13 Unique Castles in the United States Worth Visiting

Biltmore Estate - Asheville North Carolina

Did you know there are over 145 castles in the United States? Some of those castles were built for the rich and famous. While others were fortresses manufactured for defense against foreign enemies. But we’re going to spotlight 13 unique castles in the United States that have such incredible back stories of why they exist. Their noble grandeur is an integral part of America’s history. And we think are truly worth the visit.

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Ural Motorcycle Nomads Circumnavigate the Globe

Leaving HomeFunktion Urals Desert Riding


We’ve encountered some pretty interesting people during our RV travels. They all share their stories of where they are from and their livelihoods. And then, we meet other nomads, like ourselves, who have their own stories but of their travels and cool things they’ve seen or done. But when we met a cool group of foreign motorcycle nomads on Urals with sidecars loaded to the gills with gear, we were eager to meet and learn about their own journey because it is like no other.

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