How and Where to Enjoy Dark Sky Camping

Today, as a nomadic RVer, I still look to the sky the same way as I did those three decades prior. My eyes are drawn up to the heavens above. I still get a sense of exhilaration when I see the Milky Way and points out some constellations. But the only way to get a good view of it is when we’re camping or parked in a dark sky location or dark sky community.

See the Bison on the Great Salt Lake State Park

Not far from the Salt Lake City, Utah, Antelope Island links itself to the mainland by a causeway.  We could see the vast Great Salt Lake from both sides. But that wasn’t white sand beaches we saw. It was salt; hence, why it’s called “the Great Salt Lake”. But ironically we didn’t go to see the Antelope. Instead, we went to see the Bison!

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