Why E-bikes for Seniors are a Good Thing!

Senior Health Benefits from Ebikes - Woman Riding Ebike

Something really exciting is happening with the over 55 crowd! Instead of spending their golden years in rocking chairs, Seniors are hitting the outdoors and throwing their legs over to ride an ebike! In fact, Ebiking is becoming a popular way for seniors to get much needed exercise without heavy exertion yet promotes good physical health and mental wellness.

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E-bikes in National Parks? *Everything You Need to Know*

Ebikes in National Parks - Always On Liberty

The federal government now allows e-bikes in National Parks. The National Park Service recognizes that electric bikes offer positive impacts to our parks, monuments and other NPS managed lands. But, what does that mean for ebike riders, regular cyclists and visitors who drive automobiles who share the parks?

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Boogie Bikes – Cruiser Ebike for Adults Built in America

Are you looking for a good quality ebike with competitive pricing that combines vintage nostalgia with state-of-the-art technology while allowing you confidence in handling an electric bike? Look no further than Boogie Bikes by Small Town Bike Co.! Their nostalgic cruiser style Boogie Bike will bring back fun memories you made while riding the cool red rocket or blue bomber of your youth! The best part is they don’t actually look like an ebike yet give you the power of one!

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Bicycle Safety: How to Ride Safely on Roads and Bike Trails

Always On Liberty - Bicycle Riding

It’s hard not to notice the influx of bicycle riders out there now. People of all ages have turned to regular bikes and ebikes as their form of outdoor recreation as well as exercise. However, one thing that’s seriously lacking is bicycle safety awareness. So, here’s the straight scoop on how to ride a bicycle safely on bike trails, sidewalks and the road.

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