Blue Star Museums – Free Admission for Military & Their Families

Blue Star Museums - Cover - Always On Liberty

If you are currently serving in one of America’s Armed Forces; including the National Guard and Reserve, you know  how reintegration and getting quality time with your family is difficult. Blue Star Museums is a collaboration effort to help provide support and resources to do just that. Blue Star Museums is a program that invites actively serving military members and their immediate families to visit participating museums, zoos and nature centers for FREE!

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10 Fun Things to Do on the Erie Waterfront & Presque Isle Peninsula


Decades ago, Lake Erie was dying a slow death due to pollution. Partly for that reason, the city of Erie was also suffering economic issues. However, once officials stepped in to clean up Erie’s waterfront, industry leaders and tourists put Erie back on the map. Today, what used to be Dreary Erie is now a favorite Great Lakes coastal vacation destination. Now, Erie is a bright beacon welcoming visitors to experience all the cool waterfront attractions and fun things to do on the Presque Isle peninsula!

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AutoCamp – Airstream Glamping Resorts Near National Parks

AutoCamp - Airstreams

Wouldn’t it be cool to visit Cape Cod, the Catskills, Yosemite or Joshua Tree National Parks and stay in a beautiful Airstream instead of some boring hotel room? AutoCamp glamping resorts allow you to do just that! So skip those frumpy cinderblock walls and boring bedspreads and opt for lodging in state-of-the-art Airstreams, gorgeous cabins and luxurious tents!

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Truck Bed Tent Camping Info Guide – What You Need to Know

Pickup Truck Bed Camping - Truck Tent

Truck bed tent camping is taking sleeping outdoors to new heights! It’s a great way to take your truck off the grid to go camp without having to fork out thousands of dollars for elaborate overlanding setups. Truck bed camping literally allows you to camp in your truck without having to climb ladders; keeping you safer and feel more comfortable out in the wild. And truck bed tents won’t cost an arm and a leg or your back to camp in the wild!

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Why E-bikes are GOOD for Seniors Health & Well Being!

Senior Health Benefits from Ebikes - Woman Riding Ebike

Something really exciting is happening with the over 55 crowd! Instead of spending their golden years in rocking chairs, older generations are hitting the outdoors and riding e-bikes! But, while electric bikes for may appear to be all about the fun factor, it’s not just for that reason. Medical professionals are finding that bicycling and e-bikes can be good for seniors health and welfare! The benefits of riding e-bikes are proving to be a winner!

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What Do Flamingos and Pineapples at Campgrounds Mean?

Upside Down Pineapples Swingers Flag

There’s a dirty little secret abounding in campgrounds and RV parks all across America! Rumors are flying that flamingos and pineapples at campgrounds are some secret code that some campers use to show a different kind of hospitality. But does that mean that Grandma’s pink flamingos and pineapple yard art mean she’s one of them? How could something so innocent as those retro mingos or spikey fruit turn into such scathing innuendos?

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