14 Campfire Safety Tips – Help Prevent Forest Fires!

Campfire Safety - Campfire at Campsite

Campfire safety is one of the most important rules to follow anytime and anywhere you camp. Campfires are amongst the top contributors to woodland and forest fires in the United States. Almost 85% of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans. And because of it, wildlife is displaced and the natural environment is destroyed. Even nearby homeowners suffer because of just one spark. Continue reading “14 Campfire Safety Tips – Help Prevent Forest Fires!”

Camping in Bear Country – Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Bear Country Camping

Camping in bear country doesn’t have to be scary! Just as long as you understand bear behavior and how they bears act or react towards people. But, before setting out on your camping trip, know there are important bear safety rules you need to know to keep you and your family safe at your campsite.

Continue reading “Camping in Bear Country – Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life”

Campground Etiquette: Camping Rules You Should NEVER ignore!

RV Park Campground Etiquette
Campground etiquette and adhering to simple courtesy seems to be a thing of the past. Some people think that when they go camping, it’s a no-bars-held party atmosphere. And, since there’s no such thing as an Emily Post Camping Etiquette book, we wrote our own camping etiquette guide to educate new campers and remind more seasoned campers the dos and don’ts of camping.