BUC-EE’s – Where a Simple Bathroom Break Will Cost You $50!

Why are people raving over Buc-ee’s that are making them literally drive a hundred miles out of their way to visit this over-the-top travel center? Once you walk through the doors of the iconic jovial beaver, Buc-ee’s is like walking into the magic kingdom for roadtripping travelers! But, bring lots of cash!

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Buc-ee’s is best described as a one-stop-shop convenience store on steroids. In fact, they are now listed as America’s largest convenience stores with lots of amenities!

While other travel centers and truck stops are geared for 18 wheelers and RVs, Bucees plays host to automobile roadtrippers and travelers to gas up, grab some grub and go potty!

But, if you think you’re going to get off scott-free with your dump and run, think again! A simple bathroom break is going to cost you BIG and here’s why!

Why Everyone Loves Buc-ee's - Always On Liberty

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Why BUC-EE’S is the Ultimate Roadtrip Pitstop

“Buc-ee’s is the Mecca of pitstops for road travelers; a roadtripper’s dream!” -Always On Liberty

Buc-ee's Drink Cup - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Yelp

Buc-ee’s reigns as the modern day emblematic icon of automobile travel centers in America.

Founded by Arch “Beaver” Aplin, in 1982 in small town of Clute Texas. It wasn’t until 21 years later that their first travel center sprang up in Luling, also in Texas.

From there, Buc-ee’s business model exploded like a bag of potato chips up in the Rocky Mountains.

The company began expanding outside of Texas in 2018 with the opening of a location in Baldwin County, Alabama, and has since opened locations in 13 different states.

In 2012, the New Braunfels Bucees reigned as the largest convenience store in the world. But, then in 2023, a bigger Buc-ees in Sevierville, Tennessee opened and stole the crown.

Oh and for inquiring minds like yourself, the reason behind naming Buc-ee’s was three-fold. Arch “Beaver” Aplin combined his childhood name and his Labrador Retriever’s name “Buck” with the iconic, Bucky the Beaver, mascot of Ipana toothpaste.

Buc-ee's Red Car - Bucees - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Yelp

As of 2023, there are 46 Buc-ee’s locations across the United States; Sevierville, Tennessee location being the biggest.

And, by 2025, Buc-ee’s will be adding an even bigger facility off I-75 in Ocala, Florida! Plans are in the works for an 80,000-square-foot facility, 120 fuel pumps and 750 parking spots making it the Buc-ee’s crown jewel in the whole country!

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Endless Line of Gas Pumps

Buc-ee's Fuel Stations - Bucees - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Charlotte Stories

It’s not hard to figure out why Buc-ee’s is the travel Mecca for commuters and roadtrippers! The big giveaway clue is the endless line of gas pumps. Rarely will you have to wait in line to fuel up your vehicle. There’s an even flow of cars coming and going to fill up their vehicles.

And other than busy weekends and holidays, they really don’t mind if you leave your car at the gas pump while you go in to shop; within a reasonable amount of time of course!

Fuel & EV Stations

Buc-ee's Fuel Pumps - Bucees - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Yelp

Buc-ees offers diesel fuel as well as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) at the pump at select locations as they offer ethanol-free fuel.

We find their fuel prices are much cheaper than highway travel centers and oftentimes, even in-town gas stations.

At some Buc-ee’s, you may even find Tesla supercharging stations as well as Universal DC Fast Chargers for your electric cars.

Even cooler, some of the bigger Buc-ees have their own car wash! In fact, Katy, Texas boasts at having the the world’s longest car wash measuring in at 255 feet of conveyor (Google Maps).

Food at Buc-ee’s

Brisket Sandwich from Buc-ees Bucees - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Yelp

Other than the endless row of fuel pumps with no waiting, Buc-ee’s is known for it’s dreamy fast food selections. And we’re not talking McDonald’s fast food here.

Unlike the what-the-hell-is-that-meat Micky D’s and BK have, Buc-ee’s actually offers better handheld food selections all under one roof.

Unlike truck stop food courts, your travel mates won’t be running in all different directions looking at the same blah fast food restaurants.

All in one store, you can find hot burritos and tacos, brisket and pulled pork sandwiches, kolaches, sandwiches and healthy wraps, desserts, fruit cups, raw veggies and dip, etc., you’re in for a treat!

And if you’re not really looking for a meal, Buc-ee’s has continuous selections of charcuterie-in-a-cup options, fudge made on the spot, a wall of world famous jerky and nuts!

If you’re needing to wet your whistle, Buc-ee’s has the ultimate coffee station that includes light or heavy cream, whip cream, and assorted flavored sweeteners to customize your perfect cup of Joe.

As well, Buc-ees has a free-refill soda machine. And, they stock bottles and cans of your favorite energy drinks.

Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets

Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets - Bucees - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Flickr

While Buc-ee’s has an endless s’morgasboard of hot and cold foods, they are world-known for their highly addictive Beaver Nuggets! In fact, it’s their #1 seller. 

To best describe them, they’re like crack to junk food junkies; much like Cracker Jacks in our day only better!

Not exactly sure you want to load your kids up in the back seat with those things. While the bite-size caramel-drizzled, puffed corn snacks may be tasty, they’re loaded to the gills with sugar.

But I personally love to graze on their glazed pecan praline halves.

Cleanest Bathrooms in Town

Buc-ees Mens Bathroom - Bucees - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Yelp

Bucees patrons rave about their bathrooms. So, we had to see for ourselves.

Well, I’m here to tell you based on our visits that Buc-ee’s bathroom conditions are exemplary. The travel center truly goes out of their way to provide clean restrooms. They’ve actually been rated by Cinta as the “Cleanest Restrooms in America”.

Buc-ee’s Merch

Buc-ees Automobile Supplies Merchandise - Bucees - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Yelp

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Buc-ee’s sells tons of things you can put under the Christmas tree and then some!

Right at the entrance when you walk through the doors under the big beaver iconic sign, you may find large seasonal items like fire pits, barbecue grills and camping gear.

They sell everything from Texas-inspired souvenirs and accessories, hunting and fishing supplies, kid’s toys, games, t-shirts, soaps, themed household gifts, cookbooks. They also sell automotive supplies, car batteries, gas cans, even coolers to stash your drinks and other buc-ee’s cold foods.

In other words, Bucees probably has what you’re looking for. Throwing in a bit of coincidental hilarity with the beaver, Buc-ees even sells condoms!

However, there are some exceptions to what Buc-ee’s doesn’t sell. Bucees does not sell furniture, appliances, guns, fireworks and some other wild and crazy things. 

Buc-ee’s does not sell hard liquor. However, the travel convenience store does sell beer and wine to folks age 21 and older. They also sell some tobacco products. To keep their family-friendly clientele, Buc-ee’s does not sell vaping or controversial 420 products.

According to Forbes magazine, while Buc-ee’s profits on their sales inside the store, 60% of the convenience store revenue stems from their fuel sales.

The rest is made from beer and food sales as well as souvenirs, clothing and whatever else they cram on their store shelves.

By the way, Buc-ee’s also sells some of their prominent merch on their own Amazon store for those who don’t have one on their trip planning route.

Is Buc-ee’s RV friendly?

RV fueling at Buc-ee's Bucees - Always On Liberty
Photo source: Yelp

The simple answer is yes, motorhome and pickup trucks pulling fifth wheels and travel trailers are allowed to fuel up at Buc-ee’s fuel pumps. Oddly though, ‘not for hire’ HDT trucks pulling fifth wheels need to find a truck stop.

Even so, don’t think you’re going to gas up and park for the night or even for 5 minutes! Bucees doesn’t have large vehicle parking. They don’t even allow people to sleep in their cars in their parking lot!

I guess they have their reasons for not allowing RVs and OTR trucks on their property. 

Buc-ee’s prefers catering to roadtripping passenger vehicles only. 

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Wrapping up your Buc-ee’s virtual visit

Where Buc-ees Costs $50 to Go to the Bathroom - Bucees - Always On Liberty

As you can see, Buc-ee’s is the ultimate place for roadtrippers and travelers to stop and stretch your legs, fuel up your car, grab a boat load of snacks and enjoy the cleanest bathrooms on the highway!!

While it doesn’t really cost you $50 to go to the bathroom, this incredibly fun roadside pitstop makes it easy to get cheap gas and stock up on roadtrip snacks and food for your roadtrip!

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  1. On Nov. 12, 2023, I stopped at the Calhoun GA Buc-ees and diesel was some $0.70 cheaper than across the street at $2.99 a gallon. 75+ gallons was worth navigating our 36′ motorhome and another 20′ trailer behind. As you said, I filled up, skipped the snacks and left. Doable but need to know your stuff. Like most places, if you can plan it ahead and know where you do not want to go, a lot less stressful. It was much faster than the truck stop today in Bushnell FL.

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