8 Amazing Hikes in the U.S.

When we began our RV travel adventures in late 2014, we tried to come up with something to do together, enjoy the outdoors, learn something that would also be physically exerting to keep us healthy. We watched a few of our younger RV friends go on some awesome hikes in places we’ve only dreamed about or have seen in travel magazines.  It was then the hiking bug bit us!

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Our Out of this World Experience at Roswell, NM

Once we left San Antonio, Texas, we pointed our truck west to New Mexico. Carlsbad to be exact. But Dan had a hidden agenda. Aside from visiting Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park, he told me about this little town called Roswell. I’ve heard of it but nothing earth shattering for me to remember why. He said it was famous. “For what?” I asked.

HA! Talk about an out of this world experience!

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