Motorhome With a Toad Vehicle? Pros vs. Cons

RV Life - Motorhome Towing Dinghy

During the first six months of full-time RVing in our Winnebago View, we drove our motorhome without a towing a toad vehicle. However, we found that we wanted more freedom to explore once our motorhome is parked. So, we decided on a Jeep Wrangler (JK) off-road vehicle so we could diversify and expand our adventures. So, having experienced RVing in a motorhome with and without a toad vehicle, we want to share the pros versus cons of towing.

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Weigh Your RV Using the BetterWeigh™ Mobile Towing Scale

Towing Accessories - BetterWeigh

If you’re towing an RV, boat or cargo trailer, you should know your tow weight before putting it in drive. But, who wants to hit the CAT weigh scales every time you haul? Well, now there’s an electronic device that connects through your smartphone’s Bluetooth that tells you everything about your tow weight? The BetterWeigh™  Mobile Towing Scale sends live weight readouts of the vehicle, trailer, payload, tongue weight, pin weight, weight distribution and trailer brake gain.

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