Visiting Boquillas, BC Mexico

If you’re going to be visiting Big Bend National Park, we encourage you to the little border crossing town across the Rio Grande River called Boquillas, Mexico on the Southwest side of the National Park. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this cool little day-trip across the notorious mighty river and create a memory you can tell your kids and grandkids… Continue reading “Visiting Boquillas, BC Mexico”

Our Excellent Mexican Adventure at Boquillas, Mexico

Our RV and outdoor enthusiastic friends, Bill and Porter from Trinkles On Tour, recommended that we do something a little ‘different’ during our Big Bend National Park visit in March 2018.  They told us we can’t leave Big Bend without going to Boquillas, Mexico to do ‘this’. They said to make sure we have our passports with us….

Continue reading “Our Excellent Mexican Adventure at Boquillas, Mexico”