12 Best Cat Carriers for Travel Cats and Adventure Kitties

Cat Carriers for Travel - Space Capsule Cat Backpack

Cats love to go on adventures! But you need to introduce them to cat carriers for travel well ahead of your road trip so they’ll get accustomed to riding in the car or RV. Then, once they master traveling in a pet carrier, they’ll want to go on more! But, to keep them safe during your travels and outdoor adventures. Today, there’s all sorts of cat carriers, kennels, cat back packs, pet strollers that you can take your cat with you virtually anywhere!

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Going on a Road Trip with Cats? Road Travel Tips for Cat Owners!

Road Trip Cat

Going on a road trip with cats can be a fun and adventurous experience for both of you! Or, it can end up being a total stressful crap shoot that will make you both taking the next exit to head back home. However, if you know how to prepare and care for your cat before taking them on a long-distance road trip, your dream adventure can come true!

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Where to Put the Cat Litter Box in an RV *Creative Locations*

Cat Litter Box in an RV

As full-time RVers who travel with cats, the most asked question is “where do you put the cat litter box in your RV?” Well, if you’re hindering your decision on which RV to buy vs. how to accommodate your feline friend, or you’re just stumped on what is the best location to hide the litter box, THIS is just the place to get that information!

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How to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture in your RV or Boat

Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture in Your RV

Since the day we started the full-time RV lifestyle, one of our most asked questions is how we keep our cats from scratching furniture in our RV. Trust me, it’s not easy simply because it’s a cat’s natural instinct to use their claws for everything; from grabbing food, snagging their prey, climbing, and self soothing. But, there are useful ways to help prevent them from clawing up your RV furniture without harming them.

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Campground Pet Etiquette: Camping Rules for Dogs and Cats

Camping Cats in Camp Chairs

Dogs or cats love to go camping! After all, they want to be a part of your journey too. But, as pet owners, it’s our responsibility to practice simple camping pet etiquette to not allow our dogs and cats become a nuisance to other campers. So, how do we make our pets feel more welcome without annoying our camping neighbors?

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How to Survive RVing with Cats

RVing with Cats - Kandi on Dashboard

When downsizing from our Kentucky home to our RV, we knew we’d have lots of challenges ahead. But those challenges become a whole other ball of yarn when it’s come to RVing with cats. From where to put the litter box to finding their favorite napping spots in our RV, we had to re-learn it all. We had to figure out how to accommodate their needs as well as create an environment where we all can survive. We’re living proof that you can RV with cats and want to share our experiences on the road as full-time RVers.

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How to Make a Cat Scratch Post for RVs and Small Spaces

Always On Liberty - Cat Scratch Post

A cat scratch post is a must have when you have cats in your house. But, because they take up space, trying to find the right one in an RV or small space can be a challenge. Anyone who owns a cat knows if you don’t provide a place for your kitties to scratch, your furniture and carpets will suffer the consequences.

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RV Pet Travelers Series: Krissie’s Journey

Most RVers who travel on the road full-time have pet companions. They are very much a part of our journey. We take them everywhere. Whether tethered on a leash, huddled quietly in a cat carrier or sitting on the back of the driver’s seat, they love the adventure as much as we do. They wanna go too! However, when they get sick or injured, our wheels oftentimes come to a screeching halt. We must learn to shift gears and seek a different road or…just slow down.

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