Why Campsites Sit Empty! Fellow Campers Are to Blame!

Angry Woman - Cant get a campsite

If you’re an RVer or Camper, you already know it’s nearly impossible to reserve a campsite. It’s because campgrounds are booked even up to a year in advance. But even if you do get that magical campsite reservation, once you arrive, it’s hard not to notice that many campsites sit empty. And guess what? Your fellow campers are to blame!

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How to Deal with Obnoxious and Rude Campers?

One bad thing about camping is being parked next to the obnoxious and rude campers. Their filthy language bellows and yelling reverberates between RVs. And if you’re in a tent, there’s no way to escape the F words. While no one really wants to rain on their parade, they surely don’t want to camp next to this type of offensive behavior either. But how do you deal with loud drunks or foul-mouth partiers who seem to have forgotten their manners? What do you do? Suck it up? Do you get out of Dodge, report them or join in?

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Camping too Close to Other Campers Could be Dangerous!

Many go camping to get away from people or to social distance. Especially in the backcountry or off grid, campers want space, privacy, peace and quiet and to enjoy nature. But nothing grates on another camper’s nerves more when another camper comes to set up camp really close to their site. But, why do people do  that? And, how close is camping too close?

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