Liberty Crew

“The coasts we’ve seen, now traveling between!”

“You have to go out but you don’t have to come back!”

In the early 80’s, we both served on a 378′ High Endurance Marine Law Enforcement Coast Guard Cutter homeported out of Boston, Massachusetts.  We’ve sailed the high seas; visiting 8 countries, while conducting military readiness, maritime law enforcement and search and rescue missions. We married and made New England our home and started our family.

After 40 years of combined military service, we thought the American dream was to settle in a big house with a white picket fence. However, we soon found ourselves yearning for travel. That dream was someone else’s. We both longed for freedom and took our nomadic souls the road with our Harley’s. Our day trips turned into weekends and those weekends turned into week and month long adventures. We loved being on the road. So, we decided to sell it all, pack up our kitties and hit the road with our RV to live OUR dream.

Now, as digital nomads searching for adventure, we enjoy sharing our dream in hopes of inspiring others to find THEIR American dream and live it!