Liberty Crew

“The coasts we’ve seen, now traveling between!”

Welcome Aboard and join in the ride of our lives!


We met on a 378′ Coast Guard High Endurance Marine Law Enforcement Cutter home-ported in Boston, Massachusetts back in the early 80’s. We’ve sailed the high seas (yes, the Coast Guard DOES leave coastal waters!). Visiting 8 countries, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, partaking in several military readiness evolutions, maritime law enforcement and search and rescue missions, our resumes are full of amazing experiences.

We married in Boston a couple years later.


Captain, Engineer, Maintenance, Content Creator, Trip Planner

Shortly after graduating high school, Dan enlisted in the United States Coast Guard to seek his own journey and cool adventures. Two years later, Dan went trained to be a Boatswains Mate (professional mariner and deck hand). He’s promoted into duties as a certified Boat Coxswain, Deck Watch Officer, Marine Law Enforcement Officer and Boat Forces Technical Expert.

Throughout his 30-year career Coast Guardsman, Dan has conducted countless Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, and multi-mission cases. He’s promoted up through the years to the ranks of Chief Warrant Officer and positions of Officer in Charge, Commanding Officer and Presidential Waterside Security Officer.

Post retirement, he struggled with trying to find what normal was outside of his highly-respected operational military career.  He took on two short stints of employment until finally landing a position with the Law Enforcement Department in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Today, Dan integrates much of his meticulous organization, attention to detail and engineering skills learned from his military tenure into our RV lifestyle.  He’s our engineering problem solver and mechanic. Dan does 99% of our RV modifications and installations (including our solar install!).

When Dan isn’t turning wrenches or polishing Liberty, he’s creating content for our blog’s Mods & Maintenance and Product Reviews. He also assists in content creation for our Sponsors and Affiliates.


Navigator, Cook & Steward, Content Creator, Business Communications

Lisa was raised in a small coastal lake town in Pennsylvania. Never looking back, she began her journey as a Coast Guardsman only 12 days post-high school graduation. She then went on to train to be a Quartermaster (ship’s navigator) and Signalman (Visual Signaling – International Code of Flags, Semaphore, Flashing Light).

After Lisa’s first enlistment was complete, she re-enlisted into the Coast Guard Reserves for a total of nine years (active duty and reserves). Since Dan deployed often, Lisa decided to leave her military career to raise the family. We were stationed for the majority of our military tours in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island.

Today, Lisa is a Digital Nomad working on the road. She’s the primary content creator for our own blog. She’s also a content creator for Heartland RVs and contributor for other RV resources.

When she’s not writing, she minds our ship’s cooking, cleaning, home-decorating, and minding our books.


Tortie Maine Coon Mouser & Bug Control


Calico Maine Coon – Mouser & Vittles Tester


Our two Maine Coon cats earn their keep. They are social working cats; killing anything they or we don’t approve of. They are our personal alarm clocks and door greeters. They despise travel days. But, they are always eager to check out their new surroundings once we get to our destinations. Their favorite past-time is napping on our workspace desk while we plug away on our computers.



So, there’s a little about our crew.  We each are a vital part of the adventure, excitement and energy of where Captain American and Liberty takes us.