5 of the Most Somber Places in the U.S.

During our travels, we’ve visited and toured some remarkable exhibits that have ached our hearts. Our Country’s history is not without sadness, shame and embarrassment. We were educated by visiting these places and exhibits in ways we’ve never thought possible. If any good comes out of visiting these places, its to create an understanding of the progress our Nation’s made over the years.

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Tatanka! The Fall of the American Bison

There’s been a few times through our travels that’s left us extremely emotional. I don’t mean emotional elation, awestruck, or amazement. I’m talking about emotional disbelief, anger and sadness. In this blog, we’ll tell you about one that painfully dug deep into our hearts and daggered our souls from a human standpoint but also our deep respect for the wild.

It’s our story about the ‘Fall of the American Bison’.

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Bison Range on Antelope Island? A Great Salt Lake Treasure!

In late June ’16, part of our mission to Utah was a ‘working’ one.  I attended the Young Living Essential Oil Convention in Salt Lake City while Dan stayed behind at Hill AFB FamCamp. While I was gone, he perused area maps and tourism brochures to see what we could do while in the Salt Lake City area.  Once the convention was over, I relocated back from my hotel room back to Liberty so we could go on a few field trips during our remaining stay in SLC.

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