Magma Nesting Cookware – Product Review

I was always a ‘stainless steel’ pots and pans cook; raised on it when I was a kid and brought up using them through all of my adult life. I loved it. It was safe and I feared no health consequences from cooking in good quality stainless steel cookware or cooking tools. So, because we moved into a smaller kitchen, I had to find an alternative that was compact yet big enough to do the job but had to be stainless steel.

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Full-Time Freedom Week Mega Event Invitation!

So far this year (2018) we’ve been incredibly busy and on a roll!! We’ve hiked trails in Big Bend National Park, walked the runway of the Wright Brothers in North Carolina and we climbed all 250+ steps up Cape Hatteras Lighthouse; also in North Carolina! We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway and OH, did you know we were cast members in the movie documentary RV Nomads?? All because we enjoy our full-time RV lifestyle!

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The Basic Costs of Full-Time RVing

Many assume that full-time RVing is cheaper than owning a house or renting a condo or apartment. For those of you who are contemplating full-time RVing, you should take into consideration, at least, the basic costs associated with our RV lifestyle.

So, we’ve put together a compilation list to provide a better picture of our expenses incurred in this thing we call, RV LIFE.

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