Public Laundry & Laundromat Hacks for Travelers & Road Trippers

Laundromat Laundry Hacks for Travelers - Always On Liberty

If you’re an RVer, roadtripper or even a frequent business traveler, you will have to use a public laundry or laundromat to wash and dry your clothes on the road. With that, there are advantages and disadvantages to using communal clothes washing facilities over doing your laundry in the comforts of your home, apartment or RV. We’re going to show some helpful public laundry hacks to turn your weekly laundry bore into a somewhat pleasant chore.

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What is Campsite Squatting? Is It Legal?

Campsite squatting has become a way of stealth camping in campgrounds all across the U.S, including even National Parks and State Parks. However, this form of camping is illegal and immoral! It takes away from campers who actually pay for their campsites, as well, the campgrounds themselves. As of recent, campground owners are now catching on. The freeloading squatters are getting caught camping illegally and facing serious consequences!

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Overnight RV Parking Rules – Lotdocking Do’s and Don’ts

Always On Liberty - Overnight Parking Etiquette

Big box stores and business’ that offer overnight RV parking are now crowded with campers of every shape and size. With that, there’s been an influx of disrespectful campers who totally ignore the overnight RV parking rules and are downright trashing the place! Because of lack of parking etiquette, businesses and municipalities are telling RVs and vanlifers to hit the road!

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Walmart Overnight Parking Is Ending! RVs Getting Kicked Out!

Walmart - No Overnight Parking

You need to think twice if you’re going to park your RV in a Walmart parking lot to catch some Z’s. Walmart overnight parking is coming to an end; even for stealth campers! But, for what reasons is Walmart rolling up the welcome mat and telling RVs, Vanlifers and even car campers to go take a hike?

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