who find themselves facing a terrifying evil as they venture into the heart of Bigfoot country.

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Killing Ground

Scary Camping Horror Movies - Killing Ground - Always On Liberty

The 2016 Australian mind-riveting, horror thriller film, Killing Ground is about a young couple who’s camping trip takes a horrible turn into a thriller that takes you to the depths of evil.

On a much needed break away from the city life, a young couple treks off on a beautiful remote beach weekend getaway.

However, soon after, they stumble upon an abandoned campsite and a very young, horrifically traumatized child. Then, the frightening ordeal begins when they meet a creepy unhinged camper who is a “hunter”.

But, what is he hunting? Or, shall I ask who is he hunting?

The Ritual

Scary Hiking Movie - The Ritual - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Set the Tape

After watching this creature feature camping thriller, The Ritual, I’m not sure you’ll want to camp or hike in the woods ever again!

Four college buds set off on a hiking adventure in a wilderness region in Sweden to honor their friend who was brutally murdered the year prior. The purpose was also to reconnect but also temporarily escape the trials of life.

But, like most trips, a little tension and rift ensues amidst the inexperienced backpackers. The lose their way, run out of food and are about to throw in the towel when things take a drastic turn for the worse.

They happen upon ancient Norse ruins with artifacts and bones which seemingly look like something sacrificial.

But it’s the unknown evil presence that stalks their every step. Some ancient demonic creature is hunting them at every turn. Will they make it out alive?

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Wolf Creek

Camping Horror Movies - Wolf Creek - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Tubi

Calling this one, “Crocodile Dundee Snapped”, Dan and I watched Wolf Creek when we first started RVing. It’s actually a great movie to watch when you’re boondocking in the desert.

But, only if you can stomach watching a chilling, blood-splattered slasher movie based on a true story. Just make sure you have a strong cell signal, a fully charged satellite communicator and a big dog for protection.

Two Brits and an Aussie go on a backpacking road trip of a lifetime on the Great Northern Highway down under.

The outdoorsy trio stops at Australia’s Wolf Creek National Park for a pleasant hike. However, as daylight is nearing end, they realize all of their watches mysteriously quit. Once they get back to their car, it won’t start either. But, as they say, safety in numbers, right? WRONG!

A scraggly-looking man happens upon them offering to tow and repair their car at his camp. But, he actually has other plans for the trio. They end up being towed to an abandoned mine site and held captive a few hours south of Wolf Creek.

But, it’s not so much the place the bushman takes them but what the sadistic, psychopathic, xenophobic serial killer does with or to each of them that will make you want to never take a road trip again.

According to Collider, Wolf Creek is based on a true story about a serial killer who killed at least seven tourists between 1989 and 1993. Known as the Backpack Killings, the gruesome murders took place in the Belanglo State Forest in the southern part of Australia.

The Ranger

Scary Camping Horror Movies- The Ranger - Always On Liberty
Photo source: IDMb

The 2018 American slasher film, The Ranger is about a punk, deviant teenager who flees with her druggie friends from law enforcement to hide out at her late uncle’s cabin in a National Forest.

However, once an unhinged Park Ranger finds them, he’s more than a just a little upset by their actions and behavior.

In fact, just like Jason in Friday the 13th, this Ranger’s got more than an axe to grind with these unruly teens. And he’s going to take care of the situation as he sees fit!

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Body At Brighton Rock

Body at Brighton Rock - Always On Liberty
Photo source: The Last Thing I See

Speaking of park rangers, here’s another scary horror film that will leave you writhing on the edge of your seat and may make you think twice about working or volunteering in a park. 

Now, I’ve seen this movie and agree, it’s a bit in left field from getting a Sundance Award or Oscar. In fact, it didn’t get great accolades for being one of the ultimate scary flicks.

However, this is another one of those suspenseful camping horror movies that gives off that bone-chilling, ‘don’t go there’.

The 2019 horror thriller movie, Body at Brighton Rock, is about a summer state park employee who is assigned a job on a rough hiking trail in the mountains.

But, her tenacity to show what she’s made of proved to backhand her into a fearful run for her life when she happens upon a crime scene in the backcountry.

The question is, does she make it out alive or is she caught up in something she’s not even going to live to regret?

Still want to go CAMPING?

Hopefully, these camping horror movies haven’t scared you enough to quit camping all together. So, instead, take an RV! You’ll at least feel safer having walls and locks on your doors.

But, it’s important to know before you go! By planning ahead of time, your experience will be greater and less frightful.

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Wrapping up these camping horror movies about camping…if you dare!

Most of us love a good slasher movie now and then. But, after reading about these particular blood curdling thrillers, you may just want to wait until you’re back from your camping trip or hike in the woods.

We know we may have missed a few horror flicks that involve camping and the outdoors. We’d love to hear what your favorites are by posting them in the comments!

Scary Movies about Camping - Always On Liberty

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