Galveston Island, Texas – Trip Planning Guide

Galveston Island Texas

Salty beaches, sand between our toes, shopping, savory seafood and evening grogs were just what the ship’s doctor ordered. The sea, once more, called our names. So, we hooked up our RV fifth wheel to our truck and headed to Galveston Island to explore and enjoy this beautiful coastal Texas island and city. But, you don’t need an RV to enjoy island life, you can go in whatever you drive, fly or sail in on. Continue reading “Galveston Island, Texas – Trip Planning Guide”

RV Exterior Care: Protect your RV from Salt Air and Sun Damage

RV Salt Air and Sun Damage

As winter approaches, many RV snowbirds from the northern United States and Canada put their motorhomes and campers in drive to head south just like birds. Florida and Texas being two of the favorite RV destinations for snowbirds, has the warm sunshine and beautiful ocean and gulf shores. They proudly call it Salt Life. However, salt air and sun will do more than chap your lips if you don’t take take preventative measures to protect your RV.

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RV PARK REVIEW: Galveston Island RV Resort – TEXAS

Each time we visit Galveston Island, Texas, we always look forward to staying at the beautiful RV Resort Galveston Island. This Good Sam 10-10-10 rated resort is located almost midpoint between the city of Galveston and Surfside. What’s special about this RV park is it’s close enough to enjoy the city but far enough to enjoy the island country life. It’s no wonder Galveston Island Resort is one of our ultimate favorite coastal destinations!

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