10 Must-Have Solar Camping Lights for Outdoor Spaces

Always On Liberty - Solar Camping Lights - Solar String Lights

Solar camping lights are fun lighting solutions you can use at your campsite as well as inside and outside of your RV. These solar powered outdoor lights are an energy efficient way of lighting your outdoor space without wasting electricity. Not only do they create a warm ambient atmosphere, they are great security deterrents for thieves and intruders at night. 

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10 Best Battery Powered Fans for Camping: Portable & Rechargeable

Battery Powered Fans

Those who camp in the summer months know it can be hot and sticky making for a miserable experience. However, battery powered fans are the answer! These USB fans are portable and rechargeable! And, they don’t require costly and caustic alkaline batteries. So, let’s check out these rechargeable fans that will help keep you cool on those hot summer nights!

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5 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners for RVs, Boats & Cars

Handheld Vacuums - Portable Mini Vacs

RVs and boats are small to begin with, so there’s really no need to drag a big honkin’ vacuum cleaner around two do small cleaning jobs. This is where handheld vacuum cleaners are best 

 If you have an RV or camper van, a portable handheld vacuum cleaner is really all you need to clean your small interior spaces. And these handheld vacuum cleaners are so adorably compact. Not only do they get the job done, these little dirt suckers are super convenient to store in small compartments in your RV, boat or the trunk of your car.

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Why Cast Iron Cooking on Campfires is a GOOD thing! *Myth Buster*

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

There’s nothing like waking up on a brisk morning with the smell of bacon frying in a cast iron skillet over a campfire. Well, yes there is…eating it! For many years, cast iron has gotten a bad rap for being toxic and unhealthy. However, I’m here to bust that myth and show you why cooking on cast iron is far from those ficticious lies! Here’s why campers actually prefer cast iron cookware for all of their campfire cooking. 

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15 Best Pie Iron Recipes for Camping & Backyard BBQs

Pie Iron Recipes

There’s nothing better than food made over the campfire. What better than to make your own hot pockets with tried and true pie iron recipes. Also known as mountain pies, pudgy pies, hot pockets, toaster strudel, hobo pies and campfire pies, these easy-to-make delights  have one thing in common. They all are made in a campfire pie iron. 

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Smelly Cooler? How to Clean Your Cooler or Ice Chest

Eliminate Odors from Your Cooler

Does your cooler smell like something died in it? And, what is that black stuff growing in it in your ice box? Does your cooler make you turn up your nose at those awful odors permeating from your last camping trip? If you think that regular dishwashing soap will get rid of that nasty stench and what’s causing those pungent odors in your cooler, think again!

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Insect Repellent Ingredients: Are They SAFE?

Insect Repellent Ingredients-4

Bug sprays are essential to enjoying the outdoors; especially where there’s a high mosquito population. But, have you ever wondered what’s actually in those bug sprays and insect repellents that keep mosquitos, flies, fleas and ticks from harming us by transmitting deadly diseases? And, are you concerned about how those insect repellent ingredients can affect your health after exposure as well as the environment? We’ll answer all those questions right here.

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