Meet the Always On Liberty Crew

Meet the Always On Liberty Crew

Always On Liberty Crew with View and Jeep

“You have to go out but you don’t have to come back!”

We’re Dan and Lisa of Always On Liberty. Both of us are originally from two separate small towns in  Pennsylvania. We met about 2 years after we left our homes to serve in the military. 

In the early 80’s, we served as shipmates on a 378′ High Endurance Marine Law Enforcement Coast Guard Cutter homeported in Boston, Massachusetts. During our tenures onboard Coast Guard Cutter Chase, we’ve sailed the high seas and toured eight different countries.

When we weren’t conducting military readiness, maritime law enforcement and search and rescue missions in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, we were “on liberty”. Not only were we shipmates, we’re the best of friends which evolved into a bond not even Pseidon could break.

Two years later, we decided to marry, start our family and make Boston, Massachusetts our home. As young adults and new parents, we grew to love New England. We loved the romance of living in small towns on the ocean, snow skiing and hockey, eating seafood and of course, cheering on our favorite Boston Red Sox.

Fast forward, after 40 years of combined military service, we decided to leave New England for the bluegrass pastures. We settled down where the  Thoroughbreds run for the roses and get to sip the world’s best bourbon in Kentucky.

After 7 years, we got the itch again to explore more. We found that American dream of the big house, two car garage and picket fence was someone else’s dream. We took our restless nomadic souls  on the road with just the clothes on our backs for several cross country motorcycle trips on our two Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

The road called us! It didn’t take long for those day trips to eventually stretched into several month-long journey of adventures. Finding ourselves on the road more than at our Kentucky address, we lived in leathers, boots and helmets with just enough clothes to fit into our saddle bags. It came to a point where we decided to throw caution to the wind and go on the journey of our lives.

So, in 2014, we decided to buy an RV, sell our home and everything in it. We packed up our two kitties and hit the road to live life on our terms. It was then that we could say we were Always On Liberty!

What does Always On Liberty Mean?

Liberty is a Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy term that means “an authorized absence, not chargeable as leave, for short periods to provide respite from the working environment or for other reasons.”

Liberty may be granted for one day, a weekend or a ’96’ (4 day weekend). Liberty is earned, not given. And now, Liberty is our forever lifestyle. Our duty is done which is why we coined ourselves, Always On Liberty.

Always On Liberty Crew - Dan and Lisa

Still on the road searching for…?

Since 2014 and three RVs later, we still seek adventure. We enjoy sharing our journey in hopes of inspiring others to find their own dream; whatever and wherever that is.

Through the years of our time on the road, as motorcyclists and RVers, we’ve evolved in helping others achieve their own journey as RV travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Our goal is to help those who yearn to do the same meet that goal with success and happiness.

Aways On Liberty - Krissie and Kandi