10 Best Places to See Bison in the Wild

In the past several decades, through federally protected preserves and wildlife conservation programs, the American Bison can be seen in the wild once again. Obviously not the vast millions of pre 1800’s, but today 9 buffalo herds roam the Plains and Prairies of the United States. And now, the American Bison reigns as the U.S. National Mammal. With that, we’ll show you all the great best places to see bison in the wild that we’ve been to!

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Tatanka: Story of the American Bison – South Dakota

Tatanka Story of the Bison

In Deadwood, South Dakota, there’s a little known attraction called Tatanka: The Story of the American Bison. Founded by Kevin Costner, this educational monarch was created to bring awareness to its’ visitors regarding the real reasons that led to the unimaginable close-to-extinction of the Bison. Continue reading “Tatanka: Story of the American Bison – South Dakota”

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Cottonwood Campground Review

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Campground

While exploring Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, we camped at Cottonwood Campground inside the park. It’s located just five miles from the National Park’s South Unit park entrance. Our plans were originally to camp three nights. Due inclement weather, we ended up staying a few more days. But it was more than the cold rain that kept us there!

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