Campfire Safety Tips to Help Prevent Forest Fires

Campfire Safety - Campfire at Campsite

Campfire safety is one of the most important rules to follow when camping. Campfires are amongst the top contributors to woodland and forest fires in the United States. Almost 85% of wildland fires in the United States are caused by humans. And because of it, wildlife is displaced and the natural environment is destroyed. Even nearby homeowners suffer because of just one spark. Continue reading “Campfire Safety Tips to Help Prevent Forest Fires”

75+ Must Visit Firefighter Memorials and Monuments in the U.S.

Fallen Firefighters Memorial  - Seattle, Washington

Firefighters are a group of our Nation’s unsung heroes that we all take for granted everyday. In every city or town, paid or volunteer, they answer the call not knowing if it will be their last. They risk their own lives to save lives and help protect and preserve property. To honor our Fallen Firefighters, communities all across America build Firefighter memorials to reflect on their courage and pay our respects. But more so, these Firefighter monuments are in place to never forget their sacrifice.

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Cramer Fire Firefighters Memorial: North Fork, Idaho

Fire Firefighters Memorial

While exploring the Salmon, Idaho area, we had to prepare ourselves and our RV for possible immediate evacuation due to a wildland fire inching closer to our campground. Should we stay or should we leave? But there’s more to this story. It’s not so much about the fire evacuation possibility but the firefighters that battle the wildfires. And, the Cramer Fire Fighters Memorial that taught us so much.

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