What is Campsite Squatting? Is It Legal?

Campsite squatting has become a way of stealth camping in campgrounds all across the U.S, including even National Parks and State Parks. However, this form of camping is illegal and immoral! It takes away from campers who actually pay for their campsites, as well, the campgrounds themselves. As of recent, campground owners are now catching on. The freeloading squatters are getting caught camping illegally and facing serious consequences!

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Is Dry Tortugas National Park Really Worth Visiting? *Honest Review*

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Dry Tortugas National Park is the hidden gem of the Florida Keys! 

This remarkable park is home to 7 islands, and is renowned for its natural beauty and historical significance. At the heart of it all stands Fort Jefferson, a colossal 19th-century coastal fortress with a storied past, including its role as a Civil War prison.

To access the park, you have two exciting options: a scenic ferry ride that allows you to soak in the surrounding waters’ beauty or a thrilling seaplane flight offering an aerial view of the picturesque landscape. 
Once you arrive, you’ll have the chance to dive into crystal-clear waters and discover a rich history through guided tours of the fort.
This treasure is waiting to be explored by YOU! 😎 When are you checking it out?
You should visit Dry Tortugas National Park for its pristine, crystal-clear waters and stunning coral reefs that offer exceptional snorkeling and diving experiences. The park’s historic centerpiece, Fort Jefferson, is a remarkable 19th-century coastal fortress with a fascinating history, making it a must-see attraction. The remote and isolated location of the park provides a unique escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, allowing you to connect with nature and history in a tranquil and serene environment. The park’s abundant marine life, picturesque surroundings, and opportunities for camping and stargazing make it a truly unforgettable destination for nature and history enthusiasts.

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Must Have Practical Camping Gifts for Women

Camping Gear for Women - 2 women sitting by tent

If you’re shopping for the perfect camping gift for your favorite lady camper, it’s important to supply her with functional and practical camping gear that fits her lifestyle. These camping gifts for women are the most requested camping accessories that will help make their experiences much more comfortable, safe and fun! Most importantly, they’ll help make her feel more confident in her pursuit of outdoor adventures which will entice her to camp more!

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RV SHOW TIPS – What to Plan for & Expect

RV Show Tips - Couple at RV Show

RV shows are a great way to see all of the new models and floor plans of motorhomes, fifth wheels, campers and vans. They’re also great to pick up the latest and greatest RV accessories and listen to speakers share how to RV the correct way. These RV show tips will help guide you on when is the best time to attend an RV show, what you should expect and how to make the best of your RV show experience!

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RV SHOWS 2023 in the U.S. – Complete List of Every RV Show!

2023 RV Shows & Camper Expos in the US - Always On Liberty

RV shows are the best places to get a peek at the new models of RVs! Tour hundreds of motorhomes, fifth wheels and campers of every size to see which fits you and your family. Camper shows are also great for RV and camping seminars, campground memberships, workamping opportunities. As well, an RV show is the best place to see the top RV accessories and products for RVs. Best of all, RV shows and camper expos are great for scoring a discounted show price on a brand new RV!

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Why RV Travel is a Better Vacation Option than Flying

If you’ve never taken an RV vacation before, you don’t know what you’re missing! RV travel offers amazing flexibility, countless places to explore along your route and is far less stressful than air travel! In fact, you and your family will get a much better experience and even health  benefits while traveling in an RV than jet setting!

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Reef Safe Sunscreen – Legit or a Scam to Get You to Buy?

Spraying Sunscreen on Girl on Beach

What is Reef Safe Sunscreen? If you don’t know, your sunscreen may be killing our oceans; specifically the coral reefs! However, some sun protection manufacturers are now producing what you call reef safe sunscreen? Are these so called UV protection products the real deal or are they just a scam by calling them ‘reef safe’ to make you feel good about buying their so called reef safe sunscreen product?

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Camping Ornaments for Campers, Hikers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Camping Christmas Tree Ornaments - Always On Liberty

Camping ornaments are the perfect way to adorn an outdoor enthusiast’s or camper’s Christmas tree for the holidays! Hang them on the tree, wreaths, garland or even string them together for a fun display. The best part is you don’t have to pack them away after the holidays! You can hang these camping theme ornaments all year ’round at home, in the office or even in your RV.

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