CURT Rambler Tow Bar for Motorhomes

CURT Rambler Tow Bar - Always On Liberty

The CURT Rambler tow bar is manufactured for flat-towing a dinghy or toad behind a motorhome or heavy duty tow vehicle. Through our own rigorous field testing, here’s our RV gear product review along with the CURT Rambler Tow Bar Step-by-Step Installation and Usage Guide. We’ll show you how to install and hook up a motorhome tow bar to get it ready for towing.

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Motorhome With a Toad Vehicle? Pros vs. Cons of Towing

View Motorhome with Jeep Toad

We drove our small Winnebago Class C motorhome six months without a towing a toad vehicle. However, we found that we wanted more freedom and versatility to explore once we parked our motorhome. So, we decided on a Jeep Wrangler (JK) off-road vehicle so we could expand our adventures. Now, having experienced RVing in a motorhome with and without a toad vehicle, we’ve finalized our pros and cons of motorhome towing.

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BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale: How to Weigh Your RV

Towing Accessories - BetterWeigh

There’s a much easier and better way to weigh your RV, boat or trailer without having to go to the truck weigh scales. CURT Manufacturing released their BetterWeigh  Mobile Towing Scale that connects through your smartphone’s Bluetooth that tells you everything about your tow weight. See what’s in store with this towing safety tip!

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