Even RV’ers got to go to the Ball!!


Ball gown….CHECK!

Spit polish shoes….CHECK!

Sparkly jewelry….CHECK!

Army Ball Tickets….CHECK!

Just because we live full-time in an RV doesn’t devoid us from partaking or attending formal events.  In early 2015, Dan bought himself a set of tails and myself, a ball gown…or two…or three…for a Mardi Gras Ball we attended with our wonderful friends in Mobile, Alabama.  This year, we dug them out of our tiny closet and took them to the cleaners, did a quick spit polish on Dan’s shoes, bought me some new jewelry and donned our formals again for the Medical Command Army Ball.  

We were guests of our dear friends, Leon and Barb, who are stationed in San Antonio at Fort Sam Houston.  We were stationed with them back in Kentucky years ago at Fort Knox.

We were in good company of some great Medics and Officers! Great group picture…even if it IS a proof! LOL

We felt like fish out of the water as Dan was the only Coastie in attendance; as well though, he was in his tails and not his Coast Guard uniform.  But dang, we looked sharp!  It was a great evening of pomp and circumstance, honor and several happy hours!  

So, until next time, the ball gown and tails goes back in the garment bag and gets put back under the bed.  Even RVers get to go to the ball!