Toadstool Geologic Park: Hike and Camp at Nebraska’s Badlands

Toadstool Geological Park - National Park Sign

We discovered Toadstool Geologic Park by mere accident while we were traveling through Northwest Nebraska. This geological wonder, located in the Oglala National Grasslands near Fort Robinson State Park is a very remote hiking and camping paradise! But, do you think you could hack it all by yourself there?

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7 Leave No Trace Principles – Outdoor Ethics & Etiquette

Leave No Trace Sign - Always On Liberty

The 7 Leave No Trace principals are the most important rules that are to help protect and preserve the outdoor natural environments and wildlife habitats. These rules apply to camping, on the trail, and on the water. But what do we do about careless people who ignore the concept? Continue reading “7 Leave No Trace Principles – Outdoor Ethics & Etiquette”

Stargazer Guide to Dark Sky Camping – Where to Camp Under the Stars

Always On Liberty - Dark Sky Camping

Dark sky camping is the perfect way to unwind from artificial light overload of cities and even your own backyard. But, where can you enjoy stargazing without light pollution or sky glow or camp under the stars uninterrupted? While night sky viewing is getting harder to find, there are still plenty of places you can camp under the stars, study the constellations, and photograph the Milky Way!