Top RV Education Courses for New RVers and Campers

Always On Liberty - RV Education
If you want to become successful at RVing and RV travel, we highly recommend taking at least one or two RV education courses before even taking your motorhome or camper down the road. While you may learn a ton through trial and error, professional RV education courses will guide you through every evolution of RVing, RV living, and RV travel.

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10 Tech Gadgets for Boondocking

Whether you’re a full-time RVer like ourselves, or a weekend camper, van camper, automobile traveler or even a boater, you’ll want to take some tech toys with you so you can be plugged in.  However, if you’re like us, once you go off the grid, you’ll need to rethink your electronic peripherals because not all can work without being plugged in to a 120 volt outlet.

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How to Clean Your RV Air Conditioner Ceiling Vents and Filters

RV AC Filters Dirty

Keeping your RV air conditioner ceiling vents and filters clean and debris-free, allows it to operate more efficiently even on your hottest days. By maintaining your AC’s filtering system, you will also extend the life of the air conditioner. But more importantly, regular vent cleaning and periodical AC filter replacements will help sustain or even improve your family’s respiratory health while occupying your RV.

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Downsizing and Getting Rid of Our Stuff for RV Life

Always On Liberty Kentucky Home

People ask us all the time how we downsized our home in 9 short months to go live full-time in an RV to travel the Country. Just downsizing our home size is gut-wrenching enough. But the process of getting rid of all of our belongings and crap is truly an eye-opening emotional roller coaster experience.

There’s lots of tears and anger during the whole downsizing our home process. However, we accomplished our goals, stayed married and true to each other. Dreams DO come true! Here’s how we did it!

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Our 10 Challenges of RVing

Strangely, we didn’t really know what to expect once we pulled our fifth wheel out of that small Kentucky town. I guess you could say we had visions of visiting everything under the sun, cleverly writing postcards like Hemingway, going out everyday sampling local cuisines and wine tastings, sightseeing every inch of every State, etc. e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y! I mean, that’s the stereotype or perception of what full-time RVers do, right? Continue reading “Our 10 Challenges of RVing”