10 Cool RV Interior Modifications in our Fifth Wheel

Light Globe Replacements

 Some RV manufacturers seem to have missed the mark on simple necessities such as paper towel and toilet paper holders in their motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. So, after living in our fifth wheel, we’ve added some custom interior RV modifications that were out of necessity while others were to make our RV more aesthetically comfortable.

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RV Bathroom Storage and Organization Hacks

Bathroom Storage - Shower Dispenser

Having lived in our RV for several years, we still are on the lookout for bathroom storage ideas and organization hacks. Storage and organization is an integral part of comfortable RV living and transport. We can’t leave, what we call, ‘gear adrift’. Everything must be stowed safely and securely. But, what’s even better is these storage hacks can be used in the kitchen or galley and other locations in your RV.

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RV Interior Design and Decor: OUR BATHROOM MAKEOVER

One would think the bathroom being the smallest room in an RV would be the easiest to remodel and be the least time consuming. It was actually the most challenging because it was such a small space. It also involved temporarily removing the toilet to do some modifications. But it was worth it because our makeover was a resounding SUCCESS!

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