Useless Things You Should NOT Bring Camping!

When you go camping, there’s no plausible reason why you need to bring everything but the kitchen sink. Certain items that you may think are useful are actually not. And to boot, they may very well get you in serious trouble in the wild! So, we’ll show you some nonessential things you should not bring camping. In other words, leave ’em at home!

NonEssential Things You Should Never Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

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Useless Things You Should NOT Bring Camping

NonEssential Items That Could Get You in Trouble in the Wild!

Electronic Gadgets

Digital Devices Laptop Tablet Smartphone - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

Why do you go camping to begin with? To get away from the bustling city life and chaos, right? Most people go camping to escape and unplug.

So, there’s no need to bring your laptop and electronic devices. I mean really, do you really need to take your wireless speaker camping?

Or, how about your tablet or notebook? You’re not going camping to watch movies or chat with your Facebook friends. You’re going camping to camp.

Seriously, unless you are taking your Jackery or Southwire solar generator or small solar power battery chargers to charge your devices up, it’s just as well to leave them at home. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature instead.

Perfumes or Cologne

Man Spraying Cologne - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

C’mon, you’re going camping, not some hot date of trying to lure your next beau or babe.

But, joking aside, strong odors can actually be dangerous if you wear or bring them camping. Strong odors can attract bears and big cats and who wants that?

Trust me, bears and other wildlife can smell everything even from afar! And they’re curious enough to come check out what smells so delightful.

While I’m not saying you should skip personal hygiene, a pack of Venture Wipes will hold you over until you get home for that luxuriously smelling bubble bath or long shower.

But this also goes for scented bug repellents, smelly sunscreen and even your delicious tasting toothpaste.

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Smelly Food

Smelly Foods Tuna Sardines - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

Speaking of odors attracting wildlife, the last thing you want to do is bring things that will bring wildlife in your tent or campsite.

Did you know that big cats have more than 200 million olfactory sensors (odor sensors) in their noses. Whereas, humans have just 5 million.

Which leads me to wonder why they don’t employ cats to detect bombs, drugs and other paraphenalia? But, that’s for another campfire discussion.

Anyway, a big cat’s sense of smell is 14 times greater than that of humans. According to A-Z Animals, depending on the strength of the wind and odor source, big cats can smell your beef sticks, cheese and tuna packs up to 4 miles away!

Oh, and bears? The National Park Service says conservative estimates of a black bear’s sense of smell state that black bears can smell food sources upwards to 18-20 miles away!

So, leave those stinky cheese and tuna packs at home. I’m sure you don’t really want to share them with those kind unwelcome visitors, now do you?

But if you insist on taking these things camping, it would be wise to always be armed with bear spray.

Wrong Types of Food

Since we’re on the topic of food, while tuna packs and meat sticks might not be the best ideas, you still need to eat. But, it goes further than attracting wildlife to your campsite. For foods that need refrigeration, you’ll need a good quality cooler.

If you are set on packing your ever-loving bacon and eggs, you’ll need proper storage to keep your eggs intact and bacon cold and fresh.

And plastic zipper bags are your friend because they compact down when you empty them. They could also be used to stuff trash into until you get to the dumpster.

Consider taking freeze dried meals that only require boiling water to hydrate and heat.

Keeping it simple, healthy granola, fruit and protein bars are good suggestions because they’re easy to pack and don’t need any preparation to eat.

And lastly, if you’re camping in bear country, pack your food in a bear proof food bag or canister and hoist that baby high!

Or, if you’re at a campground that has onsite bear boxes, use them to store all of your food; including your cooler.

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Glass or Breakable Items

Glass Beer Bottles - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

Taking glass and breakable items when you go camping is a big no no. When they break, the pieces may fall on the ground. If you don’t pick all of the pieces you put wildlife, other campers and even yourself at risk of serious injury.

And who wants that when you’re camping far away from the nearest hospital? Plus, why risk losing something of value breaking on your camping trip. You just don’t need to bring these things camping.

Your mind is supposed to be on enjoying the outdoors, not stewing about your broken glass French press or favorite ceramic mug!

Which is perfect reason why we use a stainless steel French Press and our favorite unbreakable Better For Your stainless mugs and tumblers!

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Big Cameras

DSLR Camera Outdoors Camping - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

Leave your big honkin’ DSLR camera at home. With today’s technology, your smartphone can put out worthy photos for printing and sharing.

If you do want to take a separate camera, a GoPro is perfect because it shoots awesome photos and captures great video of your camping experiences.

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Drone or Unmanned Aircraft

Drone Unmanned Aircraft - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

Drone footage is a fun way of sharing cool places to camp in a lot of places. However, not so much in  National Parks, near airports, military installations and private properties, drone usage is strictly prohibited.

Also remember, it’s not all about your camping experience. Drones affect wildlife as well as interfere with other campers who are trying to enjoy the outdoors. So, leave your unmanned aircraft back home.

High Dollar Valuables

Camping with Engagement Ring Jewelry - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

Speaking of cameras, it’s best to leave your valuables at home. You just don’t need them when you go camping. Whether it is an expensive camera or pricy engagement ring, they have no place in the wild.

First, you’ll feel utterly terrible if they get lost or broke. In fact, I actually lost a diamond out of one of my ring settings while camping a long time ago. But flashy jewelry and electronics will also make you a target of theft should you leave them out or flaunt your finger.

But, there may be a need to take your solar generator, to power your CPAP device or charge your high dollar tech gadgets, solar suitcase and a satellite communicator.

Just try to keep them out of eyeful range of other campers. Put them in your tent or RV at night when you go to bed or if you leave your campsite to prevent theft.

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Too Many Clothes

Woman Holding a Stack of Camping Clothes - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

Being totally honest, I’ve always packed way too many clothes anywhere I’d go! Whether it was when we’d go motocamping or RVing, it only made digging for what I needed harder than it should have been.

To alleviate this problem, tune into the weather for the area you’ll be camping. Dress sensibly for the cold, heat, rain, snow or whatever Mother Nature throws at you. Go with what you need and not what you want.

We recommend packing lots of wick away socks, skivvies (underwear) and lightweight clothes that you can layer. In colder weather, a good knit hat and winter waterproof gloves would be a good idea.

So, save the cute clothes and fashion statements for date night and church.

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Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories - Things You Should Not Bring Camping - Always On Liberty

Talking about clothes, seriously, do you need those fancy earrings or four scarves and hats out there in the wild? Oh, heck no!

I always go with the “KISS” mantra; Keep It Simple Stupid. No one cares what you’re wearing when you’re camping. Leave the fancy bling and fashionista garb at home.

Camping is about letting your hair down and not worrying about what others think. In other words, don’t bring these things camping because you just don’t need them.

That said, good personal camping accessories to include in your camp pack are good pair of polarized sunglasses, a brimmed boonie or Tilley hat, and a cooling neck gaiter. If you’re going to be camping where mosquitos are prevalent, a mosquito head net is a definite must!

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Wrapping Up

That wraps up our list of useless things you should not bring camping. Camping is supposed to be about getting outdoors and enjoying nature. By eliminating and leaving all those distracting things home, I promise your camping adventure will be a wonderful memorable experience!

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