RV Living: Family Camping Safety Tips

Family Camping - Safety Tips

You’ve got your family and RV all packed and are ready to hit the road for spring break or summer camping trip! You’ve got the goodies to make s’mores, roadmaps, activity books, and everything under the sun to keep them occupied. However, there’s one thing you need to discuss with the kids before taking off to explore the outdoors: Camping Safety! Continue reading “RV Living: Family Camping Safety Tips”

Our Alien Adventure at Roswell, New Mexico

Once we left San Antonio, Texas, we pointed our truck west to New Mexico. Carlsbad to be exact. But Dan had a hidden agenda. Aside from visiting Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park, he told me about this little town called Roswell. I’ve heard of it but nothing earth shattering for me to remember why. He said it was famous. “For what?” I asked.

HA! Talk about an out of this world experience!

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Our Family Day in San Antonio – Texas



In 2016, about a month after our son returned from his fourth and final Middle East deployment, he drove down from his home and duty station in Colorado to come check out our new digs and visit for a few days.  We bragged about how wonderful San Antonio was and that he just had to come check it out for himself.  Unfortunately, his fiance’ couldn’t get time off from work to come with him but we made the best of his visit.

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