What is a Dry Bag? Why Every Outdoor Lover Should Have One

Do you enjoy outdoor water activities like kayaking and boating? Well, chances are you already know what a dry bag is. However, if you’re new to outdoor water sports and activities such as paddling, rafting, snorkeling or other exciting water adventures, then you surely will want to know how valuable a dry bag is! But, they’re not just for using on the water and here’s why!

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Best Day Cruise Experiences in the U.S. – Sun, Sea & Smiles!

Sailboat Cruise - Adults Enjoying Themselves

Day cruise experiences are one of the coolest things to do if you’re planning on vacationing on the coast or a getaway on the ocean. Viewing sea life and whale watches to watching the sunset over the waves and dinner cruises, there are many different ways to enjoy a day on the water!

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Blue Spaces Linked to Boosting Mental Health & Well Being

Blue Spaces - Kayaking - Always On Liberty

Did you know blue spaces are found to hold some sort of mystical power that aids in good health? Blue spaces are being proven that natural water environments have some sort of secret liquid mojo that is actually becoming the #1 morale booster and mind-clearing motivator! In fact, living and recreating near blue spaces is actually taking the place of anxiety medications for some who suffer from mental illnesses!

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Lifesaving Kayak Safety Tips for Beginners: Boating Safety

Always On Liberty - Kayak Safety

It’s hard not to notice those colorful kayaks cradled on the tops of vehicles, in truck beds or in kayak racks. In fact, kayaking has become so popular in recent years that the community is still growing. Paddlers of all ages have taken to the lakes, rivers and even the ocean. However, I’ve noticed lately that most paddlers don’t practice kayak safety!  Continue reading “Lifesaving Kayak Safety Tips for Beginners: Boating Safety”

6 Innovative Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

RV LIVING - 6 Innovative RV Kitchen Organization and Storage

Living in an RV has it’s challenges such as where to store everything from food to your cooking tools. Having prepared many meals in a small RV kitchen for several years now, we’ve finally mastered the art of small kitchen organization and storage. We admit, it can be a bit of a challenge trying to utilize every inch of kitchen storage space without having to sacrifice having easy access to our food, condiments, kitchen tools and supplies.

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