RV INTERIORS: 12 Fun Ways to Lighten and Brighten Your RV Interior

RV Interiors - Lighten and Brighten RV

RV manufacturers are finally listening to their customers when choosing color palettes in their new models of motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers. It seems they are paying attention to trends of lighter and brighter interiors for their cabinets, flooring and furnishings. However, if you already have an RV with no plans of trading it anytime soon, we’d like to show you some fun ways to lighten and brighten your RV interior with a little creativity and fun!

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RV Kitchen Space Saving Storage Solutions

OXO Good Grips Containers

We all know that RV Kitchens are tiny and tight on storage space. But that doesn’t mean we have to compromise by limiting our kitchen necessities. It also doesn’t mean we should have to constantly worry about messes made going down the road. As RVers, we also have important other storage concerns such as weight and displacement. Since our fifth wheel and now our small Class C motorhome has even more limited space and weight capabilities, we needed clever and creative kitchen storage solutions.

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