5 Necessary RV Life Skills Before Hitting the Road

Before we set out for the open road in 2014, we had come to the hard-core realization that RV life is vastly different than living in sticks and bricks house. By sharing our RV life skills and how we do it now, we hope others won’t have to learn the hard way like we did. Bear with me in my tongue-in-cheek approach to keep things light in this blog piece. It’s what keeps things going for us. And, we’ll get to that in #5.

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5 Helpful Resource Books for RVers and Dreamers

AOL - 5 Helpful Resource Books

Since owning our RV, we have a small basket in a cabinet that holds our maps and small tourism pamphlets. We also have a few RV resource books that we refer to periodically. These paperbacks range from  maintenance how-to guides to travel planners. We always try to keep the latest editions that has updated information. Come see which ones we have!

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Get on Course with RV Educational Resources

When we were just entertaining the thought of hitting the road in an RV several year ago, we learned everything through the internet and ‘the hard way’.  We grabbed bits and pieces from online forums, social media, and blogs. The rest was trial and error. However, today, there are three RV educational resources that will teach you every facet of RVing. From how to decide which RV to get to registration and insurance, you’ll come out wiser and lead a successful RV lifestyle!